Friday, February 2, 2018

COG Zerubbabel Starts 280 Million Dollar Go Fund Me Page

God has been working overtime influencing the mind of Michael Noordhoek, aka. Zerubbabel. Not even the other Zerubbabel, Bob Thiel, compares to this guy.  He is a fount of scriptural knowledge that puts James Malm to shame.  Never have we had a latter-day prophet who mooches off of other people as much as Zerub does.  Never has a COG prophet live in such a humble abode, as Zerub does, a one-room shack in the desert that allows him to have relations with his daughter in order to produce a biblical child.

Check out his Go Fund Me page here: Fundraiser by Michael Noordhoek

His previous Go Fund Me page only garnered $367.00. The idea that anyone gave him money shows just incredibly gullible COG members are.

Zerubbabel writes:

This campaign is the 2nd time that the Most High has sent forth His 2nd anointed Son of His Zechariah chapter 14, verse 4 prophecy to the scattered descendants of Israel to ask you to fill the depository of His house.

I am asking you to do so in obedience to His word.

What He has uncovered to us since the 1st time that He caused me to do so has been spectacular.

Before He sent His servant that He drew out from the waters of Egypt (Moses) before Pharaoh's faces He told him to command every "wife" to "ask" the inhabitants of the land and even those who were of their own house that were going to remain "turned aside" for their gold & their silver & even their clothing.

This is recorded in the last verse of Exodus chapter 3.

The 1st exodus was a foreshadow of the exodus out from the captivity of mystery babylon at this time.

At this time the wife is referring to those that will come out from this captivity in order to be the bride of His word.

His word clearly tells us that there is going to be a 2nd exodus at this time out from the captivity of mystery babylon.

One of the most straight forward places that He does so is in Hosea chapter 12, verses 9-10.

This prophecy tells us the following;

Hosea 12

9 I, YEHWEH your Elohiym, brought you out from the land of Egypt YET AGAIN (A 2nd TIME) I WILL MAKE YOU TO DWELL IN TENTS IN THE DAY OF MY APPOINTED TIME.

10 I have spoken through My prophets AND I WILL MULTIPLY MY REVELATIONS THROUGH SIMILITUDES through the hand of My prophets.

The day of His appointed time is not only the day of His restored appointed times such as His Sabbaths & His Feasts, it is also the day of the appointed time, dual appointed times & half of an appointed time that "the wife" is fled into the wilderness upon the dual wings of a great eagle per HIs Revelation chapter 12 prophecy to bring forth Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz per His Isaiah chapter 8 prophecy.

This man-child has already been conceived in His Isaiah chapter 8 prophetess' womb.

This Isaiah chapter 8 prophecy tells us that YEHWEH is going to lift his mother & I up with the spoil of the captivity before Mahare knows to cry therefore before he is born.

Isaiah chapter 66 testifies to this as well, here YEHWEH tells us that He is going to accomplish this before Mahare's cord goes forth from her womb.

This is simply a reality that is at hand.

I am "asking" those of you that remain turned aside from living by every word that our Maker has sent forth from His mouth to fill the depository of His house because His word instructs me to do so.

I am doing so a 2nd time per His revelation chapter 10, verse 11 prophecy.

And I am "telling" you that if you do not do so and you do not separate yourself to Him to be His shut-up treasure, you are going to be burnt up along with that which He has given you to possess anyway.

I am telling you this because this is what His word tells us, I suggest that you believe His word in this matter.

In His "My Messenger" or His Malachi prophecy His word calls you thieves for failing to do so.

The 1st go fund me campaign that He caused me to send forth only yielded $367 in the 4 months that it was published.

This was $10 short of His 377 day account of the flood that He sent upon the inhabitants of the world minus the 8 adults that had separated themselves unto Him at that time.

These $10 parallel the 10 days that His word tells us that those that dwell at His house were going to be in prison, this prison has been the dire financial crisis that we have journeyed in as a result of your stealing from Him.

This 2nd time is going to be different, He is going to cause you to stop stealing from Him one way or another.

I say this because on the 8th day of the 12th month (on His restored calendar) the Most High brought forth the fulfillment of the 400 years of His Genesis chapter 15 vision that He gave to His servant Abram.

This vision is discussed the video that is featured with this campaign that is called "Woe to you when the 8th day = 400 & 430 & 370."

YEHWEH's fulfillment of these 400 years (along with Him losing His 4 messengers of blood from the great Euphrates River in the process of Him bringing forth Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz in association with the end of this period of time) tells us that IT IS NOW TIME for those that are separated to Him at His house to be the bride of His word to spoil those of you that choose to remain turned aside from being the bride of His word.

280 million is 1 million for each day of the appointed time, dual appointed times & half of an appointed time of Him bringing forth Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz.

If you want to think that Him holding back letting this loose until now is a result of failed prophecy, therefore use this as an excuse to not obey Him in this matter, this is certainly your choice to do so.

You will die in your rebellion to Him.

His word even tells us that you were going to do this, He does so in "These are the Truths" (a.k.a. deuteronomy) chapter 18 when He tells us the following in the last two verses of this chapter;




The volume of proofs that He gave to us in the testimony of His word that testify to the fact that He has sent me (including the rest of this "These are the Truths" chapter 18 prophecy) is beyond incredible.

He has orchestrated this in a way that proves that you do not believe His word if you do not believe that He has sent me...

...and His word tells us that all who do not believe His word are going to have your place in the lake that burns with fire & brimstone.


