Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dave Pack Not On Good Terms With Wadsworth Residents

All of these little things are adding to bigger problems for Dave Pack in Wadsworth.  Once he really pisses off the resident's, things will get worse for him. He will then start screaming "persecution" just like Thiel and others do.

What a beautiful day! One and three-quarter inches of rain last night. Wonderful! We needed it! And the campus looks green. I didn’t realize until last summer…I’d never heard this before, but we water the grass on a regular basis here…for years…with irrigation. The water comes from our wells and lakes and so forth, but when you…when you use…or I guess, even some city water, I’m not sure if we do that at all…somehow it’s not the same. It doesn’t leave the lawn looking as green as water sent from God from the north, straight up.
It’s a strange thing. We don’t get any more water from the sky than we put on it ourselves on a regular basis, but it will get huge brown stripes in areas when it’s water from the city or even from a well than it will…than what it gets if it’s natural rain water. It’s a strange thing. So we can keep it alive and somewhat green, but I am thrilled when I see the rain from the sky, from God. It’s just a funny thing.
As a matter of fact, when we use our irrigation and when there’s been droughts, it’s caused attitudes in the city, because people believe that the city is giving us our water, which would not only cost us money, but it would cause problems in the city…as it does. They think that, “Well, the city says, let them get water, but everything else gets brown,” and that’s not true. But the rumor is out there that the City has cut a special deal with us. That we are drought-free when other areas turn brown, and that’s not true.


Connie Schmidt said...

It probably stays greener at Packs Compound because of the "Bull Crud" flow that emanates from the HQ building!

Byker Bob said...

It just goes to show that while there are some people who are just vortexes surrounded by energy, goodness, blessings and growth that spill over into their surroundings for miles and miles. People glom on to such luminaries, hoping to cop a glow. Dave Pack is not such a vortex.

But, absenting that, he could get his lady friend who works for the newspaper to do an interview revealing how the Dave Pack campus is water-self-sufficient. I know. We're assuming that people in Wadsworth are able to read and write. That'd need to be true for the article to do any good.


Hoss said...

start screaming "persecution"

From back when I listened to Dave's sermons (mostly for the soporific quality) I think he actually said something like If you're not being persecuted you're not a true Christian. And another time he seemed to suggest confrontational, annoying, obnoxious behavior for the purpose of inviting persecution.

Anonymous said...

I can see it now: "Pack instructs members to cancel municipal service and collect 'healthful' rainwater in jugs for drinking/bathing, redirect money used to pay water bills to RCG.. attributes rash of dehydration deaths of members in arid biomes to 'faithlessness'"

Anonymous said...

As I recall, Packy Boy was all over us with what a blessed and perfect place he had found for the "final" work God had called him -- only Packy Boy -- to do. Issues with water only have me nodding my head and saying "Uh-huh" -- of course there's a problem because of the location he chose.

The photo shows that, to get into the "perfect" RCG setting, you pass under wires from a north-south row of electrical transmission towers. This would be in your view from parts of the HQ building facing northward. Wow! What a view! We built where there usually is no need for lawns -- but we got 'em!