Sunday, March 30, 2014

James Malm Warns His Acolytes To Take A Nap Before His So-Called Passover Service

James Malm warns his acolytes that his bastardized version of the Passover Seder is LOOOOONG!  If you get exhausted easily please take a nap before the service.

This Passover service will be slightly longer than what many are used to, if you are not used to staying up later, you might consider taking a nap before the service. 
 Some of his stipulations are:

Notice that Passover service was commanded to be a family occasion, not a large meeting of a hundreds or more with an elder presiding!  The heads of each family were to preside over the Passover service; that is their scriptural responsibility!

For everyone to have a portion of lamb, the maximum of people in a household gathering should be no more than about 20.
It is important that you follow his instruction precisely and learn to meet for his "passover" in individual homes.  Within two years all the 700 some Churches of God will be destroyed in the tribulation and you will need to meet in homes.

Within the next year or two, the major COG groups will be destroyed as organizations in the tribulation, and the families of the faithful will be forced to take Passover in their families and small groups.



Byker Bob said...

I know some mainstream Christians (including my ex-brother-in-law and his family) who do keep the Passover as a seder in their homes. They model it after Jewish traditions and the examples in the Gospels of the Last Supper. So, whether or not this is intended to be kept, James is not introducing something that is ground-breaking here.

I do think we should thank him for the good news that the 700 Club of splinters will no longer exist within two more years, although I tend to see them as self-destructing, without the influence of a tribulation. Quite honestly, Armstrongism turns nasty and becomes rather destructive when it is removed from the individual level and practiced in corporate manner. That's when cruel Stanford-experiment levels of authority kick in, micro management of personal matters enters the picture, and massive fleecing occurs.


Head Usher said...

The longer these lone wolves are at it, the more shrill they seem to get. The more dire become the consequences, the more grandiose the "sin" of not listening to and performing their every injunction, and the more confident they become in their prophecies despite a perfect record of past failure.

Within two years? Seriously? How long do you think it takes us to notice his rolling cycle of failure, forgetfulness, and reinvention?

How do these guys know what their god has been thinking, how he feels about this or that, and what his judgment is for being a regular, imperfect human being? They don't. They don't have access to anything that a person who can read and google doesn't also have. They don't have any "keys" to "unlock" any hidden meanings in ancient texts. But the longer they're in the "preaching" game, the more they seem to think they do. If you can read this, no preacherman out there knows anything that gives him any "heavenly" advantages of any kind over you. Their "ministry" is just a way of getting their own financial and egotistical needs met, period.

Connie Schmidt said...

You might be better off just napping DURING the Malm service, not before!

Anonymous said...

James Malm wrote: "...Notice that Passover service was commanded to be a family occasion, not a large meeting of a hundreds or more with an elder presiding..."

How does James know that? I'll share a few thoughts, if I may.

For one thing, has James Malm not noticed that Jesus did not tell his disciples to return to their homes and have Passover there with their families?

Also, James Malm believes Jesus Christ's last Passover timeline is as follows:

1. The Passover Service and meal begins with the blessing of the first cup of wine and a message on the Egyptian Passover, and during the meal Jesus mentions for the first time that he will be betrayed.
2. When the list of plagues is recited, a second cup of blessed wine is taken.
3. As the meal ends the unleavened bread is blessed and broken and taken, and a third cup of wine; the Cup of Redemption, is blessed and taken.
4. After the bread and wine is blessed and taken, Christ mentions his betrayal a second time, and the disciples begin to argue among themselves as to who will be the greatest.
5. Jesus then washes their feet and gives them a lesson in their duty of service
6. Jesus returns to the table and Judas dips his morsel and leaves;

In other words, Judas partook of the bread, wine, and then the foot-washing before departing to betray Christ. It's ridiculous.

Why does James Malm put the footwashing after bread and wine? With the gospel accounts Malm is relying on Luke's account and Luke was not an eyewitness to Christ's last Passover.

