Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dave Pack: God Was Blind Before He Created Angels

Dave on God's blindness and who he uses as his eyes now:

Now you read that, over in Chapter 5…And I want to explain something…these are the eyes of God. Let me go back one more time and show you something. Chapter 5 and verse 6…where it talks about these seven…Revelation 5:6: “And I beheld, and lo, in the midst of the throne…the four beasts, and in the mist the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns [seven governments] and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.” Those cannot be angels. There, it’s capitalized. It’s “Spirits of God.”
It’s always been hard to understand. How does Christ use seven angels to be His eyes? It’s sort of like seeing God come down the street and he’s got seven, not…not one dog in front of Him, but seven angels, and they’re seeing for Him. Anybody ever wondered why? That’s strange…You know, I guess, some guys use a stick, but God, God has seven angels out there telling Him what’s going on. That is not what it’s saying!
These are literally Spirits of God—capital “S.” These are the Holy Spirit—this is part of God’s own Spirit—that function as His eyes. If not, how did He see before He made angels? It has nothing to do with angels. Angels had a beginning. God’s eternal. God does not see through the use of seven angels! This is one side point. It’s not really relevant to the sermon, but it’s important. Because, in a minute, we’re going to see a reference to seven beings that clearly are angels. Okay, now let’s keep reading.


Byker Bob said...

There are just no words to describe Dave's continued silliness. But, I guess it's better for him to be deflected to angels on a pinhead stuff than doing more real damage like convincing his congregants that cruel authoritarianism is really love.


Hoss said...

Dave's antics remind me of a cartoon, that may have been in AR, with Jesus considering what preposterous things he could get people to believe.
As I've said before, and if I didn't, I meant to, despite HWA's denunciation of Plato and the Greek academy, his theology was thrown together with Greek rather than Hebraic logic and philosophy.
Even though the most extant NT documents were in Greek, they were written with a Hebrew mindset. Such things as the ontology of God and the way God is anthropomorphized would never have been considered proper. At least two of HWA's Restored Truths and other teachings would have been anathema to the Apostles.

Anonymous said...

Um, okay? What is this babbler yammering on about? So God is blind and he has his angels seeing for him? Next he'll be preaching on as to why we never read anything in the bible about God's wife and kids, and what model and color Rolls Royce God drives. Come on folks, get a clue, this guy is nuts, stop following him and stop giving your hard earned money to this guy. If you feel you must give your time and money to a false "profit" at least give it to one who has a little more credibility and who is more entertaining like Benny Hinn, Creftlo Dollar or Kenneth Copeland, at least they're good for a laugh and you'll feel you've at least gotten your moneys worth out of them.


Connie Schmidt said...

So the Creator of all the Universe needs "Seeing Eye Dog Angels"?

Does he also have a red tipped white cane too, and is the Book Of Life written in Braille?

Such stupidity from Pack. Surely God can afford LASIK , cataract surgery, or contact lenses!

Hoss said...

Some episodes ago in the Continuing* Adventures of David Pack, the protagonist had machinations involving the Third Temple (wherever it was going to be). As I don't know where he was going with his current flight of fantasy involving the Seven Spirits/Eyes, I wonder if he caught the connection with the seven flames of the Golden Menorah in the Holy of Holies, as the flames were also representative of the Seven Eyes.
Although I'd like to give Dave the benefit of the doubt, my money is on he didn't.

* Not related to any COG using that adjective.