Monday, July 25, 2016

Living Church of God: Women, Muslims and Gays Are All Equally Bad

The Living Church of God has several things it hates, but the three most common topics is women, Muslims and gays.  A gay Muslim woman would be the ultimate blasphemy.

While they critique the world and claim it is falling apart, their own household is a cesspool of abuse, false doctrine, gestapo like techniques, and is totally devoid of love and grace.

It is easier to divert attention away from their own filth than repent of their internalized sin.

July 21, 2016
By Douglas Winnail
Greetings from Charlotte,
It is remarkable how ancient prophecies indicate that as Israelite nations turn away from God, God will remove the supports of their societies and their impulsive leaders will “cause” them to err even as women rule over them (Isaiah 3:1-4, 12). Today, in more and more nations, we see women reaching for power and leaders in religion and government openly ignoring God’s instructions. Recently, the United Methodist Church (USA) elected its first openly gay bishop and the Republican National Convention asked a Muslim to give the benediction at one of its sessions. We will see more of these anti-biblical actions in the days ahead as our nations move further away from God. Here in Charlotte, Dr. Meredith has written a co-worker letter that has been mailed to more than 13,000 people. Mr. Weston began his duties as Chief Operating Officer this week in Charlotte and spoke to the office staff on Thursday.  Mr. Ciesielka reports that in recent weeks, some of our Internet TV platforms are starting to perform better that our big TV stations. This weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Ames will be in Houston, Texas for services and for a Tomorrow’s WorldPresentation in San Antonio on Sunday. My wife and I will be in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for services this Sabbath and an Area Leadership Conference on Sunday. Last weekend, 26 visitors attended two TWPs in Canada. Another TWP is scheduled in Edmonton this weekend. Please pray that God will guide these efforts to reach this world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.—DSW



nck said...

It is hard to understand given the fact that even HWA used the word Allah while discussing with the muslim counterparts he greatly respected, the church went to great lengths meeting Indirah Gandhi, Margareth Thatcher, Various Queens, among them of the muslim faith, and the COUNTLESS gays that performed in the auditorium.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Ciesielka reports that in recent weeks, some of our Internet TV platforms are starting to perform better that our big TV stations.

Did you type that wrong? Are there some words missing? Better that the stations ____ ? Or did he say "better than"?

At least Winnail doesn't falsely claim that results are growing, the way Meredith always does. All he says is that LCG Internet results now surpass some TV results. Since we know that LCG has made big cuts in its TV spending, it's no surprise to see some Internet platforms now surpass TV.

LCG's so-called "first commission" effort, it's media outreach, has been in decline for the last 8 or 10 years, though they work very hard to hide this from their supporters. They have hired more workers to make videos and vanity pieces, but despite the larger staff fewer and fewer people are responding to their message.

It's funny how LCG leaders think that the Internet will be a great new source of money and members. Don't they realize that whenever you watch an LCG program on the Internet, you are just a few clicks away from the truth about Rod Meredith and his cult?

Anonymous said...

Only 13000 people.Is that all.26 visitors only.How many of these will be converted into tithe payers.As darkness envelopes the lcog the "work" gets smaller.Can a good tree bring forth good fruit.If the root of the tree is rotten,NO.

Stephen said...

It is remarkable how modern genetics has disproven legends about lost tribes of Israel. Ancient prophecies, however, those disprove themselves without need of outside assistance.

But then if you're credulous enough to believe ancient prophecies, there's nothing to necessarily stop you believing every legend that comes down the pike, as well as your own confirmation biases regarding answered prayer and the like.

Oh, you prayed and Yahweh found your keys for you? How nice. You prayed that the Broncos would win the superbowl, and Yahweh made it happen? Wow. You prayed that Yahweh would heal your son or daughter and he said "no"? Halleluajah. See, Yahweh always answers prayers, FTW!

