Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bob Thiel Has Another Meltdown: I am NOT a Fake Theologian!!!!!! Rod Meredith Said So!

I can feel the butthurt from Bob Thiel all the way down here in Pasadena!

Almost-arrested Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Joshua, doubly blessed, self-appointed, world renown Mayan authority, and certified false prophet had a meltdown over a previous posting about his Naturopathic business.  A reader posted that Thiel was not licensed to practice in California.  Thiel did not like being attacked by yet another LCG member, and thus the spittle started flying.

While many of my health and theological views are not 'mainstream' (nor were Jesus'), calling me a quack is wrong. 
Third of all, let's deal with this fake degree nonsense. I have a B.S. for the University of LaVerne and an M.S. from the University of Southern California. Those degrees are not fake--LCG's Dr. Michael Germano also has degrees from those same universities. My Ph.D. in nutrition science and is from Union Institute and University--it is also not fake--COGWA's Ralph Levy also got his Ph.D. from the same university.  
Fake theologian is another falsehood hurled above. LCG's Dr. Douglas Winnail advised me to get my foreign Th.D. in Christian apologetics, early church history, when I consulted with him about it in 2004. He also had some limited involvement with my program. While the school does not have USA accreditation, my doctoral dissertation was 589 pages, single-spaced, with 1302 references, plus hundreds of scriptural references--and that is much longer than the dissertation for my USA-accredited Ph.D. After I graduated, Living University gave me the title "Adjuct Assistant Professor for Theology." But since I left LCG, I did not end up teaching at LU--but make no mistake about it, the leaders at LCG did not consider me to be a fake theologian. Furthermore, Dr. Roderick C. Meredith appointed me as an advisor to the evangelists on doctrine and theology back in 2009. 
Additionally, LCG's Dr. Meredith told me on multiple occasions that God may consider me a prophet. When I counseled with two LCG ministers about it (Dr. J. Fall and Gary Ehman) both told me that I did NOT need to have any ordination to be a prophet. I would not accept that. Instead I prayed that God would resolve the prophet matter for me in a visit to Charlotte, NC in December 2011. At that time, while being anointed, LCG minister Gaylyn Bonjour prayed that I be granted a double-portion of God's Holy Spirit and told me that this was reminiscient of the passing of the mantle (2 Kings 2:9-13). He told me what he did was done and could not be undone. He also brought up the passing of the mantle up with me again on March 23, 2012. But other than telling Dr. Meredith, etc., I took no action related to a church until December 2012 when it was clear that the top leadership reneged on too many promises and did not have the integrity to lead the final phase of the work.  
Perhaps it should be noted that like David who was privately anointed by Samuel, then later publicly anointed years later, years after the private anointing by Gaylyn Bonjour, I was pubicly anointed by Evangelist Evans Ochieng (who had a GCG/LCG background) and Overseer Samuel Ofusu (who had a Church of God, Seventh Day background) in front of about 60 witnesses.  
Read his entire hilarious narcassitic defense here.

It is all about Bob. It always has been.  Look at me!  LOOK!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

To me, this is all childishness. On Christ's death, the veil was split in two, giving everyone direct access to God. No prophets are required. No minister 'advice' is required to know Gods will. The communication is direct to each member. God has given sufficient knowledge to His church for the end time. It's all there in the bible. No prophet Bob Thiel or similar is needed. So many ministers and associates are going nuts over titles, status, and position in the splinters.
It's like a circus, they look like fools. These people have no shame.

Hoss said...

Regarding the cartoon "blah, blah": In at least one sermon video, Bob reads through a book and skips some paragraphs, saying, "Blah, blah, blah" several times. I thought it was priceless...

Minimalist said...

I say the 'Almost-arrested Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Joshua, doubly blessed, self-appointed, world renown Mayan authority, and certified false prophet' is a bigger fake than Charles Taze Russell & Joseph Smith combined!

RSK said...

No, Bob, that member doesnt need to repent. Take the plank out of your own eye, homie.

Byker Bob said...

