Monday, June 20, 2016

PCG Drops Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Tithe Money and Over 6,000 Man Hours to Produce Song of Songs Sex Oratorio

From a PCG source:

A recently posted Philadelphia Church of God news item describes the latest amateur musical presentation of the PCG under Ryan Malone. The brief three paragraph article accompanied by a ten-minute video describes how Ryan and company put together this latest "masterpiece".

Naturally in the article we learn that the plum roles were of course reserved for quintessential self-promoter Ryan and his wife Paula.  However we also learn the very telling fact that this performance took around 6,000 man-hours to produce!  That's right, 6,000 man-hours, roughly the equivalent of three full-time workers engaged over the course of a year.

Obviously many would have contributed their time freely behind the scenes, however it would be safe to assume that the final cost of this production would have literally run into the tens of thousands, if not much, much more.  All this to put together a musical essentially preformed and attended solely by the Edmond PCG elite and their families.

No doubt the man-hour figure was quoted to impress, but what it unwittingly reveals is the extent to which music has to all intents and purposes taken over in the PCG.  It also reveals how casually member's tithes and offerings are being spent, especially when it comes to music and dancing. This kind of activity should be for organisations with oodles of cash, not aging churches currently experiencing a 25% drop in income.

The article can be found here: Armstrong Choral Union Presents Song of Songs

I wonder if Gerald Flurry ever thinks about what he is now doing with the church’s tithes and offerings in relation to what he originally wrote back in 1989 in Malachi's Message?

Page 123 “Will a Man Rob God?”
Here is a quote by David Hulme, from the Worldwide News, August 14, 1989: “The Ambassador Foundation, through the PRESENTATION OF A GRANT by Chairman Joseph W. Tkach, took a significant step forward in promoting international understanding here [London] July 18.  “Mr. Tkach established the foundation’s involvement in REBUILDING THE GLOBE THEATER, where many of William Shakespeare’s plays were first presented. 

“Far from being merely a performing arts facility, the new Globe Theater complex will include a cultural center and FACILITIES FOR LITERARY SCHOLARS TO STUDY SHAKESPEARE’S WORKS” (emphasis mine). 

WCG leaders say they can’t afford to print Mystery of the Ages, BUT THEY CAN AFFORD TO PAY “LITERARY SCHOLARS TO STUDY SHAKESPEARE’S WORKS”?! The decision to help fund the Globe Theater was made shortly after it was decided the WCG couldn’t afford to continue THE MAJOR WORK OF GOD’S “ELIJAH”! God holds them accountable FOR SUCH TWISTED PRIORITIES!......I believe we can begin to get a feel for why God spews the Laodiceans out of His mouth with extreme disgust!"

How long are rank and file PCG members going to put up with this crap?  Clearly the leadership of the church have nothing but contempt for them.

2016 is shaping up to be an interesting year in terms of the PCG's long-term stability.



Anonymous said...

Over 6000 Man Hours to produce Song of Songs Sex Oraltoria? No wait....oh....never mind..... My mistake.

Anonymous said...

This brings to mind a former workplace, where a hard working, strong personality hijacked control of the department. The formal department head was only a figurehead

Anonymous said...

Homo sexual Ryan is very valuable to Gerald Flurry. Ryan is a big money maker drawing in the gay interest crowd. His lover Josh Sloan has a huge gay following and that helps to put the Auditorium on the map.
It was shocking when Ryan cast himself in the role of David in the David musical a few years back. We had all grown up reading and learning that King David was a fierce warrior, so imagine our horror and embarrassment when Ryan made the announcement that he was the only one that could fit that role! Ryan is so limp wristed and pale, he has never done a day of work in his life. It was insulting to us when there were many other members that would've made a realistic David. But, leave it to him and his beard Paula to make it all about them!
Ryan will probable be Boaz and Beard Paula will most likely be Ruth in his next play.
Services have become more rediculous than ever! Ryan, Paula, Joch and Mark Jenkins always have an entourage. These people love when the members fawn all over them!
Yup! Sure makes you scratch your head!

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough we have to put up with this queen every week and his beard Paula, that, we can deal with. But it's an embarrassment to us that he and pansy Shane Granger are the Armstrong Auditorium mouthpieces.

Anonymous said...

"It portrays a husband calling back his wayward bride..."

