Monday, November 21, 2011

"This use of logic when it suits Vik Kubik and the COE is appalling."

A reader on Malm's blog commented on the Zambia cattle situation and compared it to UCG taking a building from the Houston members for their own use when COGWA split. 

UCG would do well to stop all of it's silliness in this stupid cattle fiasco and move on.  Instead they are digging the hole deeper and making total asses of themselves.

It is interesting that the Houston Church Building which was paid for by the brethren in Houston had to be relinquished to UCG because of the “law.” That building was an outcome of the Houston brethren’s, donations and labor contributions (there are many that are involved in the construction field). The building was turned over to UCG (100% paid). The brethren there thought that the documents prepared by UCG’s attorney would protect them. Alas, they did not. With about 95% of the Houston members leaving UCG, they would have the same claim as Vik is making here in this case. The members that contributed the majority of the funds left with COGWA. It came down to the Houston COGwa congregation taking the high road and not wanting to take UCG to court.

This use of logic when it suits Vik Kubik and the COE is appalling. This letter also demonstrates what has been the continual problem with this management team. Half truths and in some cases flat out lies.

As far as the name changes, one would have to be familiar with the laws in these countries as to the ease of changing names. It might not be a simple matter as it would be in the US.


Anonymous said...

I Cor. 6:5 I say this to put you to shame. Is there not among you one wise man who may be able to give a decision between his brothers?

Evidently not...

6 But a brother who has a cause at law against another takes it before Gentile judges.

Well we have a better chance to win this if we do this.

7 More than this, it is not to your credit to have causes at law with one another at all. Why not put up with wrong? why not undergo loss?

What? Are you nuts!

8 So far from doing this, you yourselves do wrong and take your brothers' property

But it's NOT's MINE!!!

Turning cheeks, giving up your coat and then add one to it, walking extra miles.....

Makes for good sermons but where are these amazing people and churches in real life?



Byker Bob said...

Well, this is why we use the term "Armstrongites" in describing ACOG members, rather than the term "Christians". There is, it seems, a big difference!


Anonymous said...

Of course, the great irony is that the Houston church was forced to turn their building over to UCG by the same centralized-power guys that left to form COGWA. Jacobs, Havir, and others refused to knuckle under to the power moves of the then-UCG administrators and were forced into independence. As far as I know, the new UCG is not that way at all, which is why the COGWA guys left.