Thursday, June 22, 2017

RED ALERT!!! Code Red at LCG headquarters!!! (Part 2)

From a reader: 

 RED ALERT!!! Code red at LCG headquarters!!! 
The sky is falling and the powers that be are trying to figure out damage control. There are quite a few pieces of information that were attached to this letter originally and LCG does not want them released because it doesn't exactly show them in a favorable light. 
Hearsay is easy for them to spin but black and white is a little more challenging!

The Charlotte indicators on the spinning globe to the right of this page have been lit up since yesterday when the Scarborough letter was leaked.

An ethical Christian ministry would acknowledge publicly that they made a mistake and correct it. But, do not hold your breath on that ever happening.

Rod McNair and the LCG has contended that the Scarborough's never sought reconciliation.
This proves otherwise:

McNair deposition pg 110 line 7 
Q.You keep saying that you want them to repent in order to come back to the church, right? 
A.· ·Right. 
Q.· ·Do you know that Elizabeth Scarborough has written over 40 emails and letters trying to repent and reconcile with you? 
A.· ·Right, yes. 
Another reader said this, which implicates the Council of Elders for their inaction too. 

It looks like Mrs. Scarborough sent this to LCG COE over 6 months ago. There has been no reconciliation so it appears that the Counsel of Elders told them to piss off. How very Christian of them. Sure it's easy to lay the lions share of blame on Mr. McNair, but it appears that the COE had an opportunity to make things right. Obviously they cared more about a pay check and ass kissing than obeying our Lord's instructions on matters such as this. 

Did anyone really expect more from this group of men?
Of course, it has always been common knowledge in the COG's when it comes to Council of Elders.  They have proven to be nothing more than "Yes" men, who never have the balls to take a stand and do what is right when needed. To do so might jeopardize their jobs and buddy status with the "dear leader."  They all learned well in the Worldwide Church of God on how safe it was to be "yes" men.

Another reader had this to say:
Can anyone, especially the readers who attend with LCG, imagine Jesus Christ acting like these LCG ministers??? 
This comment from a friend of the Scarborough's sums up what is wrong with the LCG leadership:

I'm Elizabeth's friend on Facebook and I can tell how much this ordeal has effected her. I hope ALL the totally un-Christian jerks who have shunned them on the lying words of Rod McNair and Rod Meredith read this and feel deeply ASHAMED. 

In your blind obedience to LCG ministry you have shown you DISOBEDIENCE to God the Father. 

How can you let a man tell you not to be friends with someone you know to be good?

Being a blind, spineless sheep will get you nowhere!

Oh, I know, you're praying about the situation and know that God will sort it out in the end, right? Not acceptable! By going along with this type of abuse you are complicit!

You saw something bad happen to good people and you became a part of it when you engaged in the group shunning. Be assured, you will ultimately reap what you have sown.


Anonymous said...

The shields are up alright! There has been some major spittle flying here today!

Damage control is more important than humility and extending an apology.

The Painful Truth said...

Its not about God the father, its about the men who have placed themselves onto the mercy seat, extracting God from the equation.

Byker Bob said...

Normally, if these were events which had take place in a secular corporation that had just experienced transfer of power to a new CEO, the bad events would be dealt with by explaining that they had occurred under the previous regime. How do you do that in circumstances in which the previous leader has been regarded as a quasi-Biblical figure?

They pasted themselves into a corner where denial of the behavior and events were the only alternative, and now that the cat is out of the bag, even that is not possible. All they can do is to stand there and look like crap, hoping that somehow this passes. And it won't.


nck said...

It seems we have a "Jonah" problem here.

The nasty people (scarboroughs) seem to be on the right side of the fence. And the Jonahs just sit on the rails looking at the train running over them.

A whale of a tale.


Christian Garber At Wadsworth, Ohio said...

Rod McNair Must Be Sweating Bullets Knowing That Everybody Knows That He Is In The Wrong And Shows Clearly What An Asshole He Is! The Scarboroughs Doesn't Need A Worldly Church Like The Living Church!

Anonymous said...

Cod McNair should be taken' down a notch. It's numbnuts like him that give church a bad name.

Ronco said...

