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Dave Pack: "I have often thought that my entire life has been one most privileged."

The quotes below are from the introduction to Dave Pack's "Authorized Autobiography." Can there ever have been a greater human being to walk this green earth and to lead a Church of God?  Not even Bob Thiel is this superfantastic!  The narcissism runs deep!

I have often thought that my entire life has been one most privileged. Of course, living in a modern Western nation is enough in itself to make this true. Just the list of extraordinary physical blessings enjoyed is nearly without end. I had wonderful parents, an unusually productive first marriage of over 36 years, with God blessing us with three children—and many grandchildren. There has now been the very happy, and quite unexpected, blessing of a second wife, also completely committed to God’s Way. I have traveled theworld, and met many remarkable people along the way.
Obviously, the greatest blessing in my life has been God’s calling into His Church, Work and truth now well over 40 years ago. Nothing could compare to the gift of learning and understanding the marvelous doctrines of God. My calling almost immediately involved a decision that altered the course of my life more than any other: the opportunity to attend Ambassador College. This in turn led to being placed into the ministry of Jesus Christ now approaching 40 years ago. Such a life-altering additional calling meant a host of diverse assignments, always in interesting cities and regions of the country, and working with and assisting many thousands of people, including leaders, in a ministerial setting.
These became the foundation for many of the events experienced and lessons learned related throughout these volumes.
Dave's life is so supferfantaulous that his writers cannot even figure out where to start chronicling his life.  Imagine living a transcendent life like Dave!
Since an unusually wide range of experiences has enriched my life, a certain problem was created for the writers: which stories and encounters should be included in the biography. Of course, there were certain ones that had to be incorporated because of their transcending influence or impact on my life. The biography would fail in purpose if it did not contain them, coupled with an explanation of why they were important. This alone meant a lot of material needed to be included. 
For some reason, Dave fails to mention the trail of destruction and ruined lives he left behind in EVERY church area he served at.  Someone else had to come in and clean up his messes every single time.

Dave claims his god had a hand in his life just as god supposedly had a hand in Herbert Armstrong's life.

When the overall picture is seen, it becomes evident that God had His hand on me as a young man, and, as with Herbert W. Armstrong, there were times His guidance was very clear in my life. This was most obvious when looking back, rather than around from the middle of an ongoing experience or trial. Taken together, the stories and accounts chosen either carried significant lessons or in some fashion helped define me.
As the holy child of God, Dave's mother recognized his magnificence early on:
As a young boy, my mother characterized me as “a child with great capacity for enjoyment.” This personality trait probably most summarizes my approach to everything and still describes me today. I have always seen life in brilliant colors. This had an automatic effect on how wonderfully blessed I have felt myself to be during the over six decades of my life. To this day, those closest to me marvel at the enthusiasm with which I seem to embrace almost everything before me.
When one lives a life so superfantabulous, the critics come out and deliberately lie about such magnificent men as Dave.  Dave therefore had to set the record straight:
Over the years, much, in fact most, of what has been written and spoken about me is either completely false or badly distorted. Through the Internet, these stories have proliferated and multiplied. That much of this information has been negative comes as no surprise. It is human nature to pass along gossip, true or false. But it is human nature to suppose that most of the stories are true, if only because this is easy. I had to eventually accept that this may be partly because there is no factual alternative to which to turn. I also had to recognize that some in the splinters of the Worldwide Church of God could miss out on participation in the true Work and Church of God if we did not do this. 
As if ANYONE in ANY of the splinter groups is "missing out" on the awesomeness of Dave's life.  They know enough about his crap to not join up with him over the past three years, as he predicted they would be.

