Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Going Political In Church of God International

I received an email today and a link to Bill Watson's latest sermon on the Church of God International site.  CGI likes to pride its self in how different it is from Mark Armstrong's Intercontinental Church of God.

It is like it is ripped right out of the WND news rag and Breitbart.  For some reason, several of the COG's think everything that is on the WND site is 100% accurate.  It is not much different that Almost arrested, but not arrested Bob Thiel's rantings.  The world is going to hell and its only hope is following the COGI.

Many are wondering just what is going on with all the political drama. It seems the mainstream media (MSM) isn’t reporting hardly any of it unless it contains some kind of sexual misconduct or salacious event that often does nothing but distract from the real issues of interest and concern.
Also, one can’t help but wonder why the FBI continues to investigate Russian collusion with the present administration for over a year now with no actual or substantive proof, yet Uranium One, an unverified dossier paid for by the opposition party with Russian connections, and a pay-for-play money trail leading to the Clinton Foundation, goes unreported by the MSM and is not investigated by the law enforcement agencies. What’s wrong with this picture? What are we missing?


Byker Bob said...

I believe we’ve got one or two of their members posting here. The comments he or they post are really bizarre and very similar to the materials on Brightfart or WND.


Anonymous said...

"What's wrong with this picture. What are we missing"
I'm glad you asked. You will find the answers in season 11 of the X files. The truth is out there.
PS The Cigarette Smoking Man is back.

Anonymous said...

Great sermon by Bill Watson expounding the teachings of Christ and the importance of following Him.
Err, wait, rather it was all about politics. No spiritual food at all. This is why these splinters keep splintering.

Anonymous said...

Of course Garner Ted Armstrong's screwed-up little twerp can't understand why anyone would think abusing your position to engage in sexual misconduct was a big deal.

Anonymous said...

Eh, it's CGI, they are probably very nice folks, they're just all over the map on some things.

Dennis Diehl said...

The early Jerusalem Apostles gave an anti Roman sermon...once. Then judiciously gave a better one the next week...Romans 13. Let every soul be subject to the higher powers for they are here for our good...lol

Connie Schmidt said...

Whether it belongs in church or not is a different question. HOWEVER, It is an interesting question...

"Also, one can’t help but wonder why the FBI continues to investigate Russian collusion with the present administration for over a year now with no actual or substantive proof,"

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should consider the 'what have the Romans done for us' segment in the 'life of Brian' movie. Roman citizens were only taxed a few days labor per year. There was freedom of religion and freedom of movement. Compare this to life in the former USSR. Some perspective please.

nck said...


The Romans were able to give so much to the world without taxation because of slave labor.

USSR was a miracle considerin that 80 percent of the Russian empire had been unschooled serves. Propelled into modernity in just a few years surviving two world wars. Life was comparatively better than during the Clinton years durimg the chicago school shock experiment. Hence the rise of Putin as the new Tsar.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks the Romans didn't have taxation hasn't read the Gospels which make clear how hated tax collectors were in 1st Century Palestine. The heavy burden of Roman taxation upon subject territories is well attested in secular history as well.

While the Romans largely exempted themselves from taxation, they did convince their wealthy, their 1%ers in current terminology, that they were obliged to spend lavishly on public works. You can still see inscriptions lauding the benefactor who donated some public building or stadium.