Saturday, July 29, 2017

UPDATED: David C Pack and his MODEST home on his cult compound

 Dave Pack's compound in Wadsworth 
with its new exclusive housing section for the RCG elite

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God's greatest living prophet in this latter day dispensation is David C Pack, or at least he thinks he is.  As God's chosen man through whom God reveals all things about the Bible that has never been shown to any man in human history, Dave Pack is also the most the most humble man ever to lead a Church of God.

When Dave and God decided to establish God's earthy headquarters in Wadsworth, Ohio, Dave bought a house on Pheasant Run, in an exclusive neighborhood.

As Dave's cult compound grew into the most mind boggling campus the world has ever seen, even though it remains unfinished, Dave decided to sell his modest home and give all of that money to the church, as he commands his members to do, since all things are in common, and since all things belong to God, and since Dave is God's chosen, it all belongs to Dave.  You and I both know he did no such a thing, but that is another story.

Dave's modest home on the upper right of the picture.  
Notice his minions have much smaller homes.

Dave sold his house on Pheasant Lane once construction began on his "modest" home in the woods of his compound.

As you can see, Dave's home is the largest of those presently built.  More homes will be built in the wooded lot, in the vacant spaces cleared, for the chosen elite of the church leadership.  As members sell their own homes, and businesses, liquidate savings and retirements, in order to send it all to Dave, he builds things like this.

Apparently, Dave is making sure that when Jesus returns first to Wadsworth, he will at least have a nice house to live in for a while.

Double click to enlarge the most superfantabulous church HQ in the entire world!

This will give you an idea of the "City on the Hill" that Dave Pack talks about.  To the left is the Giant Eagle Market.  Then you cross over the high tension electrical lines cutting through the campus, a most lovely addition to the landscape. In the lower part of the picture is the pollution belching freeway where drivers happen to look up and see the most mind boggling campus the world has ever seen.  To the right is the start of the housing lots for the elite of the Restored Church of God. It is all just Superfantabulous!


nck said...

Lets hope this time when ordering the new kitchen he really prayed "wwjd"?
(if y'all remember the old one)


Anonymous said...

Since Christ is returning soon, in 1-3 years, it would be natural to build such a home. This would be a "common" home for fellow Christians. If you are in the area, feel free to stop in and stay overnight. Move in, Mr. Pack would show the ultimate in Christian love and gladly sleep under the stars, so you might have a bed. This is where the con artist put your $$$ suckers.

DennisCDiehl said...

If you look down on the second picture of the gulag, you'll clearly see the Davegagliph, you can only see from the air. It appears to be a large white T-Rex type creature with dave's house in its mouth ready to spew him out across the 224. Another in its right hand with both feet crushing , or wearing, the other gulag homes.

Anonymous said...

Wow...take a look at the size of that deck! And is that all new sod around the homes?

Anonymous said...

The road to his house looks like a giant fallopian tube!

Steve D said...

Perhaps he is doing what Judge Rutherford did when he was the head of the JW's. He built a lovely home at 4440 Braeburn Rd. San Diego, CA and called it Beth Sarim, which means "The House of the Princes." It was for Abraham, Joseph and David when they are resurrected. Of course, Judge Rutherford was only "house sitting" during the winter months until the Princes returned. Rutherford even had it landscaped with palm and olive trees so that the princes will feel at home. Of course, critics of the JWs say that the house was built to get Rutherford out of the New York HQ because he was an abusive drunk. An abusive drunk as a leader of a church . . . sounds a bit familiar to me.

Byker Bob said...

There is an old ethic from the 60s which states that anything you own controls you. The amount of control is directly proportional to its relative importance to you, and what you would do to preserve or retain it.

There may be one atypical geriatric ascetic who would be capable of leaving such an opulent setting to go to a rock and sand place of "safety" for the final 3-1/2 years of his physical life, but it truly stretches the mind to believe that all of those who have been enriched by preaching an ever-postponed endtimes gospel could readily do so.

If one were to examine the symptoms induced by prophecy in Armstrongism and some other churches, a sense of urgency, coupled with pastoral abuse would be the main ones. Some of the brethren have been reduced to gladiatoral fighting trim, and may be able to leave their current lifestyle behind, purely because they continue to believe the prophecies. However, it is their belief that has led them to their spartan lifestyle. Can one actually make the same claim about the motivations of belief and yet build and live in what we see in the above pictures? That is highly doubtful.


Anonymous said...

