Wednesday, February 6, 2019

LCG: We Have Prophetic Vision! Yep we do! We really really do!

If you thought the illogical sermons of Dreamy Chief Overseer Bob Thiel of the improperly named "continuing" Church of God were mind-numbingly boring,
wait until you catch some of this sad sermon on prophecy from LCG.
It will be hard to make it through the first 5 minutes!
I can just see LCG members starting to fall asleep when he starts speaking.

Church Administration in Pasadena found him incredibly boring and narcissistic before he apostatized and went with Rod Meredith. Yet, LCG continues to celebrate him as him as some kind celebrity.


FFS said...

Can’tstand it, can’t stand it, can’t stand it!!! Heebee jeebiees big time! Oooh shudder! Uuugh!!! Trigger alert!

Anonymous said...

How did Count Dracula become a minister?

Byker Bob said...

Well, call me closed minded, but since it’s from an ACOG, I have no interest in (yuk yuk yuk!) investigating this. How many times do they have to blow it since 1975 in order for everyone to realize thay they are clueless, and have zero insights?

No wonder some amongst us have spent so
many years hearing about the Germans that they’ve gone off a sniffin’ drainpipes and gettin’ into David Duke! Fight fire with fire?


Anonymous said...

It seems that, as with the "Wisdom" article mentioned in the other thread, LCG ministers are allowed to make stuff up, and the members don't seem to mind.

Sweetblood777 said...

This isn't even Bible 101. How many members must be having the thought, 'Haven't we already heard this?'

This is just as bad as hearing HWA's mouthing about the two trees. One truly needed endurance to just remain sitting.

TLA said...

"This is just as bad as hearing HWA's mouthing about the two trees. One truly needed endurance to just remain sitting."
HWA was 100 times more interesting than some of the speakers today. And this is the problem with the COGs - it has been all downhill, and is accelerating, while the world falls apart.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the members who have to sit through 1 1/2 hours of Mario. Yes FFS, I agree with you geebees big time. The same crap over and over and over ad nausm.

Tonto said...

According to various "ethnic origin" maps I have seen by USA counties, the Germans are the most populous country of origin for more Americans than any other group.

Maybe the "German Prophecies" came true! ... they conquered America by just simply moving here. Trump and Pence have german roots too, as does the British Royal Family!

Anonymous said...

Mario has it wrong. The 'lack of vision' thingy refers to striving towards a gaol rather than some prophesy fulfillment. It's when people have no gaols that they revert to a 'wine woman and song' lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Dennis is copying the Herb playbook. Like Herb with his 'don't believe me, check with your bible,' Dennis quotes Thomas Huxley's 'sit down before a fact as a little child.'
All this supposed tolerance and respect for the evidence goes out the window once one joins his 'church.' Then the 'truth' is dictated by Pope Dennis. He has stated many of his 'doctrines' on this blog. For example, the supposed contention between Paul and Peter gobbledygook which he keeps repeating.

The Apostate Anti church of God, headed by Pope Dennis Diehl.

The garden of Eden had its snake, and here at Banned we have our own resident snake.

Al Dexter said...

Tonto, we've just continued the mixing that went on for centuries in Europe, including the British Isles. There are no pure nationalities, just temporary political loyalty by a multitude of ancestors who came from all over the place. All that crap about Assyrians, etc. was just that -- crap. In my recent ancestry, I have Norman, English (itself a great mixture), Irish and I'm sure some I have no inkling about. Overall, I'm thankful for my genetic heritage which is strong enough to keep me functioning rather well into my mid-eighties. Politically, I'm an American. Nationality-wise, I'm who knows what all the way back to my roots in Africa.

TLA said...

Rod Meredith had some German ancestors as well, and he won his battle with Global and won 80% of the members, shed an expensive office lease, and won most of the ministry. A true German warrior!
Of course Russia (Tkach and son) won WCG - Gog and Magog?

Now for my personal prophetic skills:
"It will be cold in winter, but much warmer in summer."

Anonymous said...

Members followed Rod and Tkach because they were both evil. I wouldn't label that being a warrior.

nck said...

Yes Tonto. The so called Dark Ages with so called peoples "conquering" britain was simply a huge migration pattern.

Most peoples even got invited

Btw Each and every historic invasion claiming legality has been preceded by an official invite in order for it to be legal.

In Afghanistan for instance both the Soviets and the USA got legally invited.


the Ocelot said...

Bore you in five minutes?Hell,it took Greald Waterhouse three hours!