Thursday, May 1, 2014

Concubines, Purchased Women, and Women Who Are Worth Less Than Men

Apostle Malm has been giving HIS interpretation of what HE thinks Exodus is all about.  Women are worth less monetarily than men, and slaves and concubines are normal parts of society (in his world to come.)

Here is what he starts of with to prove everything in Exodus is necessary for a secure society:

The foundations of a successful society are: 1.  security of our person from harm  and security for our lives,  2. Security of our families, 3.  Security of our property,  and 4.  Security of our livelihood, or ability to make a living.
God’s judgments and statutes, many of which [such as divorce] are for a physical unconverted people, to maintain peace and order among a hardhearted people; fulfill the foundational principles on which successful societies can be built.. 
The commandments represent the whole law gelled down to the very basic principles of the nature of God.  These Statutes define the commandments a little further, by explaining how we should keep the commandments under various circumstances.  The Statutes are also principles by which we may make other judgments; for example if an ox gore a person is directly applicable to if our dog or any other [owned animal] animal attack a person.
Then he gets to the roll of women.  Women in Malmism, and in the world he thinks is coming, will be worth less than men in all accounts.
Women sold into servitude are not to go free on the seventh year. 
Many of these are cases where a family is very poor and deep ion debt an da rich neighbour offers to pay off the debts or pay the family if they will agree to give their daughter in marriage to him or his son etc. 
This is about concubinage, where the lady is forced by circumstances into a relationship, as opposed to entering a marriage at her own full free will.
The sale of a female; not outright sale on the block, but the giving to wife in exchange for debt relief or a sum, is considered to be as a concubine; and the woman is to have some security from being sold to others as chattel as she has been united with her master as a wife.  However if she is rejected by her husband, she may be redeemed by her father back to his family as a divorcee would return to her father’s house, but she may not be sold to another.
This is a common practice even today in our western world, where often wealthy families unite in marriage for political or financial gain.


Anonymous said...

Malm is filled with so much anger directed towards his ex-wife that it all comes out in his writings. Women are destined to a life of hell in his vision of the world he will be lord over.

Connie Schmidt said...

So does V. Stiviano qualify as a concubine to Clippers owner Donald Sterling under Malm's interpretation of the Bible?

If that be the case, then she is entitled to the $1.5 million of gifts and property that she received from Sterling, regardless of what Sterling's present wife may have to say about it (wife Rochelle Sterling is suing Stiviano for recovery of "marital community property".

Furthermore, if Stiviano is considered a concubine by Malm's standards, would she be entitled to any part of the 700 Million Dollars that Sterling would receive if he is forced to sell the team by the NBA?

Come on Malm, time to add a "Sports Section" to your daily diatribe, and add some real life action examples like the Sterling case to your blog!

Black Ops Mikey said...

God’s judgments and statutes, many of which [such as divorce] are for a physical unconverted people, to maintain peace and order among a hardhearted people; fulfill the foundational principles on which successful societies can be built

Which is why you'd think it would work on the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia, but it doesn't.

So what's the problem here? Unconverted CoHAM societies attempting to use Bronze Age pre Christian religion as a basis of governance and rules for interpersonal relationships, and it doesn't work.

Where could they go from here?

And since it never worked for them, what measure of success can the ministry of the ACoGs expect if they get control of the world?

One more thing: Why is Malm perceived as a religious leader? Isn't a minister supposed to be a husband of one wife?

He has none.

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt that if those 4 things are not "secure" for the average person, you won't have a "secure" society. Why he stops at those 4 things, I don't know. He could go on and on about other things that need to be "secured." It's a little hard to argue that you can't have security without having security, but saying so doesn't explain anything.

How do you "secure" any of those 4 things? That's the bit that neither Exodus nor Malm clears up. Declaring women as the property of their fathers so they can generate income for the father when he sells them into sexual slavery is a conclusion which doesn't naturally follow from the premises. Upon what principle are women worth less than men? Upon what principle are children the property of their parents? I think Malm would have to show how such principles must logically follow, why they should be so absolutely necessary, and how they create security rather than destabilize a society. Take, for example, Paris from the 1790's - 1840's when it was the scene of two revolutions and numerous failed governments. Perhaps Malm could explain for us how the "concubinage of women" would have helped to stabilize that situation? Or how come we have profane, secular, and "hardhearted (toward god)," but also secure societies the world over, and yet without the concubinage of women?

Here's the critical part that Malm left out that makes sense out of it all:

If you're (a man) living 4000 years ago and you want to create a "secure" society, like Moses, for example, first declare yourself a "prophet of god," and then write a book containing everything you want in your perfect society (like the concubinage of women), and then tell everyone that this is what "god" told you. Next, flee from a pre-existing secure society out into a barren wilderness to start from scratch. Finally, declare anyone who doesn't agree with you "hardhearted."

Or heck, you could even have done this in 1830, like Joseph Smith did! As long as there's a barren wilderness to flee to, it's possible to make this recipe for a "secure" society work.

old EXPCG hag said...

Malm is an idiot...THE END.

Byker Bob said...

This sounds as if he is making excuses for the elements of the Old Covenant which would naturally seem peculiar to those who were accustomed to the teachings of Jesus, or for that matter, modern civilization.


DennisCDiehl said...

Someone needs to tell the boy he started out as female as that is the biological template. It's why he has nipples. A few extra hormones and viola! He's a boy.

"Oh...I didn't now that..."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous May 1, 10:44 AM You nailed it!

Women, except for those that stroke his ego, must pay dearly for his failed marriage.