Thursday, June 13, 2019

Heretic of the week: HWA

In today's newsfeed:

Heretic of the week: Herbert W Armstrong
Catholic Herald. UK 
Charles Coulombe 
Herbert W Armstrong (1892-1986) was an American prophet, in the mould of Joseph Smith and Mary Baker Eddy – though his doctrines were far removed from theirs.
Born in Des Moines, Iowa, to a Quaker family, he married a distant cousin, Loma Dillon, in 1917. The newlyweds moved to Chicago. Early in their marriage, Mrs Armstrong had a dream in which she was told that her husband had a divine mission. In 1924, following some business reverses, they moved to Eugene, Oregon, to live with her parents. There the intrepid couple joined a Seventh Day Adventist splinter group, and Herbert began to develop his distinctive doctrines. These combined some of the usual Adventist beliefs – adherence to the Saturday Sabbath, for example – with a refusal to observe “pagan” Christian holidays and the adoption of certain other Jewish beliefs. Added to that was a highly developed and unusual set of Bible prophecies, as well as British Israelism. This is the idea, dating back to the 19th century, that the peoples of the British Isles are the descendants of the children of Israel, and the Royal Family are the successors of the House of David – Queen Elizabeth II, in effect, being the true successor of David and Solomon, not Christ.
Using radio very judiciously, Armstrong spread his message so successfully that his Worldwide Church of God was soon supporting a four-year university in Pasadena, California, and providing millions in humanitarian aid to struggling nations – which in turn allowed him to hobnob with heads of state and gather decorations.
A very public falling out with his son damaged Armstrong’s work, and after his death his successors purged his beliefs from the denomination’s teachings. But Armstrongism continues to be held by a large number of splinter groups.


R.L. said...

Awfully easy for Catholics to point fingers and claim heresy, when they do a lot of extra-Biblical things themselves.

Tonto said...

"providing millions in humanitarian aid to struggling nations"...

Is a bit overstated. Aid never went directly to any government per se. Rather, pet projects of HWA.

nck said...

Tonto. Pet projects is also overstated.

Many of those projects were in cooperation with the governments and leading people of the day. (education, schools, food security etc etc)

In retrospect small projects of which some topics are major focus points today for ngo's and governments.

Worldwildlife Fund. One of those "start ups of the day" that received a relatively small amount as if one would take today's numbers, but important leverage in that particular phase of the organisation.

Also rallying diplomatic support for the "World Court" in a phase that Judge Singh described as "critical" for the organisation.

I can name "millions" more that benefitted "humanity". Some organisations supporting thousands of scientific research papers or disease control are still on existance, some even name hwa and rader as founder still. So humanitarian aid is an apropriate. Term.

I am not willing to discuss the facts with idiots anymore. Although if someone were to claim those "struggling nations" were often "non alligned nations" in the great struggle versus the "evil empire" I might read up.

A stupid American would see the tiny nation of Nepal as a "struggling nation" requiring "aid".

A smart American might be aware of the humonguous American Embassy on that nation positioned strategically between the Indian and Chinese superpowers. (depending on ones definition) As an agricultural nation prone to Marxist and Maoist insurgents and rebels.

Guess what. WCG provided support for agricultural know how. Did I tell you about WCG' s pledge to support Marcos' agricultural land reform on the largest airforce base in the presence of the entire military leadership.

Just a small amount of money as compared to the huge CIA funding within the Philipines. But the more than symbolic gesture for a program that was one of the more popular programs that supported Marcos provided important political leverage in a time when he was about to lose control.

There was the American citizen ruling a undisputed leader of Thailand wildly popular because of his support of agricultural programs (in cooperation with wcg) that supported minorities who today are massacred in Myanmar.

Why not speak about that instead of blabbering about "our legacy" as an frustrated fool.

We shouldn't forget the good old USA. US mediation services and the 9tg circuit court are also great causes that serve the American people well ans received in (con)ception fees by wcg.


nck said...


TODAY Japanese diplomats are speaking with the regime in Tehran.

Are you blind to the times Japan was wallowing in shame about wwII unable to interact internationally as proper to to their economic status and dependencies.

These were the times the GII flew to Quwait from Tokyo with young members of Japans leading Samurai families. Japan supported AICf negotiated schools in Kenya that are extremely prestigious today. A role the chinese have taken over in Africa.

My pet comment is the one about the US ambassador to Syria who commented that AICF projects in Syria provided leverage that benefitted the people and government of the USA .

That comment was made just hours before the GII would leave Damascus without airspace clearance, took the route through the jordan valley and was escorted by Syrian jets on one wing and Israeli jets on the other.

I guess some would disagree with Tonto on the final assesment if wcg benefitted more people than tonto wouls expect by his personal experience.


Opinionated said...

nck wrote 'That comment was made just hours before the GII would leave Damascus without airspace clearance, took the route through the jordan valley and was escorted by Syrian jets on one wing and Israeli jets on the other.'

Complete and utter bullshit. Took off without clearance = shoot down which would have been a good thing except for the pilot and the rest of the crew. They were just hired hands.

Next time you post nck, try using some punctuation so that you can be understood. Understand?

nck said...


I see you looked up the source of that information and refuted the source. Oh no wait........I see you are just another opinion bulshitter without any research capabilities just responding because it "feels"good.


nck said...

5:02 opinionated.

The GII took of in haste without permits with Phantom and Migs on either side.

If you are an aviator perhaps I mingled "clearance" with "permits". Then I withdraw my insults to an industry expert. Otherwise you should ask yourself if you are just an "eager" no nothing responder to quick to answer.


Anonymous said...

HWA run an abusive cult that oppressed most of its members. Yet you constantly sing praise to the man you have. There's something wrong with you.

Anonymous said...

Relax with Exlax, 7:21. Many of the people here like nck and Dennis are unknowingly practicing self hypnosis, repeating a mantra.

nck said...


Very interesting interpretation of you.

As a matter of fact I have NEVER heaped praise on HWA. I did and di however highlight the MANY achievements our financing and aspiration made possible.

Not even during HWA's reign would most have attributed those achievents to HWA, but rather Gods doing or that of an "unseen hand."

I have talked about "how I see that unseen hand", you however expose yourself as a "former hwa worshipper" in your claim that hwa did all this. I am merely celebrating the extent to which your tithe dollar went.

As 8:56 sais. Many are in a mantra of extreme denial of the facts. When one points that out they wallow in victimhood and point to exterior "bullies" as such losers do.


nck said...


Not even hwa atributed those accomplishments to his doing, not in writing or speech. He always said that if one part of the body suffers all suffer and if one part celebrates achievement all share in that.

You expose yourself as a former hwa worshipper by the frustration uttered in your posting. Although some may be attributed to the nauseating "behind the work" commentary that did propagandize hwa rather than expose what hwa said in "private" (pasadena sermons) about his exploits and who was behind that.

That Japanese medal is actually yours if you would just understand why it was granted. Until you understand it is indeed hwas to keep.


Unknown said...

Revelation 17 BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. This is the Unholy Roman Catholic Church, Satan’s Church and we are supposed to trust YOU?