Friday, February 24, 2017

The Obedient Church of God Are you on the God Train? Are Your Swords Sharpened For The Slaughter?

Never in a million years would Herbert Armstrong ever have imagined the sheer number of lunatics that would break off from the mother church and start some of the craziest splinter cults the church has ever seen.

One of the more absurd splinter cults is the "Obedient" Church of God.  Lawrence A Nowell is the leader of this weird group.  Nowell, is much like splinter cult leader James Malm, in that he bellows on and on about being filled with "zeal."

"God's Train don't carry nothin' 'BUTthe righteous and the Holy".
God's Train don't carry nothin' "but" the OBEDIENT to God! Rev 22:14.
Wake up to "be Obedient" to every jot, so that "you" can be carried onboard to the Place of Safety and the Kingdom of God by "THIS TRAIN".
PS: This train carries only the 1st Resurrection people.
1st Resurrection people do not have to go through the Tribulation, "because" they are already OBEDIENT. Rev 12:14 and verse 16.
Nowell is also much like the lunatic Neville Steven's, the certified false prophet from Australia who claims his members would be given swords so they could slaughter all of the rebellious sinners of the world, especially the lazy laodicean Church of God members who refuse to submit to Neville.   Nowell's little band of nut jobs will also be joining forces with other men to slaughter the unrighteousness.

with Swords are Arriving!!
As the kids would say: You are all going down, UNLESS you start to OBEY every jot of God's way/Shop Manual/Bible. 

Nowell is also a proponent of the new moons malarky embraced by a few of the more legalistic members of the church who come up with everything imaginable for not following Jesus.

Christ is returning 
10,000 Men
Jude 14
To execute Judgment on “your” un-Godly deeds
to Kill
“YOU” The Disobedient.
Show me how tough / stupid you are!
Think you "still" want to work on His Holy Days
Do you "still" not want to follow His Crescent Moons that “He Himself” followed and 
He “set the example” to follow, to walk “AS” He walked!!
Again for emphasis: Do you still want to work on His Holy Days!!
= Do you still think you can disobey Him and live?
Read 2 Kings 19:35 185,000 humans Killed by 1 man/angel.
Christ is returning with plagues, and with 10,000 Men!!! Jude 14
Christ’s Men will Kill “200 MILLION” of you in just 1 day. Rev 9:16
Do you FEAR God yet? The beginning of Wisdom is the FEAR of God. Prov 1:7
When Killing 200 Million 4 Angels will kill another 1/3 of YOU Earth’s inhabitants Rev 9:18 
2.5 “BILLION of 
Ho hum.  Blah, blah, blah.  This is the same old tired story that the legalists have been spouting for decades.  Everyone of them proven liars.

We should stand in awe of all the men in the splinter groups that have direct communication with their god's.  Where would we be without Nowell, Malm, Almost arrested Thiel and Pack?


DennisCDiehl said...

A regular "climbing through the windows leap, with weapons, each unharmed" kinda guy.
Earth is quaking as they come, heaven's shake stars cease to shine, then they march as warriors and the sun and moon become both black....Smile brethren!!!


Alas, this is what the COG hymnal does to people though it shall never happen.
Praise ye the Lordo!

DennisCDiehl said...

Back in the day I used to have to get a pass into a mental hospital to hear this kind of talk and religious delusions. Now PCG/RCG and the little one man, true church shows scattered across the land are the alternative psych wards for those given to the same delusions minus regular professional care.

Anonymous said...

Each of these slivers has a gimmick, just like wrestlers. Maybe they can borrow their names such as:
The Living Legend Church of God or
The Ultimate Christian Warriors Church of God or
The kickAss Church of God or
Redneck Bob Church of God etc.

James said...

This church was named incorrectly. It should be the Gestapo Church of God. Putting hits on non-members since 1997.....

Byker Bob said...

Yet another bottom-feeder! When will they learn?


Connie Schmidt said...


(Announcer): Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

(Voices): Look, up on the net ! It's ABSURD It's PROFANE ! ... It's SUPER CULT !

(Announcer): Yes, it's SUPER CULT , strange visitors from another reality, who come to Earth with hangups and beliefs far beyond those of moral men...

SUPER CULT , who change the course of mighty truths, bend minds with their bare words,...

and who, disguised as normal mild-mannered church leaders with supposed great metropolitan magazines , fight a never-ending battle with lies, injustice and the "ARROGANT WAY".

Byker Bob said...

How this approach can appeal to adults, like the adults who assessed what they heard from HWA and made a conscious decision to follow, is something that has always boggled the mind. Kids who grew up in WCG and were subjected to daily beatings and harangues knew that there was no way their parents had the Holy Spirit, whether the church ordained the parents or not. But, the people who became scammed, warped and enslaved by that mentality and world view continue to present themselves as being the enlightened ones. At least we know that the cells are failing to replicate, which means that the diseased organism has ceased to grow. Color-highlighted and varied type aside, this is still part of the same ol' nostalgia carnival. You can dress it up, but it still looks like the homeless bum amongst Christian religions.


Black Ops Mikey said...

I'm surprised. I couldn't find an ad for him in The Journal.

Have I missed an issue.

What's the world coming to if Dixon Cartwright doesn't carry this sort of... news item?

Anonymous said...

Wow, in terms of both HTML technique and general rational coherence this guy's maundering is almost reminiscent of