Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stephen Gilbreath: I Became An Auditorium Usher So I could Usher and Open the Doors When Herbert Armstrong Was Resurrected

My favorite Church of God lunatic is back again with a more fun.  Fast forward to the 8 minute mark and listen for a few minutes as Gilbreath gives HIS version of the Receivership and the blocking of doors.  He is appalled that Herman Hoeh  opened the Auditorium doors for the Receiver or Deceiver as Gilbreath calls him.  He is too blinded in his worship of HWA to realize that Herman Hoeh was NOT happy with the way the WCG was reacting to the Receiver and said that the church should have been cooperating.  Then he gets to the fun part.  He says he started volunteering as an Auditorium usher so that when HWA was resurrected he could be there to open the doors for the faithful. 

Watch the video from the 8 minute mark through 12:30 and be appalled.  He invites HWA to come onto his set and speak. after looking up to haven HWA appears!  Amazing!  I know for a fact that if HWA came back and found Gilbreath preaching all hell would break loose!


Anonymous said...

Isn't this guy doing a lot INDEPENDENT, CREATIVE (and unauthorized) THINKING for himself (Horrors!) with all this about a possible HWA resurrection?

And that HWA materializing bit -- because of the direction the old man's looking, it made me want immediately to put a comic strip balloon by HWA with, "What are you doing up here with me, dumbass?"

Suggest other captions, everyone!

old EXPCG hag said...

"Just a reminder, (S.G. says for the second time) is a day to bring an offering to the Lord"

And that's funny how he was shocked to hear Herman Hoeh opened the door for "the deceiver" LOLLL
Funny how some people in the WWCOG could actually get away with "independent thinking". Herman must have had some kind of smut on people.

Herbert W. Armstrong appearing to drop down out of the sky and sit there...that's hilarious!

Yea, and Gerald Flurry better hope HWA isn't resurrected, because GF will get caught red handed doing what HWA already wrote that he did..."Prophesy Again!" Revelation 10:11

Stephen is my favorite alien comedian!

Anonymous said...

These morons all do independent thinking without one shred of evidence to back up their speculations.

Assistant Deacon said...

Wow. Totally delusional. It is unbelievably sad to see the kind of nonsense spawned by Armstrongism.

He talks of an article that will explain the Armstrong relative who will be resurrected along with HWA. I'm guessing he doesn't mean Dorothy.

Anonymous said...

All of his conjecturing seems perfectly reasonable within the bubble of cult indoctrination of the worship of Pervert Armstrong along with his every writen and recorded word (although many of the Perverts deeds were somehow left out of the extended version of the book of Acts that people like Gerald Waterhouse speculated would be continued to include the "latter day apostle" too). However, anyone not indoctrinated, any disinterested third-party, would think such conjecture was so outside the realm of the possible as to indeed be that of a lunatic.

And all he says about the receivership is so backwards to reality. If the receiver had been allowed to go forward, the state of California would have found Rader with his red hand in the Pervert's cookie jar, and they would have caught the Pervert red-handed in his own financial malfeasance. But thanks to fools like Stephen Gilbreath, who allowed themselves to be used in the Pervert's every corrupt scheme, the books were never aired out like they should have been, and the Pervert's lies were never exposed, though Rader's were (for which he was richly compensated for the rest of his life at tithepayer expense).

But, I suppose it's one thing to have been duped in 1979. But it's another thing to have been duped then, and still be duped 35 years later! Has this man learned nothing of value in the past 35 years? Is this what he's decided to produce his own internet tv show to tell everyone? To announce to the world exactly how dim his wits are? Because his own numbskullery is the only thing he's informing me of.

Connie Schmidt said...

Why the heck can't HWA open his own doors?

Truth of the matter is that IF the receiver was able to do his job and straighten out the ridiculous financial abuses of the WCG, including IRS sanction and relief against Rader, HWA et al, it may very well be possible that the WCG never would have gone through the collapse that it did.

Tkach was a major player in thwarting the Receivership, and it allowed him to be propelled up through the hierarchy. You know the rest of the story, with the Tkach mafia taking virtually 100s of millions of dollars for themselves in assets, and leaving EVERYONE , including even the remaining WCG Sunday observers in the dust. The COG landscape today is a ruin of a battlefield.

It is obvious in retrospect, that by 1980, the WCG was so corrupt and bloated, that God was willing to let it collapse, by one means or another. The seeds of its own destruction had been sown and it really was all a matter of time.

So if God were to ressurect someone for an "end time purpose" why would it be HWA , or as Gilbreath implied a related family member such as GTA as well? Why not Paul, or the Apostle John, or how about Elijah, who happened to be the REAL ELIJAH?

Gilbreah is so twisted, I bet he believes that HWA still is broadcasting by "microwave" and sticks his head in one every single day. It would explain a lot!

Byker Bob said...

In one way, their thinking is independent, but in the greater sense it is not. It is all directly related to the peculiar, unique, and heretical teachings of HWA, and them taking up the mantle, and having the keys of Peter. In their theorizing, they want their names mentioned in the hypothetical "new book of Acts" in the decades following HWA's death.

Not that I could ever be worthy, but I would much rather receive an attaboy and pat on the back from Jesus than from HWA. These people are looking to someone who is not a savior for their accolades. If you read the Bible narrative describing the final surrender of Jesus to the authorities of his day, there is no mention of a sit-in and locked doors. There are many ideas today floating around concerning Herman Hoeh, but in at least this case, his behavior seems to have been more consistent with Jesus' example.

What would any of these people have done if they had had to face a stoning, or a Roman scourging? For that matter, what would any of us have done?


Black Ops Mikey said...

Herbert Armstrong planted seeds for the two trees.

They grew and produced nuts.

DennisCDiehl said...

"I could hardly believe it when I heard my ears.."

Were the ears talking? Could he believe it when he said his mouth?
He and Bob Thiel need to go to charm school together

DennisCDiehl said...

"I could hardly believe it when I heard my ears.."

Were the ears talking? Could he believe it when he said his mouth?
He and Bob Thiel need to go to charm school together

Mark Wolfe said...

Why would God need to resurrect Herbert Armstrong? Couldn't he just resurrect Peter or Paul? Or Moses? Or Elijah?

The ramblings just did not make sense.

old EXPCG hag said...

Blogger Black Ops Mikey said...

Herbert Armstrong planted seeds for the two trees.

They grew and produced nuts.

April 27, 2014 at 10:36 AM

LOLLL hellarious!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, that was wonderfully insane. I love how the ghost of Herb just bamphs in to existence on stage with him. It's like the COG version of the holographic dancing Tupac Shakur.

Secular-Humanist-Buddhist said...

Mumbo Jumbo and more Mumbo Jumbo.

Anonymous said...

I can't stop giggling- so Herbie is going to be resurrected to be one of the Two Witnesses, and this guy wants to be the one to open the door and usher him in!!!

With stuff like this, who needs TV?


Anonymous said...

"Charm School" for armstrongist preachers...

Third time's a charm?

(Even Herbie made more than 3 failed end-time date predictions!)