Friday, December 6, 2013

Geoff Neilson: HWA and GTA To Be Reanimated Back To "Life" In January 2014

The other day the news story was all about the bones of St. Peter. 
Peter is now passe. 
Now it is the reanimation of the bones of HWA and GTA 
who will be returning as zombies 
in January 2014 to finish the mighty work.

Geoff Neilson, that wild and crazy guy from South Africa, who credits one year's worth of Ambassador College "education" as his standard of excellence, writes:

Who is The 7th Messenger 
God sends to His Church?

God said He'd 7 Messengers send 
To the 7 Churches before they end 

We know the 6th Apostle came and went 
But who's the 7th of these special men? 

Sent by Heaven they're all Apostles 
So is the last Elijah by definition 
His work God regards so colossal 
It saves Earth from utter destruction 

Jesus said Elijah would restore all things 
Meaning the first to last crucial doctrine 
So that prophet's time had to begin 
With the first endtime Philadelphian 

Asked if he was Elijah the 6th said “No” 
Meaning not the first one, as meant John 
Who was also quite dead when Christ foretold 
Of final Elijah's future Restoration 

For him or Two Witnesses to first come 
In the Beast's Terrible Tribulation 
Is too late to warn Israel's wayward sons  
To escape the penalty of their sin 

Do you remember HWA foresaw? 
'The Temple in 2 Thess 2 is spiritual'  
Then a Man of Sin defiled its ritual 
Thought himself God by 'changing' His Law 

But prophecy is dual it's now clear 
Since the False Prophet must still appear 
And show the world--not himself--untruths 
Camouflaged by 'miracles' the Devil brews 

Did HWA forget the day
--In 1974, that May-- 
When he passed his mantle to GTA? 

Was that the real passing of the baton? 
Christ separating Sixth from Seven?

Ted garnered more Members before his sin
Other than those his father deleavened

After disfellowshipped in 1978
They never spoke or met again 

“To restore all things” means from first to last.
Elijah decides what's to be “held fast” 
That's not the 7th's legal domain 
Ruling out any imposter's false claim 

“The hands of [the endtime] Zerubbabel
have laid the foundation of God's Temple. 
His hands shall also finish it.  Then you, 
will know the LORD sent him too” 

Bible arithmetic doubt overturns 
One man can be the 6th Apostle,  
The First Witness, and Elijah returned 
With God all things are possible 

“Rise from your earthly grave and measure 
the condition of God's Spiritual Temple: 
and the Ministers and Members who worship there” 
Seems to be the Revelation from John's quill 

Something similar happened once before 
After Christ was resurrected from the dead 
Many rose from their graves who kept God's Law 
Then witnessed in Jerusalem, Matthew said 

The Two Witnesses represent 
The last two eras--Christ clearly disclosed 
So who's the 7th Messenger then? 
Surely the Joshua needing clean clothes 

God said He would send only 7. 
6 Messengers + 2 Witnesses = 8. 
So at least one must return hints Heaven 
More likely it's both Armstrong's future fate 

GTA couldn't speak 'til he was three 
His father anointed him and God healed 
His speech was a miracle heard by us all 
The gifts of God are without recall.

If God forgave the sins of this 'Joshua' 
That great act of mercy would signal to all 
No matter how poor or posh they are 
Laodiceans can rise from their fall 

The Two Witnesses 1260-day ministry 
Will be miraculous from start to end 
Rising from the dead would show you and me 
They are both prophets--if again sent 
Sealing their place in Church of God history 

Herbert Armstrong prophesied far more 
Than all the Bible prophets combined 
Of God's World To Come and of things before 
So how could he not be one of their kind? 

As the men Jesus trained were His disciples 
As the prophet's books are God's not their's 
So the Work of Elijah's disciples 
Is first accrued to his account not their's. 