LOL This would work much better and I'm being serious. I'm sure he would even do it for free!

Anonymous said...

"The Widows Might" is the new play about Naomi, Ruth and Boaz. Basically it's going to be another obnoxious long spectacle by Ryan. Can't wait for this fiasco that we'll be forced to sit through. Of course Ryan will be Boaz and his beard Paula will be Naomi, but who's Ruth???
Oh the suspension!

Anonymous said...

My money is on Ruth being played by Amy Flurry - remember this is the PCG we are talking about. In the PCG nepotism is everything! It's not about talent or integrity, it's about the Flurry family. Edmond's Liza Minnelli (Ryan Malone) knows who pays his wages!

Just think about all the wonderful opportunities starring in such a role would provide for trans-Atlantic air travel in business class (or the new jet) for those oh so vital rehearsal meetings.

I remember watching Amy Flurry do her "interpretive dance" as Tea Tephi in the Jeremiah musical and thinking to myself she must be on drugs. There is nothing sadder than watching a woman in her forties trying to portray a girl in her teens, especially in a leotard...

As a wrinkly, pasty faced, white American woman in her forties Amy Flurry would be a shoo-in to play a young voluptuous Moabite girl - ha, ha, ha, ha.

In a message recently Gerald Flurry claimed Ruth was not a Moabite but an Israelite, which considering the general integrity of the Flurry clan I wonder if this was to prep the PCG for Amy getting the staring role?

The best part will of course will be how Ryan (I love show tunes) Malone factors Irish dancing for Paris and Jude into all this crap.... can't wait!

Byker Bob said...

Do the black and Mexican brethren get to participate in these extravaganzas?


Anonymous said...

Numerous Bob, everyone has to attend these extravaganzas. Mr. Turgeon gets really butt sore if you're not there. He has attendance taken of the members and then he emails or corners them at church to ask why they weren't there. I know this first hand from skipping out on some of these functions myself.
And above Anonymous, how could I have forgotten sinewy Amy Flurry? Yes, that was hideous watching her play Michal in the David musical, even Joel looked especially sickly during the performance. Several folks from the rainbow district of Edmond thought he was a brave performer with HIV. I flipped when I heard that, but with that lighting and no makeup Joel, Ryan and Josh all looked sickly.
They'll of course cast Laura Turgeon in a roll. That poor thing couldn't hold a tune in a bucket but her daddy needs to be buttered up to allow these stupid performances.

Anonymous said...

Laura Turgeon - I nearly forgot! The poor old girl has to have a role or the whole thing's off - daddy says so!

I remember listening to Laura "sing" in Edmond a few years back, and just the thought of it makes my palms sweat and toes curl. It was so bad that at one point as she was "singing" I thought she was going to start crying LOL!

Have you noticed in the PCG musicals that Laura Turgeon has appeared in (i.e all of them) that her basic role is that of motherly old dowager who has to stand to one side of the stage and smile at everybody like a half-wit! Ryan Minelli has to work her into the show somehow or he's fired. Solution: Get Laura to stand at one side of the stage and not get in the way - top casting decision Ryan!

As mentioned above I remember "sinewy* Amy flurry in the Jeremiah musical doing her Tea Tephi dance. It was like watching one of those National Geographic shows where some poachers in Africa have wounded a giraffe and it spends the next ten minutes of the show rolling around on the floor dying slowly. On a positive note at least "sinewy" Amy had the presence of mind to cover her leotard with a modesty panel or I would have lost my lunch!

I must admit as far as objective casting choices are concerned for the upcoming "Widows Might" musical my hopes are not high. You know in advance Ryan, Paula, Joel, Amy, Mark, Shane, Paris and Jude are all going to have the plum roles.

Still casting Amy Flurry as Ruth is going to require a major willing suspension of disbelief on the part of the audience, as well as a shit-load of makeup and hopefully from the costume department again another leotard with built-in modesty panel - front and back.

At least for those poor bastards in Edmond who don't want to go but have to, you could always take a flask of whisky with you and take sips when the lights go out. That would be the best way to pass the time during one of Ryan's 3-hour flops. Alternatively, have you ever thought of moving? I hear California is nice this time of year....

PS I know the rules about gum in the auditorium, but nothing has been said about whisky, that's just a friendly suggestion y'all.