Please see the following for information:

Former Church of God Member Claims He Is Zerubbabel


Anonymous said...

He would have been on safer ground asking for $2.80, a penny per day, rather than $1 million per day.

His website, though, is a trip... a trip back to 1995. If you haven't visited it, I highly recommend it -- it's like a time machine back to Web 1.0.

Byker Bob said...

Well, there you have it. He’s at least as credible as Bob Thiel, James Malm, Ron Weinland, and Dave Pack. Really, very little difference in what each of them has to say. I personally don’t believe that God is working through Armstrongism, beause it failed in 1972-75, and has consistently and continuously failed ever since then. However, for those susceptible, this guy has added Armstrong’s daughter element, he’s living in a shack, not a palace, and he seems articulate. So, it appears that Armstrongites have another choice.

Years ago, one of my brothers and I decided that some of the Armstrong followers would probably even gullibly support someone who called himself “Saint Shit”, so long as he taught prophecy, the sabbath, holy days, clean meats and tithing. “Don’t look to a name, brethren!” would probably be his campaign. We know that the followers of these people pray about these things and feel as if God has confirmed their biases through their prayers, because they offer that to us as proof of their faith, and chide us if we don’t share their Armstrongish imagination.

All I’m saying is, don’t be terribly surprised if we find in the future that Z-Baby is doing a great work amongst people who are largely unmeasurable, or is paying kooks thousands of dollars for their written materials, or has been arrested for something that “proves” Satan considers it imperative to attack him. They all cite the same things to prove that they are doing the Armstrong “god’s” work. Nope, no difference. Armstrongites now have another possible hero!


Connie Schmidt said...

Suck a ridiculous goal of 280 million dollars! OUTRAGEOUS!

He should be much more realistic, and settle for a much humbler amount , say like $100 million dollars.

What About The Truth said...

And I am "telling" you that if you do not do so and you do not separate yourself to Him to be His shut-up treasure, you are going to be burnt up along with that which He has given you to possess anyway.

This fellow follows the same God as does Mr. Dave Pack - THE GOD OF MAMMON. Mr. Pack told his followers that the fire will get hotter and hotter until you pay him all your possessions. Unlike the response this man received, Mr. Pack's followers gave so much that he said,"We have received more than I could ever have imagined". But of course immediately followed that statement with; "Don't let up". Mammon mammon and more mammon for a great work that supposedly was finished by HWA. And by the way, this great work is now being accomplished by 700 plus splinters who don't agree with each other. Which one will you give your money to? Will it be the one that puts the most fear into you?

Near_Earth_Object said...

Why are so many of these Millerite outliers screaming OT weenies? It seems like they are fascinated with the OT-Prophet-Jew profile. Usually they do not wear the garb. Often they adopt a concocted Hebrew name with some special meaning - like Vernon Howell becoming David Koresh. It is always some light-weight who wants to become profound. Like walking out of the Des Moines Public Library and claiming you had been directly taught by Jesus Christ while sitting among the book stacks.

At least HWA did not rename himself Jehohannon ben Zadoki and dress like one of the wise men in a Christmas play. He knew what was marketable. He was principally a salesman. He knew how to put together a marketable package of Millerite heresy.

HWA's spiritual Millerite brother, Vernon Howell, was not a professional marketer like HWA but Vernon seem to know intuitively how to package himself in order to draw a base. Of course, Vernon put together a different package than HWA did. (Vernon was a Messiah and HWA was only an Apostle.) And Vernon's package drew a different and smaller base. But both packages were formed out of the Millerite substrate.

There are people who want to style themselves after the OT-Prophet-Jew paradigm and there are those who are fascinated by the OT-Prophet-Jew paradigm and become followers. I was one of them. Still can't tell you how this happens. I suppose it is like joining a motorcycle club and wearing a certain patch.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

God needs a "Go Fund Me Account"?

When God was speaking to Moses instructing him to go to Egypt to free the Israelites, did God tell Moses to set up a "Go Fund Me Account"? Etc., etc.

Another new competing low among many other lows recently for the Splintered Armstrong Churches of God. I hope Banned has a poll at the end of the year so we can all vote on which low was the lowest in 2018.

Yeah, like we are all going to contribute to another HWA wannabe so he can pay his bills. I guess getting a real job and working is out of the question.


Anonymous said...

Is this article a joke? The ACOG cults is the lie of the land.

Ronco said...

Our blue tasseled buddy Z-bel should consider starting a quick oil change place called Zerubbalube. Z's shop could be equipped with a small radio transmitter to broadcast his rantings so that customers could tune in on their car radio to scoff and mock while their vehicle receives genuine nut factory authorized service!

Byker Bob said...

Speaking of automotive fluids, I usually fuel up at QT when needed. They’ve also got excellent fresh donuts and pastries, so I get to practice a little police science in the morning.

But, recently I fueled up at another chain, and my senses were assaulted by a new disease, called “Gas Station TV”. The pumps all have a TV screen and sound system, which gets turned on the instant you select your fuel grade. Even if you sit in your car with the doors and windows closed, you will hear their series of commercials. That’s all that is broadcast on these TVs! I’m surprised that one of their Einsteins has not realized that this is a huge negative, and presents a good reason for not patronizing that chain.


Ronco said...

"But, recently I fueled up at another chain, and my senses were assaulted by a new disease, called “Gas Station TV”. "

Yep, I've seen that too...