Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gerald Flurry Tells Members To Be Ready To Be Deported While He Prepares To Buy A New 11 Million Dollar Jet

One of the sickest Church of God's to emerge from the Worldwide Church God has to be the Philadelphia Church of God.  From deliberately destroying marriages and families to leading members into suicide, the PCG has been a major cesspool of degenerate teachings made be equally degenerate men.

For many years Gerald Flurry has been telling his members that they are close to being ready to flee and to prepare themselves.  Preparation meant cashing in money, selling homes, closing retirement accounts and doing as much fundraising as possible, so Gerald can gather the flock together to head off to Petra where he will join ranks with Almost-arrested Bob Thiel.

Fear has always been the major factor in the PCG.  Keep the members afraid and they remain compliant.

Now Six Pack Flurry is telling his members that they are soon to flee, though this time they need to be prepare to be deported by Donald Trump.  Apparently Trump does not like Flurry and crew and the idiotic satanic message they preach.  Flurry, like Bob Thiel and Dave Pack, believes he is the only rightful heir of Herbert Armstrong's teachings. therefore he needed to build a campus, a mini-me auditorium, plagiarize HWA's writings, buy HWA's belongings and artifacts, all while pretending to preach a message that the world will hate the PCG for.

With any luck Trump might actually deport them, but instead of sending them off to Jordan he will place them in rockets and send them into outer space where they can do no more damage.  This is what Herb used to think might happen to some of us.  Let Trump fulfill that prophecy!
February 13, 2017
This last Sabbath Gerald Flurry said that Trump is going to deport the members of the PCG from the United States. This is when they will be going to the place of safety. This is only one more way for GF to squeeze more money from the members. When it doesn’t happen, it will be forgotten.--F. S.

Unfortunately, all of this sounds "normal" to most Church of God members.  We have heard it for 60 some years now.

The difference this time is that Flurry is preparing his members to flee while his is getting ready to take out a huge load from the banks, knowing he wont be around to pay them back, to buy his own private jet.  He has been looking into this for well over  a year now, checking out various models of aircraft.  Flurry imagines himself as the new Herbert Armstrong, flittering around the world telling world leaders about the true gospel message about a "a strong hand from someplace."  While members struggle and suffer, Flurry is buying a jet, building dance halls for his grand kids, financing epic old covenant musical dramas, cavorting with pagan artists and musicians while gay ballet dancers have fun in "God's House" dressing rooms.

Flurry is telling his members in his latest member letter that it is time for the PCG to go before Kings and world rulers with his message.  Lavish gifts will be bought in order to buy his way into audiences with royalty and rulers.

Flurry is preparing to spend between $9-11,000,000.00 for his new jet.  Add to this the need to have a hanger to store the plane in, yearly maintenance fees, hundreds of thousands of dollars on fuel, airport fees arriving and departing, pilot and staff fees, and much much more. Then Flurry will have to have the plane refitted with gold water faucets and door handles just like HWA did.  He will not have female stewardess in order to prevent any sexual improprieties with the heir apparent Lil'Stevie as he flies off tot he UK.  This will give his closeted gay HQ employees a new opportunity take advantage of the mile high club.  Some things never change in the Church of God!

Brethren, you MUST believe that God is directly behind this decision!  Flurry says so!  His god has directed him to buy " aircraft to fulfill the needs of this Work." Flurry is dreaming just like Joshua Bob Thiel.  Both of these men create these wild scenarios in their narcissistic, god haunted, little minds.  God is no more a part of need to buy a jet than he is in needing to start a new splinter group with Elijah Thiel.

God is not pleased.


Hoss said...


Natural born citizens of the USA cannot be deported, although they may be banished or exiled. Like The Man Without a Country, they may choose to renounce their US citizenship.

Exile is legal under the Constitution, as it is not considered a cruel or unusual punishment; however, it is considered outmoded.

But then, who knows what a president can do with an Executive Order...

Glenn said...

Good to see this. It brings Flurry one step closer to bankruptcy. To bring himself more in line with HWA's actions Flurry needs to purchase a second plane for Stephen, start a secular publishing company, publish a commercial magazine like Quest and publish a series of mediocre books like Everest House did. (Their best selling book ever was about a pro football player who paralyzed another player.)

