Saturday, January 10, 2015

LCG Bob League Dies

The man that Rod Meredith appointed to start looking into dissidents within the ranks of the Living Church of God has died.  Will Rod now appoint Lil'Jimmy to be the new enforcer in order to preparee him for the roll of LCG leader?

January 8, 2015

Living Church of God Ministry

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let you know that Mr. Bob League died this morning at 8:30 am. His heart was unable to function and multiple organs were failing. Bob was 82 years old and served in the ministry for decades in a number of areas. Please keep Mrs. League and their family in your prayers. Mr. League’s funeral is being planned for this coming Sunday afternoon, January 11, here in Charlotte, North Carolina. More details will follow.

Warm Regards,
Douglas Winnail


Black Ops Mikey said...

God protecting the dissidents?

Byker Bob said...

I'm certain that some are saying "Ah! Mr. League was counted as worthy not to have to suffer through the tribulation!" That would be the usual spin the Armstrongist mind puts on the death of a member.

What amazes me is that each of these ACOG groups has their own contemporary equivalents of HWA's Herman Hoeh, or Norman Smith, or perhaps David Jon Hill. Sounds like Bob League might have filled such a role for Meredith's LCG.


Anonymous said...

Rod will have a tough time finding the new enforcer. Everyone with a backbone has already left LCG. The old guys are either too nice (Ames), too tired (Davis), too smart (Crockett), too settled (Greer, Millich), or too liberal (Winnail). The next generation of leaders have matured in the new reality of other churches, freedom on the internet, and people who don't like to be squashed. Along with that new reality, Jim Meredith, Wally Smith, and Rod McNair are simply too nice to be enforcers. The other younger ministers are similar (Monson, Sweat, Lovelady, Sena, et al). Mario Hernandez has some requirements in that he is fiercely loyal to Rod Meredith, and he has been an enforcer in Latin America, but he is disgusted by church politics. That leaves Gerald Weston, a believer in strict hierarchical government and ministerial infallibility. It could be Gerald.

Anonymous said...

It will be Wyatt Cicelka. He's so eager to be important and greedy for power he will do anything RCM asks of him. He's dumb enough to be easily manipulated and is of the predominant belief that LCG ministers are immune to Matt 18:15 which enables him to conduct witch hunts without following Biblical principles with a clear conscious. His ego and IQ make him the perfect replacement for League.

old EXPCG hag said...

Well, I guess he's in hell now, that is, unless he's in an urn or box sitting on someone's dresser!

Anonymous said...

He is not dead. He is in another league. Why are people in COG's so afraid of dying?

Unknown said...

Did League lead "The League" in disfellowshipments last year?

We need published stats on ministers, similar to the stats that are on the back of baseball cards.

Like ERA or WHIP, probably stats that use good to bad ratios would be the most informative. May I suggest the top stat to be the "Baptism to Disfellowshipment Ratio" with the higher the number to be considered an indicator of overall effectiveness.

"SAVE" could be applied to ministers who rescue congregations from previous sociopaths and abusers.

"HIT BY PITCH" - would be applied to ministers who "pitch" some crazy concept which drives people out. There are several candidates for this on the yearly award basis, i.e. Flurry, Weinland , Pack etc, but I would probably place Tkach in the "Hall of Fame" in this category, ala "The Babe Ruth" of this stat.

"WALK"- How many people just walked away from your church in a year.

"RUNS" - How many people RAN away from your church in a year.

"BALK" - How many people balked at your crazy ideas or administration in the last year?

Anonymous said...

Along with that new reality, Jim Meredith, Wally Smith, and Rod McNair are simply too nice to be enforcers.

Jim Meredith is "too nice" to be an enforcer? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

As long as you are flattering him, tithing on a good income, and giving generous offerings, Jim M. may not care what you think about doctrine, or whether (like his family member) you are being unfaithful to your spouse. But while he certainly can be "pleasant" to suck-ups who seek his favor, it's a stretch to call him "nice." Jim has earned a reputation for unpleasantness, and has probably driven more members away from his Dad's church than anybody else other than Dave Pack.

Anonymous said...


League majored in the minor leagues.

League was in religion's far-right outfield, and his catches were essentially him catching people by their balls in an unsportsmanlike manner.

He is now in a better place- 2000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Glug, glug.


Anonymous said...

Remember the poor and the needy and do not over look them , that's not the heart of almighty GOD.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who work at head quarters is all white, right then and there I knew something was wrong 95% of the people in the church is white , you mean to tell me God didn't call no other race but the whites and the white people are the choosen race of people of God...wake up people something is wrong with this picture.....

Anonymous said...

Everyone who work at head quarters is all white

Not true. Rod Meredith is part American Indian. He's probably the most ethnic, non-white employee at LCG headquarters.

Anonymous said...

"Rod Meredith is part American Indian."

You think he'll smokeum peace pipe with United before he dies?

They could do a sweat lodge together to conjure up the Great Spirit of Herbie.

If they merge, both United and Living can claim great growth - what a deal!

Anonymous said...

It sadden me how the members in the LCG is so brain wash , The members Idolize there leaders placing them above GOD ,The leaders lack character no fruits what so ever , did not Jesus said you will know them by there fruits ? How could people be so blind and foolish.... its a CULT wake up oh sleepier..........

Anonymous said...

Like I said everyone at Head Quarter is White get a grip !! Geesss.

Unknown said...