"God" is the ultimate unfalsifiable hypothesis. Might have something to with why modern society is more moral than it's god, which is where the hate for women, muslims and gays comes in...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that Doug's 'comments' section of the LCG weekly update this week was on the importance of telling the truth? There are an epidemic number of liars at HQ's in Charlotte. Perhaps he is shoving the knife a little deeper after last weeks comments on the importance of apologizing.

Anonymous said...

July 25, 2016 at 3:28 PM

Don't forget the hate for men.

Anonymous said...

4.06 PM the ministers insisting that members tell the truth whilst the ministers lie through their teeth, gives them a competitive advantage in dominating (ie, sin of Nicholaitans) the members. One set of rules for the minister-foxes, and another set for the chicken-members. The ministers have doctorates in rule rigging.

Anonymous said...

2.16 PM the slivers are aware that God is basically not calling more people, so no, they don't expect numbers to increase in a meaningful way. Time has run out. The window of opportunity to qualify for the kingdom is nearly gone.

Mickey said...

Just a random thought but it appears to me that whatever is feared by the leader of these extreme groups drives their messaging.

Meredith has long feared gays and women. Muslims probably got added in after 9/11.

Flurry and Pack seem to fear competing ideas.

One would think that words like love, trust, hope, and faith would be like ashes in their mouths.

Anonymous said...

The LCG (and many others!) depend upon hatred in order to stay large and in charge of their minions.

(although once Meredith dies along with most of the elderly members, what's to be done? Will they merge with another group and make their members' heads spin once again?)

But, having members with spinning heads DOES make it easier to control them!

Similar examples have been true with "mainstream" TV Christian preachers like Creflo Dollar, Kerry Shook, Marilyn Hickey, Robert Tilton, Joyce Meyer, John Hagee, Gene Scott, Jesse Duplantis, Peter Popoff, Morris Cerullo, Franklin Graham, Billy Graham, Marcus Lamb, James Kennedy, Aimee Semple McPherson, David Jeremiah, Jack Van Impe, James Robison, T.D. Jakes, Rod Parsley, Joel Osteen, Jimmy Swaggart, Robert Schuller, Harold Camping, Mike Murdock, Charles Stanley, Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, Joseph Prince, Kenneth Copeland, Eddie Long,...

This is a short list.
There are so so many more.

Friendly neighborhood Jew said...

God gave no instruction on women and power.
Paul did but then Paul had not come to see the whole truth yet and was still advocating what is called torah she'baal peh or the oral law.
Paul says women should keep silence in the churches as the law says but of course there is no law in the bible concerning that. It is found only in the oral law.
The woman of Proverbs, which the church likes to flaunt as ideal, owns her own business, has servants, a wealthy husband with a lot of community influence, deals in real estate, etc.
They do not look at it for what it is or says.
Most men in the church have marginal incomes and as J. Tkach said rightly are unemployed or underemployed. Hardly the thriving successes of Proverbs who are able to supply the family with many perks.

We are to follow what is according to the law and testimony of the prophets. If it isn't there you don't follow it.
Ladies..there is no command to be subservient to a man in the bible.

Also the Hebrew of Genesis about Eve is the same type as for Cain. 'If you don't follow me, Cain, sin lies at your door".
So God tells Eve the same. Follow me or that guy over there will lord it over you. That would be her curse not her blessing as the church likes to think.
We follow Christ the Savior, not any man.

God curses no one. He simply predicts what the outcome of our goofy behaviors will be.
For instance with Canaan. He was the product of the rape of his mother by Ham. (uncovering your fathers nakedness means sleeping with his wife). This is why Canaan is called Shem and Japeths brother! God didn't curse Canaan, he simply states that with a father like Ham and a terrible beginning his life would be very tough at best.

So no ladies. You are not under any man's thumb. There is neither male nor female, Jew nor Gentile all are one in Christ the Savior.
Follow Christ and you will do fine!

