Sunday, October 29, 2017

Door For Tribulation Opened On September 11, 2001.

Our ONLY Church of God prophet has this to say about the tribulation.
This Sixth Seal was opened on September 11, 2001. Everyone in the world should be familiar with the expression “9/11.” This opening is the announcement of a transition in time when events concerning great tribulation coming on this earth become the primary focus point for all the cataclysmic events that are prophesied to take place. 
This day was not only when the Sixth Seal was opened, it was the day for the beginning of the First Thunder of Revelation.  The opening of this seal is a forewarning of what would follow over all the earth once it became time for the events of the Seventh Seal to be fulfilled. 
The Seventh Seal was opened on November the 14th of 2008, and will now soon begin to be fulfilled. It is from this date that world conditions began to move peoples and nations toward those events that will begin to become fulfilled in the dramatic conflict that engulfs mankind in a worldwide economic collapse, as well as the third and final world war. These catastrophic end-time events will complete the fulfillment of this Seventh Seal. 
However, what happened at the opening of the Sixth Seal on the 11th of September in 2001 was a prophetic event that was fulfilled. It was actually the FIRST physical event that not only served to fulfill a small beginning for end-time tribulation that had just begun, it served as a prophetic sign of what would follow that would thrust the world into that third world war—a nuclear war. 
Seven buildings were destroyed, and there are Seven Trumpets of the Seventh Seal. This says a lot, and more than most can know.
Here is the symbolism of what is described in the first part of the Sixth Seal. As the two towers fell from the sky, the eerie sight of a cloud rolled open and over New York, as a scroll opening across the sky and later rolled together again. From all inside, the sky became black as the sun disappeared. The e ect of dust in the air caused the moon to turn reddish in color, and the stars simply seemed to disap- pear. All these things are forebodings of what will come throughout all the earth, but it begins first with the collapse of the United States. 
So....the tribulation has been going on for close to 17 years now?   Seriously?


Byker Bob said...

Oh, no, man! The door opened in the 1840s with William Miller! Everybody's just been revising the date since then. William proclaimed that as the beginning of the Laodicean era.


Private Account said...

My life was one horrible tribulation until I broke free from the demonic grasp of the WCG/GCI.

Anonymous said...

Ron (who?) Weinland (who?) said: "...This Sixth Seal was opened on September 11, 2001....The Seventh Seal was opened on November the 14th of 2008, and will now soon begin to be fulfilled...."

Such stupidity continues on with these and the remainder of Ron's words, which aren't even worth contemplating. I suppose it shouldn't surprise any of us that Ron still has any followers...following his lies. Well, the lies of his father (John 8:44), which Jesus Christ might add if He were on earth today.

Time will tell.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

I am convinced EVERY generation experiences their own "Great Tribulation". Pick a date or time period, and we can describe "The Great Tribulation" in detail. For example, take 1861 to 1865 - for those that fought and died in the American Civil War on both sides, to them that was the Great Tribulation!


nck said...

There were the Anabaptists in Munster in the 16 hundreds and probably many more.

Ron did draw international attention around 2008 ish when newspaper articles published how "the end is nigh preachers" always pop up in times of calamity. And of course 2008 was a time of great and intense calamity for many. Since then stock markets went up, Ron served time and people feel safe.

But there will be others next war or calamity to seize upon the opportunity or "reading" the signs that have been the same for over 300.000 years of human experience. Fire, danger enemies and deception awaiting since we decended from the trees into the tall grass.


Connie Schmidt said...

Didn't the door open in 70 AD?

set the captives free said...

nck where do you get the idea that "people feel safe"? When I think of all the situations, wars, terrorism, extreme poverty, domestic violence, and a multitude of other suffering, I do not see people feeling "safe". The majority of the world does not feel "safe", or are you referring simply to your own sphere of existence? Not denying that faith can and does give great peace but there are so many human beings in various life situations that do not have safety. You do realize that I hope.

Maybe I don't understand your meaning of safe. What are you referring to as 'feeling safe'?

nck said...

Hello 2:15

I am referring to official OECD, IMF, United Nations statistics that this world has never been a better place than today.

The number of child deaths are only percentages of the 1970 statistics.

Wars are way down. Education for every child on earth is way up.


1.5 billion people Asia have been raised out of povery in the past 20 years.

The price of solar has dropped to 15 percent of 10 years ago.

So no, I am not referring to your or my personal circumstances but at the aggregate level of godly (global) statistics.

Securuty technology already being implemented in China proves that something very much resembling the social order of the Armstrongite World Tomorrow, which was named after the 1939 technology fair "The World of Tomorrow" is at hand.

Herbert E Armstrong was right. (In a secular way.)


nck said...

The common mathematical mistake you made is that perhaps more people in absolutes feel unsafe. (which is wrong also since I lived through the Cold War which was terrible psychologically.

But in relative numbers or percentages overall wealth distribution, medecine, longevity, health and education statistics have never been better in the history of mankind.

Think globally. I do however acknowledge the stress and friction caused by individual transfer of wealth to other segments. Like the drug problem among American white people caused by transfer of wealth/assembly jobs toward poorer parts of the world creating a surge of well being never enjoyed " over there".

I hope this answers your question regarding my perspective.


Byker Bob said...

Safety is often a relative term, one that deals in factors and percentages, as opposed to being a total package. As an example, you could live in a country with a just government, not at war, but have a famine taking place, so that you and your fellow citizens are not "food safe". So many of humanity's advancements have been born from adverse conditions that it is not truly advantageous to have 100% safety. There must be catalysts that humanity strives against. It is difficult to imagine the millennium as Armstrongism taught it, because the citizens would become complacent. I hate to say it, but their millennium appears to be "perfect" socialism.


set the captives free said...


Yes, you have clarified your perspective.

I however, will call out the United Nations and the others you mentioned on their view and yours, that, "this world has never been a better place than today". I was not referring to "personal circumstances" but a personal view of the world around me and the suffering I see in it.

One example being, the education of a child has absolutely nothing to do with that child personally feeling "safe". Education is often merely a diversion to the rage and violence in a child's home or community. Wars are not only the declared version. The homes / communities of many children are filled with raised voices, sudden outbursts, thrown dishes, or simply the tension that results in the same...those things ARE war for a child. They are bullets and bombs, grenades and land mines that create a NO safety zone. I could go on but I think you get the idea of what I mean.

This world is blind to suffering, they use very peculiar standards to define 'safety'. Perhaps that is why it will be said, "peace, peace, then sudden destruction".

nck said...

set the captives free

Well, I hope and believe your good works can and perhaps do make all the difference in your sphere of influence.

I deal with aggregates and numbers and the influence of billions, not the personal aid you might provide making all the difference in peoples personal lives.

Whenever my COG kin tries discussing the gravity of current "world conditions" I always give them a choice to pick ANY time in the history of the world to which they would like to be beamed RIGHT NOW.

After some hesitation they do not even want to return to the days of their youth having to wash their clothes in the brook and walking to get water while being shot at.

Leave alone the times of the Viking raids, Dacia in Roman times, or whatever.

From a macro perspective I say PICK your time.

On a microlevel I congratulate you for the important and influential factor you personally can be in your personal sphere of influence.


nck said...


Although I stand by my highly abstract point. I would like to thank you very much for raising awareness for the reality of the situation.