The purpose of Quest and Everest House (and AICF in general) was to provide HWA with a cover so that he would not have to admit to being a minister of a cult or the founder of 2 or 3 tiny, unimportant colleges. I assume Gerald already is going to Harrod's in London on a regular basis and stocking up on overpriced art that he can put into storage at HQ. Does Gerald have his suits tailored on Seville Row? He needs to do all these things if he wants to truly emulate HWA.

One warning Gerald, if you do buy an airplane DO NOT defer maintenance on it to save money. The consequences will be much worse than having the electricity go off in a huge mansion.

Anonymous said...

Just like HWA Flurry will jet around the world on the tithes and offerings of others and dupe them into believing he's taking the gospel before kings. Like HWA he will water the truth down as not to offend those kings, never to mention the need of repentance or that Christ died for their sins, all to think of himself as a somebody and feel important as he buys his way into banquets and their presence, and of course also bringing them gifts worth thousands of dollars. Many of us know how easy it is to be deceived by all of this, all we wanted was the truth and thought we found it in HWA and the WWCG, and so we followed right along with whatever was said and really did believe HWA was taking the gospel before kings. Thankfully God finally did put an end to HWA and the so called WWCG and we scattered, and just before doing so or in the times after, we finally saw how we were fooled and the lies we believed were brought to light.

We learned truth and error in the WWCG and can be thankful for the truth we did learn, and have since been able to separate that truth from the error. HWA was a scammer of our money and in letter after letter he told us how desperate was the need for more money, so desperate was that need he was still able to go around the world living high on the hog, he was still able to buy expensive art and things of silver and gold, even down to gold salt and pepper shakers to impress his guests, high end vehicles, private cooks, maids, and of course even GTA also had to have a jet as both spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to fuel and maintain those jets and on and on we could go with how HWA and others used and abused the brethren just so they could live like kings. I can't help but think Flurry knew this for years and has been doing the same and now wants his own jet. It's just a matter of time now for Mr. Flurry.

Anonymous said...

Pack mentioned buying a jet plane also, will PCG have a ride share program? Each group could split the cost. But, I'm sure during the Feast it could get interesting, as both men would need the plane. Maybe they could just have the same Feast sites also?

Better yet, just merge splinter groups together, they both preach nonsense anyway. Also, they are both "that Prophet." They are both mentioned in the OT, both the greatest leaders, both need a plane, both narcissistic, etc. Somehow the "first Dominion" could be incorporated into this, as the first step in the new "Kingdom on earth." Pack said HWA would be resurrected for this, maybe him and Flurry could run it together instead?

Anonymous said...

I suspect that such toys are a means of compensating for old age. I'm still a somebody cause I have these nice buildings, cars, planes etc.

Anonymous said...

"Flurry Says Trump Will Deport PCG Members from United States" satanic-funded family terrorism!


Connie Schmidt said...

Why own a private jet outright when you can use a service like NetJets where private jets are used in a "time share" type fashion or sort of like an "Uber" for private jet travel.

Why the hell don't they just fly first class on regular planes?

Why do they even need to be flying anywhere?

Ego and vanity are very expensive hobbies! Too bad the poor people at the bottom of the PCG will be funding those delusions.

Black Ops Mikey said...

No, no, President Donald Trump is much more effective means to manage Gerald Flurry (who he probably has NEVER noticed at all and never will): Build a wall around the Edmonds compound.

And then send Flurry the bill....

Anonymous said...

@ Black Ops Mikey: Not only should Trump put a wall around the compound he should also put a lid on it as well to keep those crazy Armstrongites from climbing over it.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Craig, Occam's Razor Wire on top of the walls should be sufficient, there's no sense escalating the costs.

Hoss said...

Pack mentioned buying a jet plane

One of the RCG videos - perhaps Behind the work - shows DCP leaving a leaving a small jet with his hand extended to shake hands with someone. Probably just staged...

Anonymous said...

"Pack mentioned buying a jet plane"

Hoss, yes, staged for sure!

Anonymous said...

Gerald Flurry is a liar. So is the little queer Stevie-boy.

Anonymous said...

PCG co-worker letter to members:

Just one more purchase, then we will be able to finish the work.