He's the Philadelphia Apostle 
The final Elijah, the start-to-finish- 
Temple-building Zerubbabel 
The Voice Crying in the Wilderness: 
“Prepare the way of the Eternal” 

Who else in the Church is so well known 
By top people in Jerusalem? 
What other ministers Royal Lineage own? 
Which from esteemed King David stems 

Is that why it says: “When this comes to pass, 
You'll know a prophet has been among you”? 
Meaning you knew him sometime in the past 
When he made plain and restored God's Truth 

No-one since has kept the Church united 
Though some claim to be Heaven's sole earthly voice 
Are they failing the test in Scripture cited? 
Echoing the Fallen Angel's wrong choice 

As the Joseph Tribes increasingly fall 
As Assyria spreads her eagle wings.

Remember when and how you were called 
And who first prophesied all these things 

Jan 2014 may the answer provide 
One Sun Cycle after HWA died 
Will he return with his son at his side? 
Turn the hearts of many a Jew and Gentile 
Lead the way to the Christ they denied 

What if this is the final test of your heart and mine? 
Would we follow Elijah-who's-come a second time? 
Would our new loyalties seem more sublime? 
Or would we be Philadelphians? 
Measured by Zerubbabel's plumbline 

The first and last words are the LORD's: 

“He that receives a prophet 
in the name of a prophet, 
shall receive a prophet’s reward” 

“He that receives whomsoever I send 
receives me; 
and he that receives me
receives Him that sent me”

 Geoffrey R. Neilson 
Cape Town 20 November 2013


DennisCDiehl said...

Nutcase said:

"Something similar happened once before
After Christ was resurrected from the dead
Many rose from their graves who kept God's Law
Then witnessed in Jerusalem, Matthew said"

And "Matthew" was telling fibs. No one got resurrected in reality. No one else tells the tale or ever heard of it. You'd think these resurrected "Saints" which could not be saints because that was a word that came into play much much later and not on the day Jesus died, would have become church leaders.

One even sees the edit of "after his resurrection" because somewhere along the line someone noticed you could not have Jesus being the first born from the dead if lots of others did the same thing before he did.

Don't get me started :)

DennisCDiehl said...

...which means these folk layed in their open graves, alive but unable to move until given the cue....,-Ive-Died-and-I-Cant-Get-Up--An-Easter-Tale-Known-and-Told-Only-By-Matthew&id=169979

That is merely one loose brick in this goofy rant on reanimating the animators

Anonymous said...

This is the worst HWA-GTA slash fiction I've ever read.

Joe Moeller said...

I knew it, I always knew it!

The movie "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers" was an inspired, sacred, and prophetic movie!

A new HWA and GTA will be grown from the pods in January 2014.

Thank you Geoff Neilson for confirming what I have always thought!

(NOT!) ;-)

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Martin de Porres said...

You know, its okay to find fault with money taking, gouging people, abusing people in churches,etc. but it gets a bit old when you bash individuals and their religious beliefs.

Also Dennis, were you there to see that no resurrection happened? It is your opinion, your religion not to believe.
Why all this mockery of people's beliefs?

And again Dennis, no one was resurrected to eternal life before Christ. Reanimated in the flesh, yes but there was no one 'changed' in the manner Job waited for.

As a Catholic I find your mockery cruel and ugly.
By the way my code in proving I am not a robot is impagan Sadducees.
Interesting as they did not believe in a resurrection either.

Corky said...

Job 7:9 As the cloud is consumed and vanisheth away: so he that goeth down to the grave shall come up no more.
Job 7:10 He shall return no more to his house, neither shall his place know him any more.

Pretty simple, you don't get to come back as a physical person (1 Cor. 15:44)

Black Ops Mikey said...

He'll be OK as long as he has access to young Ambassador coeds to surround him as he goes forward to teach the world about the Missing Dimension in Sex.

Byker Bob said...

It is really telling that this means so much to someone that they would actually spend the time and energy writing poetry about it. I read perhaps five stanzas, got the idea, and decided it was totally worthless even bothering to read. I wonder if he is fantasizing that he is a modern day King David.


Anonymous said...

well I'm sure he ran the numbers first, so he must be right ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just more Zioamerican crud.

Britain W. Stevenson said...

How old is this guy?...Believing in zombies and

Former RCG said...

I thought the 7th messenger was David Pack, Gerald Flurry, Ron Weinland, or his wife....Wow! This is really getting confusing.

