Friday, May 5, 2017

It's all good. Clearing the air.

Dennis, I am David Rickman. I HATE the WCG and all the splinter groups!  I HATE ________ for the unhappiness he and that god dammed church has caused me. I once was a happy person growing up attending a pentecostal Church until I began reading that Armstrong Bull shit and began attending the Tupelo Congregation Of the worldwide church.  I am sorry for the attack that I imposed on you on this website.  I was taking my anger out on you and you did no wrong to me. For that I apologize.  I hope you can forgive my stupidity. 


Hi David,

 I completely understand. I have my own issues but have chosen consciously to get on with my life in the present and not the past for my own good.  It was easy to fall into as it seemed to explain a lot and they used the Bible much more than most.  I was a naive kid in the 60's and I did mean well as a minister until it just got to be too much.  All is forgiven if that needs to be.  I do understand the emotions that these kinds of things raise.


James said...

Yes, sounds like what the Painful Truth gets from time to time. People striking out at those who expose the corruption and are chastised for it.

It is indeed hard to be a reminder of a negative when we who work at this business try to inform the public what these scumbags masquerading as churches do to people. The result is often a lashing out. I did the same to Dennis Diehl over a decade ago and I as Rickman did, apologized.

Best to You Rickman. It is indeed hard to stomach, but you will in time heal.

Byker Bob said...

Hate will eat you up alive, David. I for one think your apology to Dennis is awesome, and a step in a more positive direction. Hatred can be an indicator that some dog is still wagging you. Forgiving others seems as if it is something for those others, but it's really a gift that benefits yourself. Also, don't let anyone fool you. The indicator of the sincerity of your forgiveness is not that John Cafourek now needs to become your best bud. Staying away from the people who had the greatest potential to burn us in the past helps us in controlling our attitudes and avoiding a relapse in the future.


Anonymous said...

All this kindness is too much. Are you guys sure you're on the right blog.

Sane Con said...

I always admire when one can apologize.

Anonymous said...

In the 8 years that I attended services, I rebuked members umpteen times. They either decided to:
1 lay low for self protection (the minority) or
2 verbally attacked me either straight away or after a week or so.
3 claimed to repent but after a few months the behaviour returned with cosmetic changes.
Never once did a person genuinely repent.
That was my experience in the WCG during the 1970s and 1980s.

Byker Bob said...

Dennis did have a hard entry into the blogosphere years ago, because although he had left Armstrongism, people didn't trust him and still wanted to hold him accountable as if he fit the WCG ministerial strawman profile. We've come a long way in the intervening years, and it's now unusual for there to be a high level of attack, at least in public. Only Dennis would know about attacks that come his way in personal email, but most of the public items these days seem to be classifiable as vehement disagreement. Any of the strong personalitied regulars here can be polarizing and controversial. Actually, that is one of the factors which keeps readers and writers consistently engaged in the discussions on a vibrant and healthy blog.


DennisCDiehl said...

James recalled: I did the same to Dennis Diehl over a decade ago and I as Rickman did, apologized.

And you will never know just how much I appreciated it James. It was a very low time for me kicking myself over any number of things . And you came along at just right time and gave me confidence to speak up about the experience from my perspective and experiences.

James said...


You are one of those most lovable, huggable people I have know, and as such, a great pleasure to have as a friend. You are a wonderful and sincere human being who strives to make a difference for the good of all of humanity. If only those who are on the opposite side of the fence would just turn off the noise in their heads and start to listen, their lives could be transformed as ours have been.

But again, that takes courage. Perhaps someday our current opponents will become our friends of tomorrow. Who can say. Time changes all those who seek out wisdom and direction. The very definition of being "alive" is endless change and not stagnation. We can only hope for the best for all our fellow travelers on this road called life!

DennisCDiehl said...

James, I grew up in a very easy going, live and let live family. I never heard my parents exchange harsh words or my dad ever raise his voice over anything. They passed at 98. (Not in 98:) Two of the most enigmatic things ever said to me when going into ministry was right after the "Man Power Meetings" of 72. 1. Dave Albert told me that he never felt I was a fit for the ministry and 2. Les Stocker told me, "For you, the sky's the limit."

1. Maybe Dave meant WCG ministry as he knew it and I was too young and naive to know what was coming for me

2. The concept of the sky being the limit in a religious setting was an oxymoron to me. "He that is "greatest" among you , let him be your sevant" and all that.

Well. None of it worked out real well . Dave was right and neither Les nor I yet knew how resistant to fools I was going to prove to be or how firmly I practiced, "ask and you shall not receive. Do not ask and all things are possible" This included ignoring stupid dictates and not playing all the "to be played in all the churches" boring HWA sermons. lol

Or canceling our amazing KY proms for the kids from all over because someone fornicated at one in

Byker Bob said...

By that logic, they should have shut down Ambassador College, and Imperial Schools. Oops! Forgot! They actually did.

Anonymous said...

John Cafourek was (and likely is still) a very two-faced, deceitful wolf in sheep's clothing. His lies have hurt many people, and I know for a fact he is very mistrusted by many in ucg. All of us are much better off when we remove ourselves from their "authority," Mr. Rickman. I truly feel for you. Narcissism feeds on the abuse perpetrated upon the innocent, like taking a stabbing lying down. Turning the other cheek is different than accepting repeated abuse.