The constant self-defense this man puts on is irrelevant. The fact is that nothing earth-shaking, miraculous, or validating is happening through him that would elevate him as the standout amongst the purveyors of Armstrongism. He has certainly not been imbued with sudden effectiveness as a speaker, as any who have seen his presentations can attest. Basically, he's a prophet in his own mind who bases his activities on the tenets of Armstrongism, many of which have been solidly debunked and proven false.

If you want to be a prophet, Bob, show us something solid. Otherwise, you're just a joke.


Connie Schmidt said...


Odious Gasses tracked to Bob Thiel are the largest contributor to GLOBAL WARMING!

Im afraid that DR SEUSS has more credibility than DR THIEL.

DennisCDiehl said...

Theologians do not abide callings by dream or exaggerated meanings assigned to prayer for their sniffles

Ronco said...

As they say in Wadsworth- The Greatest Questions. Plain Answers.

Now I know the Plain Truth about why Dr Bob flails his arms so
much... it's Simply Liver!!!

Bob, you're killin' me!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Most Important Theologian Bob:

A 589 page thesis to an Indian diploma mill does not make one a theologian, especially when one utters such incredible so-called "Christian" nonsense as you do.

If you were a real theologian you would know that the story is never about you, but about Jesus. You constant tooting of your glorious self-serving accomplishments only go to show us all just what a sad little man you are.

Grow up!

Sweetblood777 said...

It is interesting that during the time between David's private anointing and his public anointing, there is no mention of him telling anyone that he was privately anointed, so Saul should submit to him.

All this just goes to show that true prophets etc., do not have to tell anyone how important they are. Their works will yell it to the world.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Almost arrested for Sabbathkeeping doubly blessed bitter prophet Bob Thiel said, "While many of my health and theological views are not 'mainstream' (nor were Jesus'), calling me a quack is wrong".

MY COMMENT - With all due respect Bob: QUACK! QUACK!!


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with being almost arrested. Was he ever convicted. Not even charged I bet. Nowadays you can get arrested just by winking at someone.

Anonymous said...

King David was a horny irresponsible dink. Best evidence YHVH is biased and a hypocrite.

James said...

Fake news by Thiel.

Byker Bob said...

There has never been respect for recognized, standardized degrees from "the world's" educational system amongst Armstrongites or at Ambassador College. The vast majority of students who ever passed through the three colleges graduated with totally worthless degrees. So, to the followers of Herbert W. Armstrong, Bob Thiel's credentials would be just as much an issue as HWA's plagiarism, or incest.

The problem comes into play when it comes to authority as to what is real vs what is verifiably bogus. Bob Thiel was once thoroughly put to shame by Jared Olar, who quoted authentic historians on the "true history of the true church" in debunking him. (Gavin also debunked THTC). But, in the years since, Bob has chosen to continue believing and teaching what he had learned from his Armstrongite sources instead. That speaks to his reliability as a teacher or resource for information. Anything he has available to share is purely cultic.


RSK said...

Ha! But Bob thought Rod should step aside and let him be in charge of LCG!

We Did Not Want Bob In LCG said...

Using Germano as a reference is NOT adding any credibility to Bob's apologetic. Germano has about as much credibility as TBob has, which is nothing to most of us in LCG.

Beware of COG Quacks said...

Bob Thiel claims he was peer reviewed by the Orthomolecular Health-Medicine Society. Just a quick glance at the organization on Google produces the fact it is an "alternative medicine" site and has been unable to maintain its website. If it were such an outstanding organization, why is there so little online about it. More quackery from the quack Thiel!

Now watch Thiel claim he was peer reviewed by the Orthomolecular Organization instead of his fly by night "society."

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is quackery.

Byker Bob said...

Darn it! I'm now rethinking my own credentials! My ordination by the Universal Life Church has got to carry at least as much as Bob Thiel's African ordination. And I've now been a minister for about ten years! Come to think of it, an African ordination just might be more authentic than Rod Meredith's ordination by Herbert Armstrong!

We can say a lot of things about the ol' naturopath, but at least he isn't prejudiced. Indian college degree, African ordination. That would almost be cool if we didn't know anything about his beliefs!


Anonymous said...

How important are worldly credentials. Remember the terrorists and liars who got Nobel prizes.

RSK said...

I don't know, is it important when they present them in hopes of being seen as something they are not?