Friday, November 25, 2011

UCG Hypnotizing Its Members?

If things could not bet any weirder on Apostle Malms blog.  Today he has headed down a new path.  Subliminal seduction, the subconscious mind, hypnoses, visual stimuli, and more.

The human mind filters everything that is put into it; based on its knowledge, previous experience and logic.  If we hear someone say that black is actually not black but  bright red, our subconscious mental filter dismisses that automatically without having to think about it; that is our subconscious filter at work.

Changing the basic settings on our subconscious filter [changing our basic foundational references] is called brainwashing or mental conditioning.  When the basic subconscious filter has its settings changed, we will look at things in a different manner.  Our natural filter will now filter out different things and accept different input as fact without question, than it did before. We will see our world in a completely different way.

To reset our mental filter, new input must be passed by the existing filter and then replace the core beliefs in that existing filter.  Normally that new information would be automatically FILTERED OUT and REJECTED as wrong according to the ingrained standards of  our existing filter.  So the key to resetting our basic beliefs is to argue logically and painstakingly prove our points; or to bypass our existing filter and reset our foundational beliefs.

When the new material intended to be internalized is regarded as patently false by the recipient, the proof and logic route is clearly a most difficult one.

The attempt to condition the brethren to apostatise therefore mainly  involves the use of brainwashing techniques intended to circumvent the presently established core beliefs of our subconscious mind or internal filter.

The main technique is the use of modified hypnosis.  This involves getting the brethren into a very relaxed situation which they are familiar with and quite comfortable in.

When the brethren feel comfortable and are in their familiar safety zone, their normal defenses are in neutral as they are in their safety and comfort zone and hearing from people they trust.  Their defenses are lowered and the are susceptible to suggestion.

At that point an error is slipped into a pile of truth as a straw is slipped unnoticed into a haystack of truth.  Over months, more and more bad straws are slipped in, until the stack of core beliefs begins to look very different; and the error outweighs the truth in our mental stack of truth and error.
This is a gradual process, often referred to, by the frog in the heating pot metaphor.

Apostle Malm thinks UCG is heading down a slippery slope towards changing it's doctrines to liberalize Sabbath and Holy Days.  He is particularly incensed that the remaining UCG leadership is comprised of men who were active participants in disfellowshipping COG members during the Tkach years.  These liberal heretics are in teh process of changes doctrine which will damn UCG members to the Lake of Fire.

It all started with them allowing members to eat on on Saturdays after Church.  Eating out makes you make someone work to fix your food.  And don't use that lilly-livered sissy response that, "...but they are already working."  God forbid if you kept your day care center open for a few minutes after sundown!

Apostle Malm wants you to know how UCG is slowly brainwashing you:

Another part of the technique is: Visual stimuli will be quickly flashed before an individual can process them, with a relaxed and undefended mind; or flashed and then hidden among some truth, thereby interrupting the processing.

Most of us learn by seeing, while some of us learn by hearing; others learn in a hands on manner.  To combine the methods of hearing and seeing, is most effective in reaching any group of people.

The UCG Feast film is a classic in mind conditioning; first disarming the mind with lots of touchy feely, sickly sweet, love love, and pictures of the familiar and safe; followed suddenly with quick flashes of doctrinal apostasy, flashed so fast that neither the eye nor the mind can have time to properly consider the meaning of what is being presented to them; thus bypassing the natural filter or mental defense system.

People just internalize the message that what we eat is not important without questioning or thinking about it, or even realizing it.  later they may hear sermons on the same idea that we are to be defined by our “love” and tolerance and not by what we chose to eat.

Over time and as this is done in a variety of similar subjects the mind is conditioned into the “Love is all” concept; while the very definition of love; which is the keeping of the commandments is destroyed in the mind of the victim.

Apostle Malm goes on to quote part of a letter from a UCG member that "gasped with shock" at what she heard in  the UCG Feast film.

The UCG feast film is very subtle but I cannot understand how brethren can sit through it and think nothings going on because it’s soooo obvious !!

It starts off with the UCG President Luker preaching directly to camera at what looks like the home office.
It is very sugary sweet at times, nice warm close ups of mature  brethren in United talking about how they came into the Church and nicely reminiscing about the past, talking about Herbert Armstrong.

