Friday, December 2, 2016

Ron Weinland Releases Third Book Because His "god" Has Failed Yet Again To Destroy The World

The Church of God's 1/2 of the Two Witless Witnesses and convicted felon has written a new book.  Felon Ron Weinland has put into print the visions he received while sitting in his prison cell.  Much like the dreams of Almost Arrested Bob Thiel, Weinland believes these are coming directly from his god.

In his previous book he talked about how angry his god was with the world and was determined to blast it to smithereens.  Then when his god failed to do that by 2008, the Witless Witnesses wrote another book justifying his god having to change his plans because the church was not ready.  Then after Weinland was sent to prison for 3 1/2 prophetic years he realized that his god had yet again failed him so he has had to write a new book.

This book is now the most important thing any human can read.

Prophesy Against the Nations.
This third book is somewhat larger in content than the other two books. It explains why God has mercifully given seven more years of time to the remnant Church, the Church that was scattered, and to this world before Jesus Christ returns to establish the government of God on earth. 
It has already been explained how God had determined prior to 2008 to allow great physical tribulation—without His intervention of mercy—which would have brought incredible destruction above and beyond that of World War III. Before 2008, the world had been judged by God to receive unimaginable destruction that would come from unleashing the FULL destructive power of the Seven Trumpets mentioned in the Seventh Seal of the Book of Revelation. If that had been the case, the world would not have had the same potential to seek for the magnitude of that destruction to be lessened or halted because of such a judgment against it. However, God is now going to allow mankind to receive of His mercy.
This new book tells of God’s revelation to grant great mercy to mankind. That mercy will be extended to those who will listen so that hundreds of millions more will potentially now have opportunity to live on into the soon coming period of the millennial reign of Jesus Christ on this earth. However, unlike the second book, 2008–God’s Final Witness, this new book will not be promoted until very strong Thunders begin to sound and the affects of the First Trumpet are felt. There have been many Thunders strike ever since they first began on 9/11, but nothing of the magnitude of what is yet to occur.  Post Feast Update


Anonymous said...

These leaders want Christs return as soon as possible. They are old men who have lived their lives, believing it would be to their advantage if Christ returned next week.
By contrast, they care nothing for the younger generation. It's all about them.
Today, a young person can in 20 years:
1 Finish high school.
2 Finish college.
3 Get a job and in the remaining 10 years develop priceless jobs skills.
4 At the same time, get married and establish a family.

A young person in 20 years can establish themselves and build the foundation for eternal life.
These church leaders, Herbie onwards, didn't give a hoot about the upcoming generation. The reasons they gave for wanting Christs return ASAP were dishonest, self serving rationalisations.

Anonymous said...

“In his previous book he talked about how angry his god was with the world and was determined to blast it to smithereens.”

Ha! That's nothing.

Imagine how angry you will be with Ronald Weinland's third book and determined to rip it to smithereens if you are ever stupid enough to waste any time at all reading it. Of course, this is assuming that you do not like fiction, nonsense, lies, false prophecies, and evil.

Ronald Weinland deserves at least another 3-1/2 years in the slammer. His followers who love and support his lying deserve at least another 3-1/2 years of him.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the so-called Churches of God have tended to cause people to waste entire lives sitting around waiting for all the false prophetic guesses to be proven wrong by the passage of time and then to be rescheduled to waste even more time of anyone who continues to listen to them.

Ronald Weinland's complete nonsense always seemed to be deliberately designed (with the Devil's help) to make all COG prophecy look utterly ridiculous, and to make the people who listen to it look totally stupid.

Anonymous said...

Ron who?
The world is awash with individuals like Ron.All claiming to be someone,when they are no-one.For Ron the big issue really is,"where is the money"!
For Thiel,doubly deluded,it is all about "me".
And life goes on.They will go the way of all men.Another generation will come,and undoubtedly produce similar people like those just mentioned.And they will get a "following".There is nothing new under the sun.
And hopefully there will continue to be sites like Banned,to warn about these wolves in sheeps clothing.

Hoss said...

Wasn't this the same Ron Weinland who in a radio interview said that if the events in 2008 didn't occur he would resign and denounce himself as a false prophet?
Does God keep telling him, Sorry Ron, My bad... it wasn't your fault... your still My main man...?

Anonymous said...

One more case of "god" having a plan looking exactly like no "god" and no plan.

Byker Bob said...

Well, we now know that there are posters amongst us who apparently think that the false prophecies of all of the ACOG ministers (including Ron) actually serve God's purpose by inspiring people to "qualify" for the Kingdom. Fortunately, except in the deepest delusional fantasies of the HWAcaca, God does not use deception to accomplish His purposes. Instead, the obvious lesson is that there is a cause and effect relationship between false doctrine and false prophecy. They go hand in hand, as the past 40 years have more than proven.


Anonymous said...

Yes. BB, a healthy respect for prophecy is a good thing. This is in contrast to most church leaders who have used terror religion instead. In case you haven't noticed, it takes effort to grow as a person. No pain, no gain, as the popular saying goes. Or 'strive to enter through the narrow gate' as my bible puts it.