I thought he might live in a house similar to Highclear Castle on Downton Abbey. Oh well, I'm not impressed.

Anonymous said...

Dave's behavior is in fact consistent with church culture. The incessant 'give way' was and is nothing more than the irresponsible members robbing the responsible members. Dave has simply shed the pharisaic veneer, and the pulling of the punches.
'Den of thieves' as Christ put it.

Hoss said...

At first glance, it looks like Dave had his house aligned so the Eastern wall faces the Temple Mount by compass bearing, but the alignment is a tad South. For the more accurate Great Circle bearing, it's way off.

Ronco said...

As I've said many times before, the high tension wires that span the Glorious Campus are simply electrifying. Giant Eagle shoppers are in awe.

"Hundreds in The Restored Church of God have commented in just the last two days like this: “electrifying,” “exhilarating,” “amazing,” “gripping,” “game-changing,” “awesome,” “captivating,” “overwhelming,” “tremendously inspiring,” “profound,” “mind-blowing” and “emphatically irrefutable.” "

Michael said...

Sold his house? Big deal, he realized what HWA did, that it doesn't matter what you own, only what you control (and he totally controls RCG).

So, he wants a bigger house, so sells his current modest home and gives the cash to the church, which then proceeds to build him a new larger house (for free of course) at a more convenient location.
Since Pack has absolutely no job-competition while he's alive, it's the same as being his own home forever, even though technically owned by the church. No, better actually, because the house is likely tax-free and up-keep is free since it's on HQ grounds.

And the members are fine with this somehow because, you know, God's appointed Elijah leader must have a quality abode in which to carry out this great work.

What a con job, it's amazing the people forking over their hard-earned pay don't see right through it.

nck said...


Interesting question on the consistency of Packatollahs quarters and also the building of the auditorium with the end time schedule.
Yesterday I watched a documentary about mankinds progression and it was said that even if the Catholic church believed man had existed for a couple of thousand years and had one more millenium to go they started a building project on Saint Peters that would take generations to finish.

Now that we are living in a time of rapid technological development man has evolved in a being with shorter mental time frames.

It then went on into post modern man times in which some will develop into beings with higher faculties or cyborg, half man half machine, supported by AI in order to be able to populate some planets.

Anyway, science seems to be consistent with cog teaching still and perhaps more interesting.


Anonymous said...

The mantra on the old WCG was, "It's not what you own, but what you control. By owning nothing, you pay taxes on nothing, and if a religious organisation is the owner, no taxes at all. Ministers can live like royalty by charging most everything to expense accounts. Herbert bragged about taking an IRS agent to an expensive restaurant and then taunting him about putting it on his expense account. Quite a racket all churches have going for them. Of course, we dumb members got a kick out of what he did.

Allen C. Dexter

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who else lives on the campus with him?

Anonymous said...

Of course Davey would have the big house. I hope that gas station and shopping plaza are not part of the compound, I'm assuming they have the misfortune of being next door to this nut-job and his merry band of misfits?


Connie Schmidt said...

Pack is a breakthrough actually! He is ARTIFICIAL UN-INTELLIGENCE!

Hoss said...

I remember the days when I was defensive of HWA in the conflict of time is short and his on-going building projects. It was basically that we had to keep working to the end and not stand on a hill waiting for the end like William miller and his followers.
Now I wonder what will happen to Dave's domain when he eventually succumbs. Will there be an RCG The Next Generation, or simply nothing, due to natural attrition and desertion?

Hoss said...

Artificial Un-intelligence... Good one!
Actually the roundabout in the photos did make me think of a disk drive. But then, also, the Hadron Collider.

Anonymous said...

That's a good point. I bet Dave hasn't appointed a number two in case he gets ousted by his own church.

Byker Bob said...

Imagine living that close to Dave! He'd be counting your beer cans, you couldn't listen to any contemporary music, and forget about rocking out on any musical instrument! The compound might be opulent, but it's a kind of prison.


Anonymous said...

After seeing these sky-based views I had a sad!

The Chinese can do it. Why can't Pack do it?

Can't Pack at least have his landscape sculpted in the shape of HWA and his greatest accomplishment, so when seen from the air, people will say "LOOK AT HERBIE RAPING DOROTHY"! , instead of people saying, "Someone shouldn't have parked in that handicapped spot at the Giant Eagle market" ?

Anonymous said...

Please share this video with Dave Packs own spoken words on the tactic he uses to squeeze the assets out of the victims to pay for this compound.
Thank you