Too bad good ol' Spanky is gone, he's missing out on all the embarrassment at LCG!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that because of his Gestapo tactics, Rod McNair has enough dirt on LCG leaders that his position is secure.

Connie Schmidt said...


Anonymous said...

Seems penny wise and pound foolish to object to a toga party as it might give the church bad name and have this mess for majoring so well in the minors of it all. Perhaps the next time they call a fast they should put the emphasis on seeking wisdom in leadership

Anonymous said...

Rod McNair is a close-minded, intolerant bigot.

Gerald Six-Pack Flurry said...

Glad to see I'm out of the line of fire this time.

Anonymous said...

Either Mr. McNair and the other church officials told the truth to church members and committed perjury in court or told the truth in court and lied to church members. Perjury might lead to a new wardrobe and free room and board. In either case, someone knowingly lied and should be unemployed.

DPR567 said...

It's shocking to realize that people still continue to allow themselves to be abused by these dangerous Armstrong cults.

Glenn said...

The only time I can remember a COG Council of Elders actually standing up to the dictator in charge was back in the old Global Church of God days when the Council bounced Rod Meredith out of his position of unlimited power. He (and Don Davis) responded, of course, by taking all the money (and most of the members) and leaving to form Living Church of God. I don't think many people would follow Weston anywhere if LCG were to oust him.

John Cafourek said...

The Scarboroughs are welcome to attend UCG, but I would have to grill them first and make sure they have enough money to attend.

Redfox712 said...

How awful that so many within LCG's "leadership" should treat this family so dreadfully. Just terrible. There is no excuse for this brutal behavior. Thanks to everyone who helped to highlight this information. It is rare to see the frightful process of shunning be so carefully documented. It is disgusting seeing how people with so much authority behave to a family that had lost favor.


On other matters PCG has released another issue of their recruitment magazine. This time they indulge in climate change denial. An overview of it may be seen here:

Anonymous said...

And Look at the kinds of men, whom Rod called "His Boys", who followed Rod and stole/lied/started the LCOG.

Any church with lead ministers like Charles Bryce(I was in one of his congregations) was blind and doomed from the start.

When you "Follow A Man" this is what you get........

Anonymous said...

Everyone reading this right now can learn a very valuable lesson.

Patrick and Elizabeth obviously went above and beyond in an effort to work, AS CHRISTIANS, toward peace and resolution. They extended the olive branch repeatedly according to this letter and yet LCG kicked sand in their faces over and over again.

LESSON: Just because one decides not to deal with their problems, doesn't make them go away. A wound left to fester will only get worse.

If LCG had dealt with this situation, as instructed in the Word of God, back in 2014 they wouldn't find themselves in the midst of this crisis right now.

The arrogance and egos at LCG headquarters (in addition to a spirit of evil) prevented them from doing the right thing and now the wound has festered for 2 and a half years.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how all the people that were their friends feel now that black and white proof of their abuse is being leaked?

They had many friends in Kansas City and in Charlotte and most of them turned their backs on them.

I was guilty of the same until I left LCG and reached out to apologize.

I hope that all their "fake friends" back in LCG feel a little twinge of pain knowing that they contributed to breaking the hearts of an entire family (including children) when they decided to let LCG leadership tell them to shun good people.

That's assuming that people in LCG actually have a heart which is something I remain unconvinced of....

Ronco said...

All this scandal calls for a churchwide fast...

Go Charlottens!!!

Anonymous said...

I want you to know that both of these recent posts about the charlatans in Charlotte are NOT happy about the actions being made public. There are some angry people here!

LCG Expositor said...

The only time I can remember a COG Council of Elders actually standing up to the dictator in charge was back in the old Global Church of God days when the Council bounced Rod Meredith out of his position of unlimited power.

