Monday, December 25, 2017

In 2009 I Removed The Curse On Women That Has Existed Since The Beginning

Ron Weinland says:
So when you read (I think it's Act 10) when finally Peter had this vision that he had of this cloth descending three different times with everything that was unclean and so forth and there are those in the world that try to say, "Well, see, God was showing him that everything is clean to eat." You think, "You moron! Just read a little bit farther. It doesn't say that at all. It tells you exactly what it was all about.” But they don't want to read farther. They don't want to read the rest. It was about the gentiles – incredible – not about clean and unclean foods. 
They already have an attitude. You know, sometimes people just have an attitude about what they believe and what they think and certain things they don't agree with anyway and so they use something like that as an "opportunity," if you want to call it that, for them to twist and distort something into something that isn't there. Going on: 

These few simply did not agree and chose to believe instead that “their” God would not require such a thing, and thereby concluded that this must not be of God. 
All I can do is shake my head at that through time. So quickly they forgot how they learned the truth in the first place, through whom they learned it, different ones who had battles here within the Church. Going on: 
This is also like some in the Church after 2009 who rejected the truth of God’s removal of the “curse” from women that has existed since the beginning, or not believing that a woman should ever be ordained into the ministry.
That tried and tested people. It was progressive revelation that God was giving, and had no intention of revealing this or giving any indication of this until the very end of an age before His Son was going to return. Incredible to understand the timing that God chose to reveal certain things as He has. So it puts people to the test. It reveals attitudes. It reveals thinking that's hidden deep down inside of us sometimes. God uses trials and tests to bring things to the surface, like the gold or the silver that's heated up and the dross rises to the surface. It does in our minds so often when God reveals something, and it will reveal things that aren't in agreement with God. That's the dross. That's what has to be removed because it's not in agreement with God! 


Helen Wheels said...

Love him or hate him, he still has the balls to speak the truth no matter if you agree or disagree.

Anonymous said...


Ron hasn't spoken the truth since 2008, when he reneged on his promise to quit as a prophet if his prophecies failed. He now disagrees with himself, and has redefined "truth" so many times that it has no meaning other than "whatever happens to come out of my mouth at the moment."

Gordon Feil said...

"So it puts people to the test. It reveals attitudes." It might reveal gullibility, but not much else.

I've never read Weinland before, but if the posts are accurate quotes, he's coasting on fumes.

Anonymous said...

Hell On, Ron freed HIS women to hold the charade together

Byker Bob said...

It would be a gas if any branch of Armstrongism acknowledged the obvious societal evolution which has elevated women beyond their status of mere chattel as experienced in the Bronze Age. But, not this way!

Weinland is claiming the ability to lift the curse described in Genesis as being imposed upon Adam and Eve and their descendants by God upon banishment from the Garden of Eden.

Theoretically, who believes that Ron has the authority to do this? Do the women in Ron's church no longer experience labor pain?

Any demonstrable faker of the gift of prophecy is displayng a character flaw that will permeate every one of his other activities. Faking prophecy means if it serves your purposes, you'll also fake anything else, and should not be trusted.


Connie Schmidt said...

Does the "lifting of the curse" mean we wont get "PMS" anymore??

Anonymous said...

“In 2009 I Removed The Curse On Women That Has Existed Since The Beginning”

The curse has not been removed at all. Ronald Weinland is still there.

Anonymous said...

"Does the "lifting of the curse" mean we wont get "PMS" anymore??"

that would certainly give men some relief!

AJ said...

God never cursed anyone. He knows the end from the beginning and states those things but if God cursed someone they'd have no life at all and no chance.
God simply predicted that Eve would allow herself to desire her husband more than she would desire God himself.
Why in the world would God put irresponsible Adam as leader? Imagine that guy as CEO? Incapable of admitting he was wrong, blaming God and Eve for his problems, hiding from God. Yeah, what a man!
After all who deceived Eve? She was already deceived before the snake spoke to her.
She had been told she couldnt touch the tree which was not the truth. She was deceived.
The snake said their eyes would be opened... that was true.They were opened and saw they had cut themselves off from God.They were naked!
The snake said they would not die.. also true. They ate and didn't drop dead. Another death was what God meant but I think they thought it was instant death.
It doesn't seem it was the snake who lead her to believe she couldn't touch the tree. Who did that?
God points to Adam it seems since we are told Eve was deceived but Adam wasn't.
Women remove the 'curse' from themselves by following God instead of men.
The curse was having men rule over them because of their wrong choice.This women do to themselves when they choose who to put first in their live

Weinland is weird.

By the way. I am a woman and have 4 children and experienced very little discomfort in labor or birth. Is God then a respecter of persons? No, it is just genetic in my family but if it was a curse to have pain then why was my female line left out? Not fair I'd say.
Labor involved a bit of light cramping and strain but little more.
Delivery was a bit uncomfortable due to stretching (image the pain of pulling your mouth open on the sides too wide.) But nothing more than that.
I am not the only women to report this either. Do a bit of research and you will see. So, you have to rethink what kind of pain God is talking about.

Anonymous said...