Sunday, May 6, 2018

Fred Coulter Church Spin-off Says Only Those 17 And Older Are Allowed To Read Site

The Christian Biblical Church of God is headed up by Fred Coulter, a failed former Worldwide Church of God minister who, at one point in time claimed, that by feeling the bumps on people heads he could determine their character and mental abilities.

Coulter sets himself up as the ultimate authority on Greek and has worked overtime in reorganizing the Bible into the "correct order" he believes it had originally been intended.  He then published his new bible, which was printed in China for an incredibly low price, to his members and the gullible public an inflated high price. Not only did Coulter reorganize the location of biblical books, but his real intent was to discredit New testament verses that started that the Old Covenant was no longer.  One reviewer wrote:
However, it became clear that this reordering of books was not the intent and purpose of this new translation. Soon into my survey I began to note a pattern of what appear to be intentional errors in translation. I suspect that these errors are not honest changes of text based on an academic application of understanding of ancient languages, but instead an attempt to re-address doctrines of the New Testament. All of the errors tend to be those passages in the New Testament which revoke the legal authority of the Old Testament. 
If there is one thing that infuriates the die-hard legalists in the church is the claim that the Old Covenant has been done away with, which essentially means the 600 some laws of the OT are not enforced upon grace filled Christians.

Coulter is also the one who got many of the conspiracy nuts in the church all frothing at the mouth that the church was being taken over by Masons, Jesuits and Jews that were supposedly also practicing witches. This was all done in the mid-1970's before he was disfellowshipped in 1979.  Coulter was actually disfellowshipped and excommunicated THREE times!  The third time was Rod Meredith did it in 2008 when he discovered LCG members were listening to Fred teachings and he publicly disfellowshipped him, even though Coulter was NOT an LCG member and never had been (see below).

Coulter is like many of the other COG's who demands that his followers tithe.  He has had several groups of people leave over the years when they discovered though well thought out study, that the Bible does not require tithing in the New Covenant.

All of that brings us to today.  In February 2018, Coulter's UK office manager resigned and passed the keys, office and money over to a David Sheridan. Coulter claimed this was not his idea and does not recognize Sheridan to UK office manager.  Coulter also demanded the money be returned.  Sheridan has refused and now the CBCG in the UK has rebranded itself as The Christian Biblical Church of God Endinburgh Scotland.  They even have a new web site found here.

They make this claim on their page:
We at are not responsible for their content or any sites they operate or provide links to nor do we give our complete endorsement, you must be your own judge.
Which translates that they are not responsible for the errors on Fred Coulter's main web site which has recently charged its name to Truth of God.

The new CBCGES is also age restricted.  No one under 17 is allowed to visit or read their page.  One has to wonder WHY anyone under 17 would even WANT to read their page!

When our Website is running,  only persons who are at least 17yrs years of age are invited to use it !!!
They also assume no responsibility of anyone damaged or hurt by reading their site: accept no liability arising out of your usage of our Website or any or linked Websites.
As the years go by, I never cease to be amazed at the sheer lunacy that comes out of the Church of God any more.  For a group of people who claim to be the "true believers", never has there been a group of people more screwed up than what the Church of God has become.  Every day brings something new.

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Anonymous said...

The Churches of God remind me of....

....a bunch of clueless, blind insects running around on the sidewalk, with no idea where they are going or what they are doing. Each of them, trying to take control and be the head, claiming they know the way, but no one finding the way. Eventually, they all just eat each other up. And none of them know how to look up.

I'd say it is just sad, but it is far beyond sad. You want to just help them out in any way you can but you know they won't listen, they won't care, and quite frankly, they don't want the help. It is their own convictions that blind them and bind them.

As far as restricting those under 17? Well. I guess they have finally achieved it. They gave a Church of God website an NC-17 rating. Something that should have been done ages ago. I know it's idiotic, and Gary's right about how crazy and stupid it is. But wow.

Byker Bob said...

Somebody is a shrewd psychologist. This age restriction makes the site “forbidden fruit”. It’s actually a way of targeting teenagers.


Connie Schmidt said...

17 and above?? Ridiculous! Should read instead "Old enough to breed, old enough to read" !!

Anonymous said...

Fred's office keys is handed to someone Fred doesn't want and then refuses to hand Fred's keys back. Then sets up their own church. What a farce!
It was Fred Coulter who gloated about the end of The Journal newspaper, who looks foolish now.

Perry O'Dontist said...

"One has to wonder WHY anyone under 17 would even WANT to read their page!"

One also has to wonder why anyone OVER 17 would even want to read their page.

"Coulter is also the one who got many of the conspiracy nuts in the church all frothing at the mouth that the church was being taken over by Masons, Jesuits and Jews that were supposedly also practicing witches."

Coulter is big-time into conspiracy theories. Root canals, people, ROOT CANALS are a globalist conspiracy! Have those teeth pulled!

If you can believe an ancient Jewish comic book is literally true and be led to think that when you talk to yourself, that comic books heroes can hear you, that it's villains are out to get you, and they're watching you all the time...well then you can be persuaded of anything. Absurdity ceases to be an obstacle.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how in all these splinters, the leader is looked upon as a pope and his ministers as little popes in their respective congregations. As popes they are infallible and their word is law. It would be more honest to address them as Pope rather than Mr.

Anonymous said...

Is thus the same David Sheridan?

Anonymous said...

Is this the same David Sheridan? The city named in this article is the same city the Living Church of God had registered as an address.

This would explain why minors can't engage on his website.