Good thing Geoff cleared the air of this doctrinal error. He'd really makes sense...if I was insane.

Byker Bob said...

One of my favorite rock bands from the '90s had an interesting name: The Tragically Hip.

Some of these dreamers from Armstrongism actually operate on a different and separate level from your typical members. I smell a label coming on...... "The Tragically Armstrongite". (apologies to Gordy and the boys)


Sweetblood777 said...

I must agree with Martin's assessment. It does no good to mock another person's religion whether it be religious or anothers point of view.

Many reading and contributing to this site still believe in Elohim and the Bible, as much as the atheists here believe in their point of view.

To knock each other beliefs, takes away from the purpose of the site, which was to reveal the rip offs and bad behavior by those that claim to follow Christ.

RSK said...

I think the poetry mocks itself pretty well...

DennisCDiehl said...

Don't confuse "mocking another's religion" with explaining its origins, difficulties and background in more detail and with more information than you get from an uneducated ministry.

Anonymous said...

Although we humans sometimes lose our way, or go into spiritual limbo, God never leaves us. It is possible that He has a great and wonderful plan yet in store for Dennis. Dennis has never sold out for a paycheck or financial security! I would not be placing a lot of weight on the things he is saying just now.

Retired Prof said...

Anonymous 6:11, it seems to me entirely possible that (if there is a god) his great and wonderful plan for Dennis is that he should post essays here on Banned.

In fact, if this god is truly all-wise and all-powerful, how could it be otherwise? Whatever happens is part of the plan.

Head Usher said...

I agree with Dennis, and I would take it one step further even.

"Exposing the underbelly of Armstrongism in all of it's wacky glory! Nothing you read here is made up! Every crazy, weird and wacky quote is straight from the pens of Armstrongite leaders or members who think they posses some insight into God and the Bible. What you read here is the up to date face of Herbert W Armstrong's legacy. It's the gritty and dirty behind the scenes look at Armstrongism as you have never seen it before!"

This isn't my blog and so I won't wax too eloquent about what this blog is supposed to be about or not be about, however, I think the above masthead suggests that Gary very much set up this blog to more or less expose, ridicule, and "mock" certain beliefs, sentiments, and veiwpoints that happen to be part of a religion we refer to as "Armstrongism" because he feels, as do I, that they are ridiculous. Is it wrong to ridicule the ridiculous? Doesn't the ridiculous invite ridicule?

Sorry, but not all beliefs are created equal. Some beliefs, though ridiculous, are innocuous, some are harmful only to the people who hold them, and others are harmful to the people around a believer. The more absurd, ridiculous, or downright bizarre an idea is, you might expect the more likely it would be for anyone to realize that it couldn't possibly be literally true, but you'd be wrong. A little nudge toward such realizations is actually a community service for those harming themselves with ridiculous beliefs, though it might include some mockery.

Unfortunately it's just a short hop from religious beliefs that are harmful to the believer, such as might be included in Armstrongism and Adventism, to mutations and variants that become potentially harmful to others in the vicinity, such as the Branch Davidian sect, or the terrorism of Islamic extremists. The more extreme any religion becomes, the more ridiculous—and the more harmful—some of it's beliefs will become. Who here is willing to argue that beliefs, religious or otherwise, which make heinous crimes appear to be righteous acts are beliefs that should not be rightfully targeted and annihilated? And let's not forget that the "spread the gospel" meme makes every sect of xian extremism, of which Armstrongism is just one, a latent threat to society as a whole, as anyone could potentially come in contact with it's tentacles and become influenced by it's harmful beliefs.

To describe a belief as being "religious" does not and should not excuse it or automatically make it above reproach. And if a belief isn't above reproach, perhaps it should properly be subjected to some. You could consider those like Gary who take it upon themselves to perform that function as part of a civilized society's immune system, targeting cancerous growths. And let's face it, there's still plenty of uncivilizing ideas floating around within our modern society that are remnants of more barbarous and brutish times. You might think that everyone would want to eliminate that which is obviously uncivilizing, but you'd be wrong.