Just one more major asset, then we will be able to finish the work.

Just one more building, then we will be able to finish the work.

Officially PCG now has a building fund, a college fund, a youth camp fund, a performing arts fund, now it has an airplane fund! Also don't forget first, second, third tithe and holy day offerings. Is it any wonder members are leaving?

Interestingly PCG must buy the aircraft, they have obviously never heard of aviation leasing or chartering.

After the aircraft is purchased, I wonder what the next urgent "need" of the work will be?

Just one more.................Just one more.................Just one more.................

You get the drift.....

Anonymous said...

“Flurry is telling his members in his latest member letter that it is time for the PCG to go before Kings and world rulers with his message.”

Mystery of the Ages by Herbert W. Armstrong was published in 1985, just a few months before HWA died on January 16, 1986. HWA taught that the real purpose of the church was to preach the gospel (which means good news) of the soon-coming kingdom of God to the whole world for a witness unto all nations before the end of this age would come (see Mystery of the Ages, page 265). HWA taught that this “great commission” that Jesus had given to his original apostles had been suppressed early on for about 1900 years, but that the Worldwide Church of God as the Philadelphia era of the one and only true church had been given an “open door” placed before it to preach the gospel. HWA taught that he was the one who was prophesied to come in the power and spirit of Elijah to “restore all things,” such as the knowledge of the true gospel. HWA wrote, “These prophecies have now definitely been fulfilled. The true gospel has been restored and has now gone in power into every nation on the face of the earth” (see Mystery of the Ages, pages 290-291).

When Gerald R. Flurry got fired from the WCG in 1989 (because even the apostate Tkaches could see that he was a bad little drunken runt who was up to no good with his plagiarized little book), he started his own Philadelphia Church splinter group AND IMMEDIATELY DID AWAY WITH PREACHING THE GOSPEL. Flurry said that HWA had already preached it, as if it was now over and done with. Notice that HWA died over 31 years ago, and the Second Coming of Christ is now that much closer, and yet Flurry does not want to preach about it. Gerald Flurry wrote in his plagiarized and revised Malachi's Message book (which he later claimed had been delivered by a mighty angel and was the “little scroll” mentioned in the book of Revelation) that with a new church era comes a new commission to “warn the Laodiceans.” In actual practice, “warning the Laodiceans” meant being extremely, satanically anti-social and breaking up families and friendships of COG people Thus did little Gerald Flurry do his little part to try once again to suppress the preaching of the true gospel and replace it with some very bad news that was really no good news (gospel) at all. Merely by calling it a “new commission” rather than calling it “another non-gospel gospel” Flurry was able to get many people to go along with it. Many members of Gerald Flurry's PCG imposter cult were really just there for the sexual immorality anyway, so they did not mind that Gerald Flurry totally perverted the gospel, tried to enhance his short stature by giving himself many tall titles, and broke up other people's families while providing expensive Irish dancing lessons for his own children and grandchildren.

Amazingly, the United Church splinter group that started in 1995 had as its motto: “Preaching the gospel. Preparing a people.” This is actually the closest to what HWA had taught. Unfortunately, the UCG has not done a very good job of either. This is now, after all, the Laodicea era of the church, and every relatively tiny splinter group that came out of the WCG now thinks that it is rich, and has acquired wealth, and does not need a thing, even though they are all wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. Some groups, such as the PCG imposter cult of That False Prophet Gerald Flurry, are downright satanic.

Kings and other world rulers, if they ever do look way down and see a wicked little false prophet like Gerald Flurry, will not be pleased with him and his bad news message of family destruction and sexual immorality. They will all quite rightly want to deport that little degenerate out of their countries as fast as possible before his extreme wickedness spreads to their own people.

Anonymous said...

The PCG will not name those who control the deep state. Alex Jones will not name them. The LCG will not name them. Who will name those who control the deep state and the controlled media? Trump will not name them. Whoever will expose the head of the snake is your best friend. Whoever will not is afraid of the enemy. HWA was very deeply involved with those associated with the deep state. The PCG knows this but they think HWA's deep state friends are their friends too. That is their greatest miscalculation.

Anonymous said...

Buying a jet is away to stash cash. Later they will sell it and Gerry-Can's spoiled grand-kids will live off the money.

