Sunday, April 2, 2017

Another COG False Teacher Claims Women Should Cover Their Heads While Praying

Over the decades various Church of God false teachers have tried to force the old covenant upon church members, particularly when it comes to women in the church.   Women have always gotten the brunt of everything, from disobeying their husbands, committing the first sin, wearing make up, speaking  in church, and much more.

Each of these false teachers have set themselves up as God's supposed mouthpiece on earth that are filled with special inside revealed knowledge.  One of the bigger groups to force women to cover themselves in prayer and speaking is Yisrayl Hawkins cult in Abilene, Texas.

These pictures are of women leading prayers and teaching classes which is exclusively for women.  They cover their heads and their mouths when speaking and praying in church. During Hawkins preaching on Saturdays, women are kept separate from the men who also cover their heads while even some of the men cover their mouths.

Quite truthfully, this is appallingly sick.  Yet, we have two more Church of God cult leaders who also claim women should be covering their heads, Pharisee James Malm and Almost-arrested Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Habakkuk, African prophet, second witless witness, and the most disappointing "son" of Rod Meredith, claim their women must cover their heads when praying.  All three of these men have made a profession about bastardizing the law to fit their perverted interpretations and imaginations.

We have reported previously about James Malm's  demands on the women in his cult group.  Now we have Almost-arrested Thiel claiming his female members should over their heads during prayers.  I wonder what the women in Africa feel like when some sniveling fraud in American tells them to cover their heads?

Here is Elisha Thiel's list of demands that he has laid out for his cult members to follow when praying.  28 steps to pray!  No one needs 28 steps on how to do it. How incredibly stupid is that!  Here is his list:

Here is a listing of the 28 tips:

1. Pray to God the Father

2. Worship God in Truth

3. Believe God
4. Obey God: Do More than the Demons 
5. Worship God in Spirit

6. Resist Satan

7. Don't Fight God

8. Pray for Others
9. Pray for Your Needs
10. Remember God’s Will and Have Your

Priorities in Order

11. Praying Positions from the Bible

12. Pray Every Day
13. Forgiveness
14. Recognize God’s Spirit
15. Pray for What the Bible Says to Pray For 
16. Ask for Spiritual Gifts
17. Don’t Pray for Show
18. Obey the New Testament About Head


19. Ask Often, Do Not Use Vain Repetitions,

But Be Fervent

20. If You Are Suffering or Sick, Pray About It

21.Pray for Church Leaders
22. Pray For Secular Leaders
23. Put Jesus in Your Prayers
24. The difficult: Remember Fasting
25. Pray With Thanksgiving
26. Deal With 'Secret Sins'
27. Change Can Make That Possible
28. Close with Amen 

This is what happens when foolish men set themselves up as purveyor's of truth when all they are doing is setting forth their own perverse teachings.  This is what happens when law is more important that ever following Jesus.


Anonymous said...

The 7th Day Church Of God (Jerusalem) has taught this same nonsense for years.

DennisCDiehl said...

I Cor 11: 7 man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; but woman is the glory of man. 8For man did not come from woman, but woman from man; 9neither was man created for woman, but woman for man

1. A man is a man and a woman is a woman in their own image as we should know by now 2000 years on in human history.

2. The female is NOT the glory of the man or related in any "glory" to a man in real life . Men and women are in reality equal with differing biological function, thinking shared skills. Men were identified by the ignorant in the past as born of the sun and women of the moon because men shined in their own power while women were merely a "reflection" of the man. I hope none of you really believe that analogy. But it is why we had Sun Gods and Moon Goddesses in pagan religion and well...Catholicism.

3. Actually the man did come from the woman both literally and genetically. The human template is female when conceived. It is hormones that change, or don't the female template to male in the womb. Effeminate men missed that change for reasons such as stress in the mom during pregnancy or biological fails during it. Ever notice men your parts are just born out of the original female parts and you have nipples?

4. Neither men nor women were "created" for each other. They evolved together in time and space over the past 200,000 years and here we are.

So none of the reasons women covering their heads or growing long hair depending on what you get from the passage that Paul gives, based on the beliefs or ignorance of his times, are actually or literally true.

Connie Schmidt said...

Pastor Bob needs to cover his mouth when speaking !

Anonymous said...

Making a big deal over trivia, gives the participants a license to sin else where, while still feeling righteous. If you look long and hard, there's a big hidden perk that these churches give themselves.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Connie Schmidt said, "Pastor Bob needs to cover his mouth when speaking !"

MY COMMENT - I was thinking the same thing when I read the post. That, and going out and getting a real job - that dirty four letter word immortalized by Maynard G. Krebs in "The many loves of Dobie Gilles"- WORK!


Anonymous said...

By the time you follow the 28 rules, you will have forgotten what your pray was about.

Byker Bob said...

He must think God treats the church women as if they were double baggers. What a lout!

Imagine someone about to become involved in an auto accident. All the individual has time to utter is "Father, help me!" Do these "teachers" believe God will react only if the person praying goes through a 28 point rigamarole? I'm sorry, that is absurd, and it places severe limitations on God.

