Thursday, April 3, 2014

Did You As A COG Teen Get 10 Fold More By Being A Church Teen Than An Unchurched Worldly Teen?

Here is the tried and true thinking of many still ensnared by Armstrongism thought processes. Just get over it!

From a Facebook WCG related page:

Ah, stop crying! Everyone got something outta going to the WCG. Who else got to travel, learn sports, join bands, make heaps of friends more than us? They may have taken 30% of your income, but for those not sparing on the philosophical/religious level, kids and teens got 10 fold more being a churchy than what we gave up being a yobbo non-churchy.

Oh no... we cant watch TV on Friday night, or join the football club for Saturday practice, build a bridge and get over it. Those who are turned atheists/agnostic are simply doing the childish rebellion thing suppressed as a child in the church.

Just take a look at the mess in the hundreds of feuding groups who claim to be God's favorite. Feel sorry for their delusion.


Byker Bob said...

In the hands of different people, with different beliefs about childrearing or more positive outlooks of the future, as an example, the travel to the feast sites would have been absolutely fantastic. But, for the most part all of the experiences that should have been really great were ruined and spoiled by the very beliefs which had mandated them.

This facebook commenter is kind of like someone bragging about once getting to tour Europe, only failing to acknowledge that he was sponsored by and taken on this tour by NAMBLA, not having known in advance what they were all about.


old EXPCG hag said...

It was like the got some good out of it, but you had to put up with the phoniness, lies, deceit, assholes, and crazies!

Black Ops Mikey said...

What advantage is it to grow up with the lies of British Israelism?

Then there's all those years being told you would never marry because the world was about to come to an end.

Living in relative poverty all year long except for the 10 days you lived it up and splurged? Oh, right, you had to do your homework. And no one cared. Your parents were always so busy with their obsession with Herbert Armstrong they didn't have time for you. And there were many teens who didn't have Y.O.U. because it was a very late manifestation of Armstrongism. These days some of the teens get to summer camp and some don't and not all the teens go for the Christmas winter festivals.

Growing up as a teen in Armstrongism meant you were a third class citizen in the world and after high school you became a third class citizen in the church.

Head Usher said...

"Those who are turned atheists/agnostic are simply doing the childish rebellion thing"

This could only be written by a vacuous, ignorant, smallminded, sheltered, inexperienced, thoughtless, simpleton. Being inside the teeny-tiny, cramped, claustrophobic box of Armstrongism is clearly all this person has ever known, and this person has never outgrown it. He's done what he's always been told to do, he'd thought what he's always been told to think, and one of those things he's been told to think is that Armstrongism is all there is. He's chosen to stay "safe." Because outside that little box lies nothing but an apocalyptic wasteland, where nothing of value could possibly exist. And many have chosen to accept that, and cherish that, and refuse to entertain the idea that maybe their "elders" have lied to them. Because as long as you stay in that box, you remain a slave to those "elders." And that's what the "elders" want.

Only very small intellects can remain comfortable in such confinement. Never venturing outside the box means you never get a bigger picture of the squalor that's really inside that box. Sad.

Anonymous said...

He asked for a double portion of the Spirit? He should have asked for a double dosage of Thorazine or other anti-psychotic.