Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dave Pack: RCG Members Will Throw Grenades and Blow Up Everything At Start of Kingdom

Dave's plan is to destroy everything at the start of the kingdom.  All cities, houses, businesses, etc will be wiped off the earth.  People will apparently live under their fig trees till they rebuild their homes in the design Dave approves.

Oh, and every so often I need to remember to say this, don’t I? Day 1, there better be a plan, because…You go in and just blow up everything man does…You just stand back and throw the biggest hand grenade you can…it is going to blow it all up. They’ll be ready to follow you, but what are you going to do—right now—on all of this at the same time?



Sweetblood777 said...

Hey Dave. Is your complex going to be the first to be blown up?

What a waste of tithe money, eh!

Byker Bob said...

We were taught the value of making a shocking statement in Ambassador Club and Spokesman's Club. Dave most certainly overuses that technique, to the point where it becomes way out of balance, and quite absurd.

Throwing grenades? I should think that the Creator would do all of the heavy lifting, as in Biblical times. There aren't even enough RCG members to make any sort of difference if you spread them out around the world to be some sort of global demolitions team.

Apparently, he doesn't realize that when you randomly blow things up, as opposed to orchestrating controlled demolitions, pollution and toxicity are spread. In one sermon, he speaks of faith causing Mt. Everest to go to the bottom of the ocean in an apparently nice, neat motion, and then in a later one portrays his members as becoming some sort of spiritual vandals who go around blowing up anything that is man-made.

Dave, you'd better wait to hear the "opinions" of the angels. The Bible seems to indicate that they carry messages from God.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, do they still have spokesman club in the slivers? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

ATF needs to be informed about what this religious extremist; David C. Pack, is publishing. "See something, say something". I have a family member who goes to his compound every Saturday and he is so far caught up in this madness that he will not exit because he has invested so much time and money. Please continue to expose this maniac cult leader.

Chuckles said...

What ever happened to Dave teaching what it means to be a Christian, what it means to follow the teachings of Jesus and what those teachings are, and what people need to repent of and overcome, including himself, in other words the whole NT instead of going on and on about things that aren't helping people change at all, perhaps it's because if he did he might see himself and what he needs to change.

Black Ops Mikey said...

This has some appeal.

Tell you what, why don't we start today doing this to the Wadsworth compound and see how it works out.

And start a new group.

Call it "Anarchists for the World Tomorrow".

Become an AWT!!!