Saturday, June 15, 2019

Dave Pack: A Thugs Life...After the failure, more lies


DennisCDiehl said...

Dave has a slick way to slip from I was wrong to "We" were wrong and "We" missed it. Dave should not be so surprised that people scoff when his absolute sure it's going to be as he sees it, isn't. Dave's "I'm not like others. I"m cut from a different cloth" is going to bite him in the ass. But we should careful to only notice he is missing a piece of his ass lest we be said to be the scoffers of the last days. :)

Tonto said...

Whether one "understands" speculative prophecy or not, I really do not see the relevance of such things.

Its not like any of us has any influence over ANY of the world scene, and if we profess Christianity, then it is simply a day by day process of living life and loving neighbor and God.

Again, Im not sure how this is important, and in the end ... "whatever will be , will be" . You should only ever worry about things in life that you have some degree of control over.

SHT said...

I think he says "We" were wrong because of the other 15 "YES MEN" who had no choice but to agree with him lest they be ostracized and out of a job. In this way, he has an easy out to only take 1/16th of the blame because "Well, everyone else agreed with me". There was never a choice. He has just found a way to share blame with those who had absolutely no other choice in the matter but to nod and say yes - even though it was absolutely and certainly nothing but a deceptive, grand lie from the very beginning.

TLA said...

Love your picture commentary!
Dave and Bob must be the most maligned false prophets in the COG movement, and that is quite an achievement when you are competing with Gerald Flurry, Malm, and the late 5 to 15 years till Christ returns RCM.

What About The Truth said...

Tonto, common sense has no relevance in the Restored Church of God. Dave Pack believes and teaches his members that he/they will have influence over world affairs very shortly and for a very long time.

Mr. Pack felt that there was no relevance in renting the basement of a commercial building and preaching Christian living principles for a large number of years. Relevance could only come from extracting by coercion his members financial assets to build a crown jewel of vanity.
In parallel with the grandiose building came the greatest story about a man never told that has taken over six years to tell because of course there has to be a man of relevance standing behind the millennial splendor.

In the end, if you or I or anyone doesn't believe him, that person is castigated with a label. In this instance we are scoffers and mockers and his unbelieving members are told they won't hear God's literal voice - only thunder.

There is no speculative prophecy in the RCG just as there has been nothing that has been gotten wrong by "I". It has only been the "we" that got anything wrong. I never heard "we" predict that the Son of Man would return to Wadsworth two weeks after the 2018 FOT. I never heard the "we" state that the Son of Man would return the third week of March 2019. And I never heard "we" assert that the Son of Man has to return sometime this Spring 2019.

According to Dave Pack I have it all wrong and I am a heretic and I lost God's Holy Spirit and I am a scoffer and mocker because I don't believe what he says. Ah well, I have a thunderstorm moving in tonight and I wonder if Mr. Pack would believe me if I said "we" can hear it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You really cannot make this stuff up. It takes a demon-inspired mind like David Pack's to make this stuff up.