Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Was Jim Frank's The Snake In The Grass at UCG HQ?

Luker does not name the person, but word is that it was Jim Franks.  Information is supposed to hit the Internet tomorrow on this person.

The Council of Elders is in possession of irrefutable documentation that demonstrates complicity by certain ministers and members in secretive efforts to undermine and destroy the very organizational fabric of the United Church of God. We are greatly saddened to see this, as it hurts to know as a fact that some have essentially said one thing regarding reconciliation or resolution of differences while working behind the scenes with a completely different agenda.

This documentation, authored by a former home office administrator, lays bare organized efforts at a very high level to break away. It distorts the record and generally reflects a grievous state of mind among those who are fracturing current relationships and trying to influence members of the United Church of God into following them.

Sadly, if past events are any guide to the future, documentation will soon appear online, together with varied “analyses” of various stripes and colors, trying to again spin this documentation somehow into one more quasi-“proof” of the alleged evils of the Council of Elders. It is being said that we demand personal loyalty to men. This is not true—as we would not even sign a document that required that. We simply ask for the faithful service of our employees and ministry to the Church that employs them, recognizing that not everyone thinks alike but that we all need to work within the structure we all agreed upon in 1995.
Then Luker boldly makes the following predictions:

Please be comforted in knowing that we will continue to provide pastors and shepherds so that you have a peaceful and spiritually nourishing home in which to worship on each Sabbath and Holy Day. You have multiple sites to choose from to attend and participate in the annual Feast of Tabernacles. Your children have summer and winter camps available, where they can learn the truths of God and how to apply them as they grow and mature. You have the Ambassador Bible Center, where members can attend to obtain in-depth knowledge of biblical truth. You have a vast array of literature—available in print or online in increasingly interactive formats—together with a growing Beyond Today program that is reaching thousands of new people on television and through the Internet.

And that, we believe with all of our being, is only the beginning. Moving forward, we believe that we are being prepared by Jesus Christ for growth. How and when that appears is up to God and the living Leader of this Church, Jesus Christ. We must ready ourselves in renewed prayer, deep meditation and earnest fasting.


Steve said...

I can tell you from past experience what Franks's track record is. Here in Houston, back in 1995, when all hell broke loose, he was conveniently out of town doing his secret thing with other "ministers". UCGAIA was formed shortly thereafter, and he told me personally that if only 20 people would have left WCG to form UCG, he wouldn't have left.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Can a bad tree yield good fruit?

These spineless WCG/UCG minis-turds show their true colors for all to see. Nothing significant can or will become of their efforts. In vain do they worship God teaching for doctrines the traditions of a man, Herbert Armstrong.

I am very thankful I got out of Armstrongism decades ago. I could have spent a lifetime and a ton of money in an organization that amounted to nothing more than "a personality cult" - that taught the Wonderful World Tomorrow was always right around the corner, and held that false carrot out for a lifetime.