Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trying to Find Jesus in the Philadelphia Church of God

Can you help the PCG find JC?

I was looking through the Philadelphia Church of God  today and as usual it was a mishmash of Herbert Armstrong worship, keeping the law and nothing about following Jesus or anything he taught.

Here is  just a sampling of the articles meant to encourage PCG members.

How to Select Toys For Your Children
Includes this strange comment:

"Parents should avoid any toy that promotes hatred, violence or anything else contrary to God’s Ten Commandments. Guns were designed to kill. If you intend to kill, use a gun. If you don’t intend to kill, don’t use a gun—the real thing or an imitation!"

Live Healthy Part III: Heart, Hustle, Muscle: 
Nothing really wrong with this, especially since it did not have to reference HWA as the epitome of fitness.  Article on weight training and cross fitness training.

Parents Save Your Teens From The Technology Tr@p:
Since we all know that Satan owns the airwaves and since technology uses the airwaves, Satan is after your children through technology.  Satan temps people to read dissident literature and web sites to lead them out of the PCG....

As much as our teens may know about technology (usually more than parents do), teenagers are often too young to fully understand its dangers. This is where parents must be involved. Satan the devil is the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4), and modern technology offers him access to our young people that hasn’t existed before.

As Herbert W. Armstrong once wrote, “Most parents neglect teaching their children’s minds …. But Satan does not neglect your child’s mind!” (Good News, October/November 1981).

Give Thanks Every Day
When one gives thanks to God they must always remember that life is shitty and filled with trials.

It is hardest to maintain this attitude during our trials, but this is when it’s most important. Trials aren’t pleasant for us, but do you think God enjoys seeing us suffer? God gives us trials and allows them to happen so we can build His character, His faith and His patience. When we thank God for our trials and for the opportunity to build character, we are letting God know that we understand what He is doing. If we do this, we demonstrate that we are growing in the trial. We comfort our Father because we are producing fruits. Thanking God for the trial is one way we can take our minds off our trial and focus on God. This will help us overcome trials and become more positive and joyful. King David was a master at turning trials into opportunities to praise God; study Psalm 27 for an example.

The examples of David and Paul show that God wants us to be thankful for Him and His Family in our daily prayers and continue each day with a thankful attitude in everything.
Him and His Family?  What?  Is Mr. and Mrs. God running around heaven with their created child Jesus and millions of other little godlets?

Will You Give Thanks?
Dennis Leap wants you to make sure you give thanks while you are suffering because of God's anger.  For some reason in PCG, God is always pissed about something.  Maybe God is pissed at tight biker shorts....just say'in.

There is no question Americans are going through tough times. Consider our many national troubles that continue to plague us. Extreme weather disasters such as the September floods in Colorado, the early summer tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, and the violent November wind storms in Illinois and Indiana have taken lives and racked up billions of dollars of damage. noaa‘s November 19 report shows that 32.5 percent of the U.S. is still experiencing moderate to exceptional drought. Our failing economy has had some gains but is still lagging behind since the 2008 meltdown. These continuous problems show God is angry with us. Why? Because of our national sins, which are many.
What Does Thanksgiving Day Mean To You?
After telling the history of Thanksgiving, the author has to start immediately in on the negative side of things.

Think about it: The modern Thanksgiving Day holiday is typically filled with football games and other forms of entertainment, excessive drinking and gluttony. Thousands of people travel the highways, rails and skies in a frenetic clamber to “have a good time.” The entire day is filled with the emphasis on self-gratification. At some time in the 24-hour period, some manage to stop and say “grace” over a meal. But how many express heartfelt thanks to their Creator God?

Let’s face it: Our careless, godless, decadent lifestyle has stripped the value and meaning from Thanksgiving Day. We are, generally, an ungrateful people.
How To Serve God as a Single
Being single in many of the splinter cults of Armstrongism is a depressing thing, particularly in the PCG.  With such a small playing field , there is little hope for many PCG singles. The only two options that remain is to be a professional celibate or eave the stupidity of Gerald Flurry and get a real life.

They have this point for singles to take to heart:

3. Don’t over-romanticize marriage

Singles, Hollywood has bombarded society with lies and deceit on marriage. Study The Missing Dimension in Sex. This is revelation from God! Society is missing this dimension in their understanding—but you have it!