Anonymous said...

"Why the hell don't they just fly first class on regular planes?"

God doesn't fly those planes, his angels will only fly the ones Gerald Slurry buys!


Byker Bob said...

HWA had a couple of good reasons for the Gulfstream. 1) Cigarette smoking on commercial airliners did not even begin to be phased out until 1988. 2) HWA, and his voice, were somewhat recognizable by a certain percentage of the general public. His religious opinions were very controversial, and some would probaby want to confront him. 3) For his photo ops with world dictators, he traveled with an entourage. Also, the plane was part of the facade that got him the photo ops. 4) He was old and decrepit, kind of fragile. 5) The income from the fleecings actually would pay quite easily for the jets.

These five factors are not shared by Gerald Flurry or David Pack, or any of the other COGlodyte leaders of today. Hence, acquisitions of jets would be ridiculous and embarrassing imitation, attempts at pretense that they were equal to HWA, and therefore his rightful heir. And, yes. You can bank on the fact that if there were any way possible, Bob Thiel would have a jet, too!


Anonymous said...

"The plane! The plane!"

Anonymous said...

Does not Arizona have huge aircraft parks,where planes no longer required are stored in retirement.I am sure Jerry would be able to pick up a great jet at a faction of the cost of a new " g string " ,oops a G6 or whatever.Hey,he may even be able to pick up an old B52.
He will be able to zap those pesky Assyrian's with one of those.And just image him in his very own 747 jumbo.Then he truely can say to everyone,"See mines bigger than yours."

nck said...

I like that comment. A shame you don't hail from a more recognizable monniker. I know exaclty what your are talking about. And we are talking intelligence exchange worth billions of dollars. Your comment should be combined with the BB comment on 5:42. These world dictators were ALL allies to be certified within the non-communist american empire world. The king of Thailand was an American citizen. The King of Jordan a British citizen etc etc etc
All part of the global all encompassing anglo empire.

And it didn't even start with HWA. The King of Ethiopa visited Churches of God in the United States even before HWA was even involved with the COG scene.

What folly to acquire a plane. Even WCG had to lease one from Stanley Rader.

I have seen Stanley Rader depart to an OECD summit in Paris on a first class ticket, just hours before HWA left with the GII for the same destination. Supposedly "to prepare" the visit. As if telephone did not exist at the time.

I have also seen the GII arrive when local foreign governments were preparing protocol police escorts, signalling the special diplomatic call sign HWA had. When Tkach arrived at the same airport years later, the same police was searching his pockets.

The game was over when special agent HWA was decomissioned on jan 16th 1986.


Hoss said...

pick up an old B52

Joe Sr had apparently considered selling the GIII and buying a Boeing 727...

Connie Schmidt said...


Actually Tkach did sell the G3 and bought an old BAC 111 clunker.

The British Aircraft Corporation One-Eleven, also known as the BAC-111 or BAC 1-11, was a British short-range jet airliner used during the 1960s and 1970s.

Anonymous said...

I want my own private jet as well.
Err, throw in a harem as well.

Anonymous said...

Gerald flurry's latest co-worker letter was mailed this month asking members for pledges for the plane purchase. They keep going to the same well and I thinks it's about dried up now. Members are struggling whilst the ministry live lavishly.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of When I was in Pcg and they came out with Raising the ruins I remember them telling us to each buy a copy to make it a best seller so the world would see the evils of Wcg leaders, wake up laodiceans to bring more members to Pcg and expose the devil leading to persecution on Pcg and time to flee. Well after the church congregation of 40 or so I was with bought a box full of books from Amazon even asking the libraries to take some in order to open readers eyes to the true events what happened? The book never made it to best seller status. We all paid full price for it and now the Pcg gives it for free. And the congregation I was in fell apart after the ruling on disassociating from former members, family, and from what I hear there are only about four left in that congregation.

Anonymous said...

Gerald Flurry is his last message has announced that the Throne of David and the stone of Destiny has been moved. The Throne to the PCG with him as the New King and a new Stone being Herbert Armstrongs rock that he occasionally prayed at that they keep on the grounds. This is just insane, blasphemy and at the end of message still talks about buying a plane. It's all about the money for them.