Connie Schmidt said...


from Wiktionary,

n. A soft, crumbly, chalky, grayish limestone.

n. An artificial mixture or chalk, clay, and sand

Ralph said...

on July 26, 2016 at 1:21 PM
Friendly neighborhood Jew wrote:-

"For instance with Canaan. He was the product of the rape of his mother by Ham. (uncovering your fathers nakedness means sleeping with his wife)."

Hmmn. How do you figure that? Scripture tells me otherwise.


nck said...

Fr Neighb J,

The woman of Proverbs

"owns her own business, has servants, a wealthy husband with a lot of community influence, deals in real estate, etc"

Could you be adding sponsored content to blogs with a possible constituency in order to subliminaly influence me to vote for Ivanka some 8 years from now?

If anyone is wondering how a terrible man is able to raise a wonderful daughter like she, the answer is quite simple: Like any good businessman, you outsource it..........


Byker Bob said...

Muslims are currently the proverbial "miners' canary" for Armstrongites. The Flurry organization in particular has singled out the terrorist activities taking place in Germany, as if they have special prophetic significance. As we all know, they do not, because the Germans would need to get a race-change operation to become Assyrians.
However, if the Germans were to impliment a solution to their domestic terrorist situation that involved rounding up all the Muslims or Arabs and either putting them in camps or deporting them en masse, it would be a somewhat ominous sign that perhaps some of the policies of the Third Reich were coming back into vogue. So far, Germany has been one of the more humanitarian nations of Europe, committing to take in a million refugees this year. The Brits are the ones who are seceding, partly over immigrant issues!


Anonymous said...

BB most Germans do not approve of the government letting in one million refugees. Watch you tube videos of WW2. That the Germans can change from such barbaric behaviour in such a short period of time, defies belief. All that's happened is that they are still beaten down by the memory and the consequences of their military defeat. That's not going to last forever.

Byker Bob said...

The barbarism was a conditional thing, 7:05, based on the times, and not an ethnic thing. Hitler would never have risen to power had not the exhorbitant war reparations for WWI been demanded of Germany, ruining their economy.

The largest single ancestral group here in the USA is not the English. It is the Germans. If from an ethnic perspective, Germans were known to be problematic, the 49 Million German-American citizens would most certainly have caused numerous social problems in their history here. But, they didn't. Instead, they made some really outstanding contributions in many fields. If they were skinheads by ethnic compulsion, our own history as a nation would illustrate that.

Haven't you ever had any close German friends, or relatives, and wondered how Herbie could have been so blind? The man was a known racist, and it influenced every aspect of his life, theories, and ministry. He had no historic or genetic basis for identifying them as Assyrians. That was totally arbitrary on his part because during the era of WWII, the Germans appeared to fit his prophecy mold. He probably didn't even know at that time that the British royal family is actually German, and changed their name to "Windsor" during WWI, because of the rabid anti-German sentiments of that time.

The only reason people have for believing that the Germans are Assyrians is "Mr. Armstrong said it, and it must be right because he was God's Apostle". The man must have believed that the ancient alchemists had the power to change peoples' races or ethnic backgrounds!


nck said...

I am not sure.

When was the Germans are Assyrians introduced?

Prior to WWII or after WWII by the German Hoeh?

I know the Assyrians are in the '30's book USBIP. But aren't they only the captors remaining where they are while the tribes allegedly wander further on.

I have no time to research but it seems a lot is fixed to HWA while in reality HWA made a foundation upon which witch doctors like Hoeh introduced the entire system. One should be able to assign 90% of the doctrines to others.

For starters:
-assyrians are germans - hoeh
-hwa is an apostle - one of the merediths
-the churches resemble the "postal route" churches - (i believe that is in the december journal who came up with that.)
-indians came in ships by vikings , dr reah - (mormonism?)
etc etc
One can probably relate the entire STP to one of those "students" steeped in 1950's masonry.

It seems that hwa accepted a lot of things that were researched by (the first) ac students. Since he had ultimate power it must have felt as "revelation". Just like someone dropping in a library for the first time. Quite the "revelation". (albeit the library was stuffed with contemporary 19th century "knowledge".