Saturday, February 18, 2017

World Governments Will Soon Rise Up Against Me When I Enforce My Government While In Jerusalem

Dave has instituted the true form of government in Wadsworth, Ohio.  Once Jesus returns to Wadsworth, he and Dave will take that perfect government to Jerusalem where they will both reign in glory.  It will be the envy of the world. Due to that envy the world will rise up against Dave and his glorified members and wage war.  People all over the world will turn in family members who are part of Dave's crew as their governments start to fight Dave.  Persecution will reign over the late comers to the truth who have not been gloried to reign with Dave in Jerusalem.

Yes, it is a convoluted mess.

“Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and you shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake” (Matt. 24:9). That’s not happening today. We’re a gnat on an elephants’ back. Millions and millions know about us, but we’re not hated of all nations today.
But when we’re telling the world the government that is here is going to Jerusalem that’s going to be the ultimate upsetting of the apple cart, and we will be hated by a world that will not want God’s rule! Human nature wants freedom, which means freedom from God’s Law!! The freedoms that Americans talk about…They’ve disqualified themselves—and always have been—from having them, and God is going to take them all away. This “freedom-loving” country, the “freedom-loving” democracies of the west are going to end in slavery, because there’s only freedom inside God’s Law not outside it. So, we’re going to be announcing that, and people will hate it.
Imagine what the rulers of the world will think. And they’ll come and try to…They would stop us, unless they just couldn’t because Christ is here making sure they can’t…and the angelic realm that…it comes with Him, are making sure they can’t. They could persecute some of God’s people…I’ve read you Psalm 79; I’ve read you Daniel 11 and many other places there will be terrible persecution, and here’s more…
“Then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another” (vs. 10). Do you now understand—in light of Daniel 11, verses 30-31-32-33—the King of the North plagues the Church in Jerusalem; but other parts of the world, too, no doubt. And people get scared and they sell out, and they say, “That’s my mother. She’s in the church!”…“That’s my son!” This isn’t talking about the apostasy behind us. And they…Because Matthew 13 says persecution and tribulation arise, they are offended because of the word of the Kingdom. And some people pull what I call Peter’s act—“He’s one of them!” “No, I’m not. No, I’m not!”—and they deny Him.
So, there’s coming a time when Christ is going to find out who does and doesn’t deny Him after the Kingdom comes. Now, I’m not referring to us. Those of us who are the little flock, who are the administrators, who enter the joy of the Lord, who’ve experienced exceeding joy, who’ve been through the reckoning, who’ve taken the Kingdom. Remember, Daniel 7 doesn’t apply to us.
But for the thousands and then tens and hundreds of thousands of people, no doubt, who’ll be coming into the Church during this final confirming of the covenant with Israel and Judah…but all nations are there before Christ in Matthew 25. All of that happens and plays out and causes an ever bigger spotlight to come on us.


Anonymous said...

'Freedom means freedom from Gods law.' yeah sure. A variation is 'God gives us freedom, freedom to obey or disobey.' Robbing members of their rights is murder, I hope Dave gets his just deserts.

Black Ops Mikey said...

God we're fine with.

David Pack not so much.

There's just no comparison between them.

Byker Bob said...


Someone a long time ago expressed that they wished the Arabs or someone would nuke Jerusalem, because that would finally kill Armstrongism. Jerusalem and Israel must exist in order for the Armstrong prophecy mold to unfold. But, then again, it was decades before HWA finally recognized that Hitler was actually dead, and not hiding in Argentina. Church members who have watched the JJ Abrams series "Lost" on TV would probably be preaching that the Dharma Initiative had moved Jerusalem, and would soon bring it back just in time for the final end times.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Or, Byker Bob, Hitler has just died.

We thought you knew.

Haven't you been watching the Man in the High Castle at video?

Byker Bob said...

Haven't seen that one, Mikey. Been tuned into House of Cards.

I was just thinking. If, in the future, everyone hates Dave as he reigns from Jerusalem, it will be because his negotiating skills suck. Oops, forgot! That's what his problem is now!