Only Jesus has been tested more than Dave's personal life.  He is such an amazing dude!
My entire life has been a series of tests of faith. There have been numerous health trials, and more than the average person. There have been almost nonstop slander and persecution, coupled with demotion and unexpected transfers. Then there has been the challenge of having been drafted into the military after God had called me, the trials and blessings of paying third tithe, in addition to tests in the workplace for one year associated with taking time off to observe God’s Holy Days. And there are the many—and often severe—financial trials that God always saw me through. I also worked directly under several ministers who did not have God’s Holy Spirit, and almost seemed to set out to prove it—their later decisions before or during the apostasy plainly evidenced this. There was of course also the long, protracted illness in 2006 and 2007, culminating in death, of my first wife.
Some will say the stories and relationships described are embellished and/or exaggerated. They are not. They come from real events. They happened! (In fact, many punches had to be pulled just to keep certain names out.) The accounts of those I met and associated with involved real people inside and outside the Church. 
Dave is so confident in his awesomeness that he has geared his story towards 6 different groups of people:
Finally, the biography has been written so that it speaks to as many as six separate audiences. First would be members of The Restored Church of God. Second are those who were once in the Worldwide Church of God. These may be in or out of the splinters today, but are trying to find where God’s Church, Work, Truth and Government continue.
The third group consists of those God is calling now who may have the same interest in my background as I and so many others did in Mr. Armstrong’s preparation and training. Fourth would be the public press. These should at least have an opportunity to read an alternative to what God’s enemies state about His Church and its leaders.
Fifth would be young people in the Church who might benefit in the same way that Mr. Armstrong felt his early life experiences benefited young people of decades ago. Many will recall he excerpted into a small booklet his “Early Years” solely for this purpose.
Sixth are all true ministers of God today. The experiences recorded here become a guide of helpful counseling tools, organizational tips, methods used and painful lessons learned involving mistakes to be avoided that hopefully can be useful for the remainder of these last days. We live in a complicated age, and any additional assistance and voice of experience that can be offered can only help.
No one in the Church of God has ever lived a life that was as extraordinary as Dave's!  Read it and weep Bob Thiel and Gerald Weston!  You apostates!  Dave's life will soon be included in scripture as a worthy life to emulate.
I believe that what the reader will encounter captures the extraordinary life I have lived, and it offers an opportunity for others to learn from my experiences. I certainly did.


Anonymous said...

I hate Dave Pack! He is such a liar and a good-for-nothing c**t!

Anonymous said...

"And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward." Matthew 6:5

James said...

Dave said: I have always seen life in brilliant colors.

Reminds me of that weinland prophet who dresses the part with the robes and all that crap.........The text in his youtube videos are covered in bright colors.

By the way, love those little birds!

Anonymous said...

David Pack's Great “Bait & Switch” SCAM

David C. Pack originally claimed that his Restored Church was going to restore everything that Herbert W. Armstrong had taught at the time of his death on January 16, 1986 in the Worldwide Church of God. In his Government of God book, Dave wrote that, “I have been either put on trial, fired or demoted a total of 12 times solely on issues of doctrine and principles of truth.” Surely Dave had proved himself faithful.

Since Dave and his RCG were trying to do a great work with less than 2% of the people who had been in the WCG at its peak, Dave's followers were expected to work very hard indeed. All tithes and offerings had to be faithfully, precisely sent in. Any so-called “leftover” third tithe had to be faithfully, precisely swept into the general bill paying account at the end of each month. Later, everyone had to do continual fundraising. And now, everyone must hand over virtually everything they have (houses, retirement plans, savings, possessions, etc.)-- “or no salvation if you don't.”

Sacrificing everything like this to support what one had been taught in the past could be to one's great credit if it were all true. Unfortunately, an elephant-size problem has suddenly appeared. Dave has started to change teachings on a massive scale. Dave now teaches that he, rather than HWA, is the prophesied Elijah with the power to “restore” all doctrines, such as his new “common” theft doctrine. Dave has also given a lengthy series of “First Dominion” prophetic sermons that totally garbled all end time prophetic understanding beyond all understanding.

Dave had previously proclaimed his great doctrinal stability, and had criticized all the other WCG splinter groups for making various doctrinal changes away from what HWA had taught. Now, Dave is going even crazier than most of them have. All the time, effort, and money that people poured into Dave's RCG cult is now actually being used to massively change and pervert what HWA had taught. This is a very interesting development.