And Meredith made sure that could never happen again by setting up LCG so that the leader is an unimpeachable dictator. Further, he used the Global "failure" to "prove" that non-dictatorial government is not of God. This is why people will stay with LCG in spite of the behavior of its leaders. Rod has successfully propagandized the church: "Jesus can remove me as presiding evangelist any time he wants, right? Since he hasn't, whatever faults I have, have not been sufficient for Jesus to remove me. If you were to leave, then you are expressing a lack of faith in Jesus to take care of any problems."
The reality is Jesus will let any leader go astray. It happens all the time. It is called free will. The question is, what are you going to do? Follow the Bible? Or follow the leader? When God finds you in the ditch, will you blame God for not removing the leader? God could say, "You know the Bible.
You can read the road signs. And you chose to go down the wrong road anyway. Now you find yourself in outer darkness, and it's my fault?" Are you going to say, "I was just following your anointed."? Learn the lesson of King Saul, who was chosen by God and anointed by Samuel at God's request. But he went astray, and God left him in office. Would you have killed the 85 priests as Saul commanded? At what point will you stop following a man or an organization? At what point will you stop supporting that organization financially? It is a question you need to answer. You alone are responsible for your actions.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:28 AM

Jesus has removed Rod Meredith as presiding evangelist. If Rod's philosophy is correct, this means that Gerald Weston should repudiate Rod's policies, because God clearly showed His lack of support by letting Rod die.

Anonymous said...

Rod McNair now has an interesting dilemma.

If we are to believe RCM's deposition in the Scarborough case, RCM caught Rod McNair out in a lie.

Or is it that Rod McNair had lied to RCM?

Will Rod McNair now admit that he lied to RCM? If he lied to RCM, he should purge himself in the same way he purged others.

On the other hand, he could deny that he lied, and could claim that RCM was lying in his deposition. But that would put Rod McNair in the position of accusing RCM of lying, a crime for which others have been purged.

One way or another, Rod McNair does not belong in a leadership position in LCG. Like his uncle Rod Meredith, he rubs the fur the wrong way, repelling sincere and good people and attracting evil people who figure out that they can use him.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way we can get a complete copy of the full deposition?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 5:04am:

"Fake Friends" . . well put. You're more right than you know!

Ancient History here, Deep South. A Minister's Widow (and we're talking long time service, about 30 years) turned on us in a Phone Conversation BECAUSE WE DIDN'T FOLLOW THEIR LEADER and JOIN LCOG. Older "Friend" turned into Enemy in under 5 seconds once we told her we weren't in Living...!

The conditioning to d-u-m-p people who hadn't done anything wrong goes back to the original split. It's in LCOG's DNA Now. There were former "fake" friends who knew us 20+ years and threw us (figuratively) in the trash can once we didn't join LCOG.

We don't hate them. We pity them.

Anonymous said...

8:23. Old people die. Jesus doesn't remove them.

RSK said...

Well, you know, if they feel the quotes from the depositions are inaccurate, they are welcome to publish scans of the court transcripts and Elizabeths letter online for all to see. However, they won't, that would be far too transparent for them. They'll instead seek to do damage control amongst their members by giving sermons defaming the Scarboroughs and anyone who might be sympathetic to them. In a sermon delivered to a room full of members, they wont have to be truthful or accurate.

I guess I'm a prophet too, like Thiel...

Anonymous said...

I still can't understand why these Scarboroughs even want to go back, are they a family of masochists, or just obsessive compulsives. Why don't they just go to some other church? They must need deprogramming in a very desperate way. Or do they just want to get back at this McNair character? Seems to me that is a complete waste of effort as I think he is probably way more obsessive compulsive that they are. I knew some of the McNairs and they possess a bull like tenacity (at least the ones I knew). It is an admirable trait in the right situation I am sure.

Anonymous said...

It says in the letter that they are attending elsewhere and are happy.

Anonymous said...

Shields Up is right! They will do everything in their power to cover their corrupt asses. They have zero accountability.

Steve D said...

Seldom do you read of Gods' disapproval of ancient Israel for not observing dietary laws, Sabbaths, etc. Most of the time it is for being unethical, unkind, uncaring, dishonest, etc. The Book of Amos is a great example, as is Hos. 6:6, "I desire MERCY, not sacrifice." Sound familiar? See Ps 51. And, there are three laws which, if obeyed, will provide long life, personal or national. These three laws are NOT Sabbath keeping, dietary laws, etc, but Ex 20:11 Honor your mother and father; Deut 22:6-7 kindness to other creatures and Deut 25:15, being ethical in business dealings. A rabbi said that his key duties are to redress the grievances of those who are abandoned and alone, to protect the dignity of the poor and to save the oppressed from the hand of the oppressor. How does this compare with the priorities of the churches of God? May I suggest Rabbi Joseph Telushkin's A CODE OF JEWISH ETHICS?

