Monday, August 19, 2019

Dave Pack: I will be Messiah and sit on David's throne

Why say the Scribes that Elijah must come first?
We never knew how to read it.
We didn't know he was saying Elijah would be here for 3 1/2 years, so I can confirm the covenant and become messiah and we can bring billions of Israelites back.
I can enter my glory and sit on David's throne.


mortisrigori said...

What better throne for David Pack to sit on than David's throne? Time to start collecting gold for his 24K gold throne. Send it all in folks!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


The MAJOR False Prophets (with Extra Demons!!!)

David C. Pack

Klepto-Dave Pack-of-lies promoted himself to apostle, Joshua the high priest, Elijah the prophet, the prophet of Deuteronomy 18:18-19, and now the messiah. However, do not assume that klepto-Dave Pack-of-lies is done yet. He still needs to become God the Father, ruler of the universe. It is hard to imagine how he could relax until he does that.

If only Dave's parents had taught him not to think of himself more highly than he ought to. If only Dave's parents had taught him not to tell outrageous fibs. If only Dave's parents had taught him to respect other people and their property rather than deceiving them, betraying them, and defrauding them of everything they have. If only Dave's parents had taught him not to become demon-possessed.

Tonto said...

Im wearing a David Pack costume for halloween, ... scariest costume someone could wear!

Anonymous said...

Dont be blaming Packs parents Anon 2:02.
Pack is a fully grown man and he alone is responsible for his own runaway ego.

Anonymous said...

So Dave Quack now thinks that he is the new messiah. Outrageous, but not surprising. It appears that he, like Bob Thistle, has begun to think of himself “in terms that are not realistic.”

DennisCDiehl said...

There are no such things or beings as demons. They do not exist. That said, Dave is responsible for every bit of his behavior and delusional thinking and teachings. He doesn't get to say "the Devil made me do it."

Anonymous said...

DennisCDiehl at 5:24 PM said...“That said, Dave is responsible for every bit of his behavior and delusional thinking and teachings. He doesn't get to say 'the Devil made me do it.'”

Wrong! Unfortunately.

A fibber like Dave gets to say anything he wants to say. Worst of all, he will say that God is behind all of his behavior. It would actually be more honest of him to say that the Devil is behind it.

Anonymous said...

But is Dave really that different from the typical ACOG leader or minister. Perhaps the only difference is that Dave has thrown caution to the wind and discarded most of his sheep's clothing. Most are wolves.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes there are. They are evil angels. They do exist. There is a spirit world alongside our human flesh world. You have been fortunate in your life in not encountering the spirit world.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
Keyser Soyzer

Anonymous said...

"There are no such things or beings as demons. They do not exist."

"Oh yes there are. They are evil angels. They do exist. There is a spirit world alongside our human flesh world. You have been fortunate in your life in not encountering the spirit world."

How the hell do either of you know for sure? Arrogant people make dogmatic statements like this!

DennisCDiehl said...

Anonymous said...
Oh yes there are...

No, Originally Israel was Polytheistic. El was the Supreme God coopted from the Canaanites with his Council of the God (Elohim). They made up the "Let us make man.." group at first. In time the story in scripture EVOLVED into Polytheism with YWHH, originally appointed by El to be over Israel (Deut 32:8 a hot controversial scripture left over from polytheistic days) replacing El as Supreme God in now monotheistic Israel as the concepts of God EVOLVED in scripture. The Council of the Gods become Angels and humans a little less than them. "The Satan" becomes the adversary and like any good Satan accumulates minions in scripture to be Satan's Little Helpers.

It's all literary and tweeking of the theology along the way over a few thousand years.

There is no real, literal "Lightbringer" and "Son of the Morning" star that fell from heaven unless you mean the phenomenon of the real Lucifer and Son of the Morning Star, the Planet Venus from which we get the Ezekiel 28 story of it's rise and fall in the morning sky. A phenomenon not understood by the priests of the day and woven into a story of Satan's fall. Cherubim are constructed from the four constellations of Aquarius/Face of a Man, Taurus/Face of a Bull, Leo/Face of a lion and Aquila/Face of an Eagle, representing the four seasons of the year, three months apart, but I've beaten that horse to death so will spare us.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, and do you have written evidence from 4,000 years ago to prove this? Or is that just the interpretation of men? Dogmatism on both sides is arrogant and ignorant.

Anonymous said...

There's anecdotal evidence of the existence of demons. I use to experience drilling sensations into my brain when I started reading the bible. Later I heard some church members claim the same experience. The explanation given was that of attempted demon possession. I once out of curiosity partially surrendered to a "drilling attempt," and I could feel the presence of a conscious entity.

Another proof of the existence of demons is the fact that some major world event becomes headline news just days prior to the FOT. Sometimes it's a major local crime. Back testing will confirm this. This is demon harassment of the FOT.
Demons do exist.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, you are mistaken. Israel was henotheistic, not polytheistic. The Israelite religion never wavered from the idea that there was only ONE god over Israel. No Israelite could worship Moloch or Chemosh, because those gods were the gods of other nations.

Satan did not acquire his current prominence until the Babylonian captivity, when Israelites began to equate him with Ahriman, the Zoroastrian anti-god figure.

The astronomical/astrological stuff also came into Hebrew religion after the captive Israelites had been exposed to Babylonian astronomers whose knowledge of the skies was far beyond the understanding of the Israelites.

The highest throne on which Dave Pack will ever sit is made of porcelain and has a built-in bidet. That throne, not coincidentally, is routinely filled with the metaphorical equivalent of his preaching.

the Ocelot said...

Rod Meredith is quite gruesome too!

Dennis said...

631 I'm just using human reasoning, the wisdom of man and leaning towards my own understanding

Anonymous said...

Santa is real too. I have seen him with my own eyes.

nck said...

Me thinks 9:01 assumes to much.

For instance a 1000 years before the Babylonian captivity Hebrews were exposed to Egyptian stargazing.

The book of Job alludes very much to the Egyptian stargazing. I will not go into the many theories about Abraham being an astronomer / which is about the same as astrologer at the time, or at least Abraham being an educated
High Class educated city dweller person and therefore at least exposed to sophisticated knowledge of the skies.

The idea of jwh being the God of Israel is EXACTLY the point Dennis keeps poundung at. It is just that this minor jwh seems to have been part of a larger Pantheon or Family of God's of which the Hebrews, the Edomites and the centralized temple despots we call the Jews were very much aware.

As a matter of fact when the Jews started centralizing power at Jerusalem and its temple ALL they do in the Bible is rail against the other Gods. This aggressive railing against the primitive earlier Edomite God's is proof in itself of a power struggle of "the representatives of the respective older and new gods" to whom perhaps 50 percent or more of the Israelites still adhered at the time of temple centralization.

That's why people interpret Joshua bowing and removing his shoes before the "captain of the host of the Lord" as an encounter with a spirit being.

Very Lame excuse and interpretation. This was clearly a MAN with both secular and spiritual authority to declare ground holy and to make an Israelite leader grovel before him.

This was perhaps Deborah's father. Army leader and spiritual leader of the ancient Edomite religion in Petra at the Mountain of the Lord.

An older religion of the mountain God of the high places all over Palestine which the New powers at Jerusalem detested.


Sweetblood777 said...

denis you are starting to sound like pack.

careful there.....