If you were listening carefully to Dave and paying attention, there were some slight hints at what was coming. For example, after re-writing many of the old WCG books and booklets in his own words to attract former WCG members, Dave had said that the Devil would not have him go to all that work just so he could go bad in the end. So, of course, that is precisely what the Devil did.

Anonymous said...

Dave said; "and it offers an opportunity for others to learn from my experiences. I certainly did."

Actually he didn't but he just doesn't know this yet.

Byker Bob said...

It just boggles my mind that someone could actually brag about having lived a privileged life. Many good people have rejected privilege and have attempted to live a more reality based life, self-leveling the playing field with that of their peers, and living on their own terms and merits.


Anonymous said...

Having a privileged life on the backs of others isn't something to be proud of and I certainly would not advertise it to anyone.

For the life of me I can't figure out what exactly needs restoring, didn't Christ do the job right to begin with? Does that mean that all the christians for the past 2000 years can't possibly be saved because they missed something? I think not. He hasn't restored anything other than his delusions.

Anonymous said...

Pack describing his life and self sounds like a A+ lister Hollywood actor (has been). His world travelling, the amazing people he has met,thousands he has helped along the way. His mom pointing out what a special child he was. Exactly how any hollywood star biographys are written. Problem is Packs not meant to be a actor. He is supposed to be a holy righteous character. A man of God.
Packs account of himself is a wordly disgrace. Is this what the COG leaders have become religious hollywood actors. Smug, self serving, full of their own importance ?

Anonymous said...

Dave is talking himself up to encourage his followers to worship him and live vicariously through him. That those above him didn't have the holy spirit is to be expected since they saw him for the idiot that he is.

I read most of his original un-photoshopped autobiograsphy. He mentioned how when he became a trainee minister, he adapted a 'observation mode ' to learn as much as he could about human behavior. Which begs the question of what the heck did he learn in AC. It sounds like he didn't learn much. Yet this is the person members go to with their serious problems, thinking he is another Dr. Phil.

What caught my attention was that as a trainee minister, he was under a minister who had a shoebox of thirty letters from potential members asking for counseling. Every time this minister was about to visit one of these people, his wife hindered him, so he never left home. Surprisingly, this minister resigned. But what stands out is that when Dave complained to HQ about this man, he was the one criticised, not the minister. Like in all tyrannies, criticising the government is the ultimate crime.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:35 PM, I couldn't have put it better myself.

nck said...


Interesting story you lifted out of that biography.
It reminded me of Wellingtons remarks after Napoleons defeat at Waterloo. The soldiers cheered him raucously wherever he appeared. But Wellington remarked that the soldiers were taking too much liberty in deciding for themselves to cheer their commander.

He meant, whats time they decide for themselves that they were at liberty not to cheer or not to fight or question the chain of command.


Anonymous said...

“Dave Pack: 'I have often thought that my entire life has been one most privileged.'”

Well, that might be great for Dave, but what a curse on his followers.

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack, striving to set his record "straight" commented with saying: "...Over the years, much, in fact most, of what has been written and spoken about me is either completely false or badly distorted. Through the Internet, these stories have proliferated and multiplied. That much of this information has been negative comes as no surprise. It is human nature to pass along gossip, true or false. But it is human nature to suppose that most of the stories are true, if only because this is easy..."

Why does Dave bad-mouth human nature?

After all, after Adam and Eve were created God said this: "And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good..." Gen 1:31

Perhaps, Dave might want to consider using the phrase "carnal nature" instead of human nature. The Apostle Paul said this:

"For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men?" 1 Corinthians 3:3

Over the years it appears that Dave's group has been greatly involved with envying, strife and divisions...the very "marks" of carnality. Human nature is "very good."

Dave may want to reconsider the fact that, after all is said and done: most of what has been written and spoken about Dave is completely true, and is properly viewed by others and there is no reason to judge the matter and blame any of it on human nature.

Time will tell...