Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Medicine Man vs COG Leaders and Self-appointed Church Prophets

Can you imagine a Church of God leader ever being this humble?  
Have you ever seen a COG leader among his people, working and getting his hands dirty?
Have you ever seen a COG leader live a "low key" life?
Have you ever seen a COG leader ever be quiet instead of trumpeting their own horn trying to PROVE they are legitimate?


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a COG leader among his people, working and getting his hands dirty?

There's the story of Carl McNair visiting a prospective member, a housewife who lived in a rural setting. When McNair came to her door, she was busy in the kitchen, shucking peas.

McNair didn't ask her to stop and listen to him. He didn't go away because she was busy. He rolled up his sleeves, right alongside her, and helped her shuck peas while they talked to each other.

Why that man chose to give his support to such a self-important pansy as Rod Meredith, I'll never understand.

Hoss said...

A COGprophet said to one of his evangelists, “Who do people say that I am?” The evangelist mentioned a few names, and the COGprophet said, “Who do you say that I am?”
The evangelist answered, “You are the end-time prophet of the most faithful remnant of the Church of the Philadelphia Era”,to which the COGprophet replied, “Blessed are you, for this was revealed by our Father in heaven”.
“Oh, no, Pastor” the evangelist exclaimed, “you told me yourself, many times! Don’t you remember?”

Byker Bob said...

That reminds me of a conversation I had with someone many years ago. To avoid offending anyone, I’ll substitute an innocuous term for the actual one used.

A Sarmatian got off the phone in our office and exclaimed, “Why that dumb Sarmatian!”

I replied, “Hey, you got it all wrong, man! I’ve heard that Sarmatians are actually very intelligent!”

He asked, “Why who in H told you that lie?”

I retorted,”A Sarmatian!”

After a good laugh, everyone in the office got back to work.


Tonto said...

Me laugh very hard at this post.

Medicine men all full of buffalo turds too.

Better off just paying for and getting a massage from Dennis, even if he is a forked tongue white man devil, at least he is open and honest about it.

Hoss said...

Medicine men all full of buffalo turds too.

A COGprophet visited one of his African congregations, which he unknowingly shared with other western churches. The COGprophet started speaking about his credentials – dreams, blessings, etc, and how he is the end-time prophet. As he spoke, an evangelist translated, and the congregation shouted, kinyesi cha ng'ombe! As the COGprophet didn’t understand their language (Swahili), he simply smiled and kept speaking, as the people again shouted, kinyesi cha ng'ombe!
The evangelist then took the COGprophet on a tour of their village farm, showing him the produce of the seeds he sent them, and some livestock (the gift of another church). As they walked past a small bull, the evangelist warned, “Pastor! Be careful! Don’t step in the kinyesi cha ng'ombe!

Anonymous said...

Native American influences can be profound. In most Native cultures there is a great understanding of tolerance, most don't even have a word for ridiculousness in their native tongue. One who is full of shit simply needs to shit, nothing more and nothing less. The Native Medicine Man Red Elk once said, "Spirit can be found equally in everything we can see, feel, and touch and beyond. So I leave you with this thought, If a man believes a mountain is evil and must be appeased, can you honestly and with all certainty tell him he needs to take a shit!"


Anonymous said...

I myself know nothing of medicine men, and whether or not they manage to practice the philosophy attributed to them here, or whether they're huge hypocrites too.

But can anyone here imagine Bob Thiel with an attitude like that???

Or for that matter, Rod Meredith? Herbert Armstrong? Or any of the cultlet leaders?