RSK said...

To be exact, they say "We are well liked and active members of our new church (just like we were in LCG) and it is hard for them to imagine why we have been treated as we have by LCG. We are the same people we have always been. We are dedicated to God’s way of life and enjoy serving God’s people. Please understand that it makes LCG look bad when people in other branches of the COG" (text suddenly breaks off)

Anonymous said...

I am glad they are happy now. They deserve to be. I only wish I had the opportunity to have met them. And, if any LCG leaders are reading these posts, reading the depositions exposed in this blog is enlightening. There are other places to worship, and besides that, the head of the Church is Jesus Christ. The headquarters are NOT in Charlotte, but in heaven where our Redeemer, Lord of Lords, our Savior, and the Eternal Father sit. There is no way Their Judgment would be anything like what is exposed here. Thank you for being informative when LCG is not sharing with members what is really going on.

Anonymous said...

I am in LCG, and I usually don't vote, but I did in 2016. I voted for Hillary Clinton. God created us with a mind, and to use it wisely.

NO2HWA said...

This topic has absolutely nothing to do with national politics, Trump, Obama or Hillary.

nck said...

In the movie world a "code red" refers to a military extra judicial disciplinary measure aimed to send a message to non conformists.

It is these type of colletteral (pun intended) damage that strike me as funny.


Anonymous said...

Rod mcnair is horrible. I am not going to refute that. But there were others who contributed to the scarborough bloodbath. Dana mcnair (rod's wife), tess cicelka (wyat's wife) and dawn rothenbacher did their part and helped the rod's by running around the Charlotte congregation in the weeks following the marking spreading word that patrick and elizabeth were "demon possessed".

Tess and Dana were following dawn rothenbacher who was clearly trying to justify the knife she had just stabbed into her best friend's back. Dawn also had high hopes that her "loyalty" to rod mcnair over her friend would help her achieve a higher social status. It didn't. And now everyone knows not to get close to her because she has shown her character.

I didn't know the Scarboroughs well but every time I saw them they were with the rothenbachers.

I've often wondered how dawn and Pete can live with themselves.

I hadn't realized that Pete got suspended for being part of the book of Enoch group. I wasn't surprised when I read in the depos that Mcnair shortened pete's suspension as a reward.

Favoritism and injustice abound in LCG and it makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

How are Charles and Catherine Ogwyn involved?

Byker Bob said...

Here in the USA, nck, the terms Code Blue and Code Red designate the sense of urgency associated with the particular emergency to which first responders are responding. Code Red is extremely urgent, with full sirens blaring, and red lights flashing.

Code Red seems totally appropriate to the deplorable conditions in LCG. Jerry Weston has inherited a supreme mess! He's got to decide whether to clean house or to continue to sanction the unscriptural abuse.


nck said...

BB, '

Yes Yes, I was referring to my favorite "A few good men."
The marines give the "non conformist" a good scrubbing.
But they get sentenced for not seeing the "big picture."
And of course Col. Jessep as the leader should have set the example instead of the "code red order".


Anonymous said...

Yes, those Rottenbachers / Rottenbashers. Dawn dear

Anonymous said...

I am so angry right now. I can tell you first hand that myself and my friends asked our ministers on more than one occasion about the Scarboroughs. We were lied to by LCG ministry OVER AND OVER AGAIN! We are talking bald-faced lies from the HQ's ministry, many of whom sit in the COE.

Disappointed doesn't even begin to cut it. I feel outraged.

Thou shall not lie is a COMMANDMENT. Dawn Rothenbacher is a known liar but how can these men, who claim to be ministers, take it so casually???

Anonymous said...

Rod McNair is a known liar. Wyatt Ceiseilka is a known liar. RCM was the biggest liar I've ever known. What's the point?

Anonymous said...

Special meeting called this morning at LCG headquarters on how to address the release of this information and the information that is likely forthcoming (ie depositions)