These close ups of mere brethren are cut to nice warm fuzzy childhood memories of Aaron Dean and Eddington. But then the subtle sinister odd part happened amongst these nice, warm cost memories are the screen goes completly blank with a black background and in tiny White type quotes from the NIV flash up. These blackout NIV quots must only be up for a few seconds blink, blow your nose, turn your head away and you would miss them.

The one I found highly suspect was a blackout which had the NIV quote about how we are not defined by what we eat or drink. I was so shocked I actually gasped.

So eating bacon is more defining than being a good Samaritan?  A little sausage is more important than feeding the homeless?  An occasional shrimp cocktail is more important than loving your neighbor?

All I can say is the quicker UCG starts dumping the heretical load of legalistic crap than burdens down members the better!  A life of grace is sure better than all the law keeping legalistic rigamarole that Malm wants to imprison members with.

UCG, it is time to set your people free!  It's no longer 1986!


caseywollberg said...

This Malm flea obviously doesn't know how brainwashing works.

Anonymous said...

I find it humorous that he seems to have a problem even with the word "love". That and "Jesus" of course.

Anonymous said...

Sitting and listening for hours upon hours, Armstrongite ministers talk about the same old legalistic crap does tend to be hypnotic!!

Anonymous said...

How sneaky of UCG - especially when one of its Regional Pastors has warned about President Obama's voice putting people in a "post-hypnotic state of suggestion."

Watch out for him, but trust us?!?!

Anonymous said...

That whole thing about subliminal trickery reminds me of the past when some people made a fuss about "backmasking" on vinyl records. If you played the record backwards you could supposedly hear them say something like "worship Satan." Of course, if you played the record forward at regular speed and listened to the obvious lyrics you could also hear them say something like "worship Satan."

The problem with the UCG is not "legalism" but rather LAWLESSNESS. Unrepentant, unconverted perverts are now running wild in the UCG. The UCG is like the WCG in 1994 just before Joe Tkach openly turned against everything. Many of the very same bad people (and I do mean bad people) from the WCG are now in the UCG.

Trying to make a church grow in membership by bringing in people who do not know anything and who do not want to know anything might work in some Sunday-keeping churches. It has yet to be proven that this strategy will work in the so-called COGs. The WCG split apart in 1995, and so has the UCG now in 2011.

Andrew said...

I feel sorry for Malm, personally. HWA vaccinated the world with a mental virus. Some had an inherited immunity. Others of us were made very ill. But still, some patients are able to fight off the infection and recover. But not everyone gets better.

To Malm, it's all about the physical, the outward, the doing, and the perfection of the ritual. He even goes out in search of new rituals to inflict upon not just himself, but everyone else. Because if the rituals we already had made us holy, if we can scour the scriptures for oblique references that might imply additional rituals, and then if we were to perform those also, well, that would make us even holier, wouldn't it? Perhaps even holier than thou! And unfortunately, Malm thinks that this is really what it's all about. It's very sad. We've seen cases of this before.

To Malm, there is nothing about the internal, the spiritual, or coming to be something. These things do not even exist for him. These things do not register in his consciousness.

When I examined Malm's chart, it wasn't difficult to diagnose from the symptoms that were presenting. Yes, Malm displays the classic symptoms of being poor, blind, and naked. This is a textbook case, but a very serious one.

What Malm doesn't realize is that HWA brainwashed him decades ago. While under HWA's spell, he curled up in a little mental box that HWA crafted for us all to live happily ever inside of. For whatever reason, that was a very comfortable little space for Malm, so he was very susceptible to infection. And so, he believes that there is nothing else except that which is inside of that little, tiny box. His mental development has been stunted by that box and his mentality has never been allowed to expand, or conceive of the world in realistic terms as a result.

Unfortunately, the disease has now progressed to late-stage symtoms. His mind has become clouded by the infection to the extent that he is now being driven by the disease he carries to look for new hosts, so he has appointed himself as another end-time apostle. He is trying to convince YOU to also give away your money, close your eyes, and take off your clothes (figuratively, of course). Within his tortured world, the only hope YOU have is if YOU also curl up with him inside that little, tiny box. But don't worry, it is only contagious if you never been exposed to it before.

I feel so bad for Malm. Unfortunately, treatment was not administered in a timely fashion, and it has now become terminal. I think that the appropriate thing for us to do at this time, is to send cards and flowers.