Sunday, October 24, 2010

UCG Sacks Paul Suckling

Another one bites the dust!  UCG is dumping them fast.  Just received an email that UCG has sacked Paul Suckling from the ministry of UCG.

One wonder if he is one of the 168 ministers/elders that signed the petition directed towards UCG HQ honcho's.

Stormy seas ahead!

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Anonymous said...

For 15 long years the UCG has been given a free pass by friend and foe alike to pretend that it is full of good people who meet in peace. What a COMPLETE FRAUD!!!

An incident early on in UCG's history demonstrated that it was the sort of cult that could not even so much as restrain dirty old men from fondling the breasts of young girls in the congregations. The UCG tried to defend such behavior by pretending that it was merely a case of someone showing "grandfatherly affection." The UCG could, however, immediately kick out any girl who complained, along with her entire extended family.

This sort of utterly perverse and totally unjust behavior has been the UCG cult's METHOD OF OPERATION all along.

My own personal experience with the UCG has also been that any evil thing is allowed, no matter how totally outrageous. Their idea seems to be that tolerating and supporting outright evil is somehow showing "love." The only thing that is definitely not allowed is for anyone to simply tell the truth about what goes on there.

The massive amount of pure evil in the UCG cannot be covered up for ever. A major breakup is inevitable sooner or later.

Too many UCG leaders have already collected too many paychecks that were too big from that racket. I have seen them bring in and set up even worse characters than themselves. These worse characters bring in outright perverts.

If I had not been around and seen it all myself I never would have believed how bad these people are. It honestly makes me wonder about the stories the COG has told about COG members being persecuted in ages past. Just as the UCG today lives a lie, perhaps the behavior of COG people in the past was not always so good either.