Monday, January 3, 2011

UCG Crisis: Is This Really A Fight Between the Tkach Men and the HWA Men?

Interesting comments on the Shining Light blog today about the UCG crisis:

BACKGROUND TO THE FRANKS LETTER:  At the Dec 15th meeting between the two sides, Dennis Luker gave permission for the dissident meeting to go ahead for the purpose of  implimenting an amicable split.   Jim Franks was not present at this meeting between the two sides and had personally denied any association with the dissident group. 
This flow of events in no way absolves the dissident faction from working to split United, it only helps to explain the Franks letter; and the subsequent events.  In fact, BOTH sides have been working to split UCG for a very long time.

On Dec 7-8th Jim Franks resigned from the Council.   On Dec 15th a meeting was held between representatives of both sides and it was agreed to split amicably with Dennis Luker giving prmission for a meeting of the dissidents. Jim Franks was NOT present at that meeting and had denied any connection with the dissident camp. On Dec 17  Jim sent the email published earlier, showing his involvement in spite of his earlier denials. On Dec 19 the meeting of dissident leaders was held to make important decisions.  On Dec 21 Jim Franks resigned.  On Dec 23 the United Real Time letter was posted and the mass resignations began.

Certain people on this Council  were Joe Tkach men all along and were firing those who objected to the Joe T teachings right up until they jumped ship at the last hour to infiltrate the new organization being formed in 95-96.  This resulted in intense infighting within UCG from the very beginning. Fighting between the Joe T style men and the HWA style men.

Some of those who have resigned from UCG and are joining the new COGaWA are also in this group of Tkach types and are moving to infiltrate the new group.

This split was preordained from the very beginning; and now it has arrived.  Those who want an HWA style church [as evidenced by the choice of name] are leaving; the Joe T style men remain.

Those who want an HWA style of autocratic leadership are using the emotions involving LA and calls for “Servant Guide Leadership” to attract supporters.  In fact, the HWA style had absolutely nothing to do with “Servant Guide Leadership” and everything to do with maintaining a ministerial caste system over the people.  Those well meaning folks, taken in by the pleasant words will quickly find this out.

I am speaking of those in leadership roles and not of the overall elders or brethren here.  I do know that several elders who were actively disfellowshipping those who disageed with Joe T have resigned from UCG and joined the new COGaWA.  I am writing in broad generalities and I do understand that there are exceptions on  both sides. 

Both sides are wrong!  One side is using many people’s respect for a man to establish themselves  in dictatorial power and authority; with the only doctrine truly vital to themselves: HWA’s take on GOVERNMENT. The other side is diluting the practical application of its doctrines, even more rapidly than the first side; until the people will agree to finally changing them in writing.

The Joe T folks who now control the Council continually say that they are not, and have no intention of changing doctrine.  Yet in practice both sides have already sidelined much doctrine.  The Happy New Years on facebook, the willingness to associate with paganism and participate in Christmas and other pagan festivals with the excuse of attending extended family reunions, the emphasis on grace and love to the exclusion of the Father and the practical definition of love as the keeping of God’s commandments; are clear trends toward the kind of Charismatic Evangelical nonsense that Joe led the WCG into.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa this is insane. Joe Tchach men and HWA men. What happened to The men of God? Who's church is this supposed to be anyway. Both these were just that MEN and both made huge and very wrong mistakes and false predictions. Both had good to say as well. This is plain wrong in both camps. I want NO PART if HWA or Tchach was right or their policy and doctrines. I want to be God's person and a follower of Christ. This just sounds super crazy. Throw out the books of both and open THE ONLY book we need along with the help of the Holy Spirit and prayer and God will show us what he really wants. No wonder Christ may not find faith. I see pure evilness in all of this and Satan is gleeful. How sad how sad how sad.