Saturday, April 8, 2017

The best at prophecy since I was 19

Dave has been a theological genius since he was19 yeas old.   No Church of God leader in the  entire span of humanity's lifetime has ever been as thoroughly trained as he has.  Well, maybe except for Bob Thiel.  But even he is turns into a blubbering theological simpleton at the mere mention of Dave's name!

Dave claims that even though he has been thoroughly trained a the feet of HWA, since he was 19, that the just did not understand things totally.  Thus, his god has had to dream up special revelations for Dave to utter.
But I will never throw a stone at anyone, because I had it wrong, and I surely studied prophecy more than anyone. I’m telling you…I tell you, before God…And I hope Mr. Armstrong can come up and tell you about our discussions of prophecy. I studied it more than anybody. If I’m going to start with an indictment, I’d have to indict myself. It was not God’s time to see it. It was just not God’s time to see it. Now, there are other men who studied prophecy. Nobody studied it like I did. And you could probably understand, God put a passion in me when I was 19 years old—the beginning of my sophomore year. I could pull out papers I did in the fall of 1968, digging, and trying to understand. I’ve talked about that. And I didn’t see it. If you’re programmed a certain way, you’ll see it a certain way.


Byker Bob said...

Somehow, Dave, it would be far more impressive if the things which you forecast actually began to happen as you say they will, and when you say they will. 3 ACOG leaders burning up? All of the remnants of Armstrongism uniting under you? It's been what? 3 years? 4 years? Make all of that understanding translate into real fulfillment! Otherwise, your are releasing your bodily functions into gale force winds.


The Painful Truth said...

He studied prophecy instead of salvation through Jesus Christ. What does that say about this man?