That's not a ridiculous example, either. I was riding my bicycle one time and suddenly found myself in the middle of a swarm of bees. A simple two word prayer was all that I could gasp as the bees made contact. What ended up happening is up to the reader to explain based on his or her belief or non-belief, but I was extremely thankful not to have been stung, and that none of them got up my nose or in my mouth. On a different occasion in the past, I had been stung by a single bee while riding my motorcycle. It's not a desirable thing to have happen. Protection and no stings are much better.


Black Ops Mikey said...

As seen on Dr. Phil.

Anonymous said...

Well I see you bad boys here have done it again. Prophet Thiel is having a melt down over this posting. He comes off looking really sad in his melt down.

Anonymous said...

God must really hate women who lose their hair in chemotherapy.

Hoss said...

Ah, the Double-Double-Seven prayer tip sheet. "Head coverings" also includes men, as Bob believes Jewish men are wrong to wear the kippah (aka yarmulke, skullcap) and tallis katan (prayer shawl).

As usual for COGscholars, he didn't get it; a few decades of Armstrongism is no match for thousands of years of Jewish scholarship. Head coverings is referring to modesty for married women, and for men, submission to God.

A problem with "tips" and "traditions" is that they become "rules". This was the point of Jesus' teaching against the "Traditions of the Elders" (aka The Oral Law). Some of them were good teachings, like giving thanks before a meal (as Jesus copied from the Pharisees), but not when they are treated like laws (like the fuss about washing hands before eating bread).

Like Maynard's reaction to "Work!" telling a minister he's wrong is like telling the Fonz (Happy Days) he's "Wrrr-" (he can't even say it...).

Anonymous said...

John Cafourek of UCG should put a bag over his head or stfu. LMAO!

Byker Bob said...

Yeah. He was really verbose in his response, too. The latest blog entry really lit him up.

Does it even count if you accidentally say something that turns out to be wrong about a false prophet or false teacher?


Anonymous said...

Only 28 tips?
Bob that is not biblical.At least have 40,or 40 minus 1.Mine you I was exhausted by the time I came to number 19.
Well folks,that's a "time cycle" is it not............never mind.............
Seriously I feel a migraine coming on.
And yes Bob this site and others will continue to hold you accountable and continue to expose your errors when's called freedom,the very freedom that Jesus came to give us all.

anonymous63 said...

I don't think it has anything at all to do with hats or scarves etc. I feel it is simply a woman having long hair and a man having short hair. Simple, uncomplicated, you can tell the difference between man and woman, and those specific lengths compliment each gender. There is no confusing one for the other. Yes, simple and uncomplicated. No confusing the two. God is not (the author) of confusion.

Byker Bob said...

Just thinking. Shouldn't there be a 29? Like, Theil's version of God won't even listen to your prayers if you've been watching NFL Football?


Anonymous said...

It's horrifying how the CoG's actually try to obey God by reading the Bible. What is the world coming to? Instead of that, let's all take drugs, get AIDs and start a war.

Anonymous said...

At least in the old days men had respect. Now they are HATED and dropping out of society, marriage, and family life. The West cannot reproduce itself. Feminism has killed it. It's all over. Never should have given the vote to women.

Anonymous said...

OK, I've heard arguments for and against head covering for women, but what's with covering the mouth? What in the world are they basing that on? Why not just adopt the use of burqas and be done with it?

Can someone explain the mouth covering thing?

Anonymous said...

9.41 PM
It's not the churches reading their bibles that's the problem, but rather not doing what it says. Do you have a problem with 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you?'
According to Dave Packs original autobiography, half the church members in Herbies church did no prayer or bible study (or next to non). He based this on his personal surveys. As he noted, half the church fell away on Herbs death as well.

DennisCDiehl said...

Anonymous said...
OK, I've heard arguments for and against head covering for women, but what's with covering the mouth? What in the world are they basing that on? Why not just adopt the use of burqas and be done with it?

Can someone explain the mouth covering thing?

It's just wishful thinking Anon and calling things that are not , but should be for Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry etc, as if they were.

Anonymous said...

The COGs eternal fixation with hair length is very tiresome and rapidly turns into a shallow round of nitpickery that reminds me of cannibalism among chickens.

Anonymous said...

The mouth covering thing, is usually just for women. It represents 2 things, first women should keep their mouths shut except when their husband requests it for his own enjoyment, and it especially should be kept closed in church. I am sure it discourages talking to have your mouth covered.

Next, there is nothing more age revealing than the mouth and lips. If the rest of ones face escapes the ravages of time, the mouth surely suffers -- as in thinning lips, wrinkles on the upper lip, and general sagging. Men can disguise all this with beards, but for the older women, these little mouth shawls are heaven sent, plus it will hide the beautiful mouths and lips of their younger women. Old women can be pretty nasty when it comes to competition from young beautiful women. Add a whole body covering and you could be looking at an old hag and not know it.

Anonymous said...

11.27 AM
Yep, there are advantages in woman wearing Burkas. There are disadvantages as well, which you failed to mention. This is the work of the killjoy police.