Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dave Pack on Language, City Sizes, Food, Distribution and Agriculture in His Kingdom to Come

Superfantabulous Dave has the answer to everything.  Never mind the fact he can't control his church, employees or members.  It is one troubling event after another and he expects to know how to do things right in the kingdom to come.  Heaven help us all!  Oh wait, we won't be there as he will have gleefully exterminated us all.

How will language barriers be addressed, if they exist? My guess is they won’t exist—that Zephaniah 3:9 is really a picture of restoring the world to one language in the kingdom, starting at Zion. But boy, if you have language barriers…let me just sit down and talk about all of this, because you have to do it in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of languages. There are 850 languages…900 languages in some single African nations…And most of us probably didn’t know, unless we studied the subject, there are that many languages on Earth…where they can’t understand each other in a single country, or it’s as different as somebody who speaks Spanish trying to understand someone who speak English—who comes here, when neither can speak the other.
What size cities exist? How does the world get to the size cities that exist? How does God feel about cities? There are cities in the Bible. In 1776, five percent of all Americans lived in cities; 95 percent were rural. By the time James Garfield was president in 1881, it was 50/50. One hundred and five years passed—50/50. By 1976, it was flipped from 1776. Ninety-five percent of all people lived in cities, five percent outside. Then how will you relocate them? Anybody getting a migraine? Now relax and just realize…it is on you. [laughter] Get it right! Move fast and knock them all out at once, and then everything will be fine.
All these decisions…
FOOD…Local, regional or mass distribution? And what about its quality—and quality right away? Are water battles just to be thrown at people, and Cheetos and whatever else just to keep them satisfied? “I’m overwhelmed!…Here, have some Pringles”…[laughter] you know…“I’ll get to you tomorrow. I don’t care.” “Here’s ice cream for you”…“Here’s spinach for you…Sorry. [laughter] You didn’t pray this morning.” “But it is not even organic spinach.” You see? What happens to people who are desperate for food right now?
What other distribution systems will be used? Which leads you to energy, as well, but we will come to that. And shipping…the number of ships plying the ocean is tens of thousands of ships are moving through the oceans at any given moment in time—many tens of thousands of ships. How will shipping be handled? What kind of ships? And hygiene, and who works on them, and all kinds of other stuff. What stays within a nation? What needs to be moved to other nations? Which leads you to trading.
How is agriculture going to be carried out? Let’s just stay with a real simple plan—animals or machines? And if you are going back to 95/5 [country/city]…I don’t know that God will…then how are you going to get 90 percent of that 95 back into the country? Where are the houses waiting for them and so forth?


Sweetblood777 said...

Dave, you talk too much.

Like a child that wants to take over the class room, you just don't know how to shut the f*ck up.

Black Ops Mikey said...

He can't distribute what the people in his own compound fairly (witness the young man that had to move within the compound, was enslaved, paid poorly and oppressed).

There is not one shred of evidence that Davie Pack can run anything for the benefit of people, so all of his protestations are moot.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember when the Khmer Rouge moved the residents of Phnom Penh to the Cambodian countryside? If he had his way, Dave Pack would make the Khmer Rouge look like gentle Cub Scouts by comparison.

Black Ops Mikey said...

What would you like to bet that David Pack uses Kim Jong-in as his role model?