Monday, December 25, 2017

The COG minister who touched many lives

It is interesting to see the various news articles and comments by the public in regard to Ian Boyne's untimely death.   Ian touched far more lives that just the COGI culture.  The Jamaican public and other leaders of faith have had many words of praise for Ian's willingness to talk across the many divides in Christianity and society in general. Two things that you will not see in any other Church of God leader, especially the self-appointed ones.


Rita Anwheap said...

Great man of God who will be missed. R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

Here is a Youtube video of Mr. Ian Boyne's Profile tv show.

Ian's little finger has more brains and compassion than Mr.Pack, Weinland, Thiel, etc put together.

Anonymous said...

Compared to other churches of God ministers it seems that Mr. Boyne had class, he was a very respectable person as he showed those of us here on Banned respect. That was a nice article written about Ian by a Church of God 7th day minister, I have yet to see the CGI put out a statement on Ian's passing. RIP Ian.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ian was a rare honest COG minister who wished to overcome the past cultish "leadership".

But since we discuss religion here, the "rest in peace" part? If we understand scripture, everyone dead is asleep. Resting until the resurrection. I mean no disrespect to Ian or the commentators. It's just another example of how frail humans try to cope with death and we use these r.i.p. remarks showing how inadequate humans are to explain their vague spiritual existence.