A happy marriage is an intense delight, but must be based on the right foundation. When we are single is the time to build that foundation. Put God first (Matthew 6:33). That lays the foundation.
Be careful that your desire to marry doesn’t become an idol. Just do your part to prepare, doing the Work of God.
Have no fear though!  If you are lonely and depressed and know you will NEVER get married,, immerse yourself deeper into the cult and know that you will get to marry Jesus eventually.

I’ll-never-get-married syndrome
Ultimately we all marry Christ. A God-Bride marries a God! Read Matthew 7:7-11 and Revelation 19:7-9. Seek the faith of Christ and His patience. Allow God to prepare you through your submission to His will!
I-am-so-lonely syndrome
If you feel alone and depressed, immerse yourself further into God’s Work. Seek to give! Being lonely is often just too great a focus on the self: Woe is me. Avoid that problem by getting involved wherever and whenever you can (Matthew 23:11-12).

Absalom, My Son
Dennis Leap writes the story of Absalom.  All of Leap's "hero" articles deal with Old Testament men.  He never has the balls to write anything about Jesus, grace, unconditional forgiveness or anything to do with the New Covenant.

Dennis Leap is back about  Cooking "Chinken" (Chinese Food)  His article is about "proper" child play. Give the racist COG history and the number of "chink" stories I heard growing up, somehow I think there is more to this story than he is admitting.

I could go on and on listing their articles. None ever focus on Jesus. He is only mentioned in passing and that he is usually pissed about something and is coming back to rule with an iron rod.

Its no wonder tat the PCG offers no hope for it's members when they can't even mention the guy they claim to follow.


Joe Moeller said...

Well glad to see Flurry's group at least advocating for cross training and weight training.

FAR SUPERIOR to HWA's recommendation in the Autobiography that all you need to do is "give yourself a vigoruous rubdown with a Turkish Towel" in order to maintain health without working out!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Yes any thing that exposes the PCG for what it is is satanic.

This is classic Armstrongism.
Lets keep our kids from finding out what a distructive cult that they are a part of.

This blog and others like it may be one of the few ways that they may become free from this cult and have a normal life.

Former PCG said...

The PCG is by far the worst group that has exited WCG. How they have kept this charade going for 24 years is beyond me.

The messages they hear and what they have to read are mostly propaganda. You will here little or no talk about Christ (except at Passover).

Anonymous said...

Check this out for some of the things the PCG does these days contrary to what God says -- http://www.thelastend.tumblr.com

Anonymous said...

Love the name of the article. You made my morning!

Byker Bob said...

This is the most serious error of Armstrongism. Jesus is the focal point of the Bible, through which everything else should be filtered, if one wants proper understanding. HWA taught that the Old Covenant is pretty much permanent, and that you simply add a Messiah, then filter Him and what he taught through the OC.

They may find one day that they have done it all backwards, and missed out.


Former PCG/RCG said...

The funny thing about most people who leave PCG is: That no matter what group they go with they always believe that only their group is the one true church.

Many who have left PCG over the years have gone with Meredith, Pack, Billingsly, and Ardis. All teach that only they that are the true body of believers...doing the one true work.

They believe they are the legitimate followers of HWA, and of course they leave Jesus Christ out of the picture.

Corky said...

As long as people think they can "search the scriptures to see if these things are so" they will always be under the thumb of some kind of church/cult authority. Truth is you can't search any document of any kind to see if what it says is so, much less what someone else says it says.

A document of any kind has to be verified as to its truthfulness. Sure, the document itself is real because there it is but it can't verify itself and a stamp of approval by a man or a group of men is not good enough.

For example, a simple bill of sale is no good without a witnessed signature of the original owner. It doesn't matter how many people swear that the original owner sold whatever to whoever, unless it's verified, it's no good.

There is absolutely NO verification of anything in the collection of documents (written by men) called the Bible...NONE whatsoever. So, you can't search those documents to see if any damn thing is so.

The ONLY way you could know they were so is that if God himself (as the original owner) told you they were so - and, that ain't gonna happen, 'cause the original owner doesn't exist and the documents are bogus.

Forging the original owner's signature to the documents is no good either because the signature also has to be verified. People in any kind of business understands this about any legal document but when it comes to the largest and most important of all legal documents, they suddenly don't need no stinking verifications. Oh no, they have preachers to verify it to them - NUTZ!

Britain W. Stevenson said...

Did anyone read abut the "Five Browns" father sexually molesting his kids? BIG NEWS!! This was a family Gerald Flurry welcomed into >"GOD'S HOUSE<" AKA Armstrong Auditorium. Yea, throw out innocent single women and their son's and hob-nob with perverts!