Matthew and John were eyewitnesses to that last Passover of Jesus Christ and they both agree that the footwashing comes before the bread and wine. They knew the proper sequence.

Matthew 26:21 is in harmony with that of John 13:21, and from those two verses alone, and then reading the context it is obvious that the footwashing occurs BEFORE the partaking of the bread and wine.


Redfox712 said...

Just came upon another anecdote of HWA. I am surprised there has not been as much discussion about this.

From Ambassador Report 27 (1984).

"HWA may not remember the conversation, but David Robinson certainly does. A detailed account appears on page 67 of his book. As for Ms. Bowman, she has stated that HWA tried to fondle her breasts, but that she objected. Soon afterward she was transferred from being one of his secretaries to a position in the editorial department."

Anonymous said...

I am just curious because I came from the Philippines and we neither grow grapes (where wine is based) nor wheat (where bread is based). If we take foreign trade out of the picture, and what we have are locally produced wine and bread which are not grape and wheat based, does it mean those who do not have access to these imported things have no salvation? I could see bigotry and illogicality of this farce worship and Passover service. I imagine a universal God who knows what the local condition is and would certainly not demand things that are not locally available.

old EXPCG hag said...

Yes, everyone (who don't get along in the first place)get together for these holy days, play like you just luuuuuuuuv your brother, >hypocrites<, wash your brother's feet just like Jesus, taking the Passover >unworthily<, 1 Corinthians 11:27,...
all the time really hating your brother and thinking about that damn woman and her son who kept winning the pine car derby race and how I'll show her >BRIAN DAVIS thinking< because I'm tired of being reminded every time I look at her son (that is my son's age) that I caused him to not have a father now by telling her to leave her husband and cost the church over $100,000 because they had to hire (TWO ATTORNEYS)so I'll put on her trumped up charges and kick her ass out of here...

"Here, give me that cracker!"

Anonymous said...

Months ago, sometime last year, Malm promised he was very soon going to take down his perennial "Contribution Information" post. Now I see that not only did he break his promise, he made it worse by embellishing it with a fraudulent "Mission Statement."


As if we didn't already know that contributions are the mission...

Black Ops Mikey said...

Within the next year or two, the major COG groups will be destroyed as organizations in the tribulation

Like we haven't heard this kind of talk before and it's been rubbish.

Jesus said "Do this in remembrance of me". The Apostle Paul calls it, "The Lord's Supper". It was about the "fruit of the vine" and the bread.

It isn't exactly clear, but it is doubtful that it was supposed to be like the Jews Passover. The Apostle Paul made it clear it wasn't to be a banquet. Lamb? Really? After Jesus was the sacrificial lamb?

This is the problem with Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia leaders who hate God and particularly Jesus, who insist of mixing and matching Bronze Age Olde Testament Religion after the Old Covenant was specifically done away with Jesus' teachings enhanced by the Epistles of the Apostles. Talk about putting new wine into old wine skins in a move of self-righteousness designed to empower narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, cons and nutjobs.


Anonymous said...

Two years?
Hell, I'd give 'em between 50 and 500 years.

Even the Gods need something to laugh about til the next big funny thing comes along.

old EXPCG hag said...

Yea, lots of times I was sooooo sleepy, I came very close to falling out of my chair and into the floor.

Another sign your in a cult...>SLEEP DEPREDATION<

old EXPCG hag said...

old EXPCG hag said:

Yea, lots of times I was sooooo sleepy, I came very close to falling out of my chair and into the floor.

Another sign your in a cult...>SLEEP DEPREDATION<

April 2, 2014 at 7:48 AM

...not sleep depredation dummy, it's >SLEEP DEPRIVATION<...I think, HA!

Byker Bob said...

Hey, no problem! The ACOGs practiced depredation, too. Every single sermon, sermonette, prayer, or hymn singing was some sort of assault or attack! LOL


Anonymous said...

The guru James Malm said, "Within the next year or two, the major COG groups will be destroyed as organizations in the tribulation,..." (2014)

It's now October 2017. Whoops. Major 'prophecy' FAIL!