Saturday, June 15, 2019

Dave Pack; Part 2 - After the failure, more lies


Tonto said...

Sounds like Pack is back onto the idea that 3 splinter leaders will die in one month by fire or the like.

It also sounds like he is very disappointed when such DAMNABLE predictions fail. There is not a shred of mercy to be found in Pack. I predict a not good ending to his menagerie.

What About The Truth said...

When I heard this back in 2013 there was an interesting inset to the prediction. It wasn't only 3 men that would die, it was many men in the splinters that would die. When Mr. Pack said there would be Nothing left of the splinters ("complete devastation"), there was more to that story. The interesting inset was Mr. Pack's belief that all of the treasuries, assets, and cash would be miraculously brought to him while the splinters were being brought to nothing.

Money became the theme for Dave Pack. He predicted tens of millions of dollars would come his way from the 2013 splinter destruction. Shortly after the splinter destruction, He predicted that the Jews the world over would bring him TRILLIONS of dollars for him to build the third temple. And he predicts the coming great harvest will yield him countless millions of dollars of more "Common" monies.

Of course God won't let him get it wrong will He?

Anonymous said...

The plain truth is that armstrongism is dying. Not because a god is allowing it to happen but because god was never a part of armstrongism in the first place. Armstrongism flourished for awhile but after the death of HWA it has declined because the leader of the personality cult died. Its not complicated folks. It is as simple as that!

Anonymous said...

Dave is a good example of how some people cannot be understood if regarded as a adult. Only if viewed as a child, does their behavior become clear. He's a ten year old in the body of a senior citizen.

Tonto said...

Anon 4:21---

GTA and HWA cultivated a celebrity image and persona, with pseudo importance and status attached to it.

They were aware of the fact that people like to have idols, and icons, and they thus elevated themselves to the position. I think they also realized that people enjoy controversy and intrigue, so there always had to be some kind of "issue" going on , whether it be internal or external in order to hold peoples interest.

To live true Christianity, is frankly, kind of boring. There is no "Hollywood" glamour attached to it, and it is the daily grind of living a good life, with little recognition or accolade. This type of life has little appeal to sociopaths.

Anonymous said...

Pack strikes me as a psychopath. He is not sincere at all. I suspect he might be a Talmudic Jew.

The JEW against the Goy is allowed to rape, cheat and perjure himself. (Talmud, Babba Kama).

I hope everyone knows there are at least two versions of the Talmud. The real Talmud and the fake one which is for Gentiles to read which hides their real beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Klepto-Dave Pack-of-lies babbles again.

Anonymous said...

"Armstrongism flourished for awhile but after the death of HWA it has declined because the leader of the personality cult died. Its not complicated folks."

Many other churches had their leaders die yet continue on today.

It died because it was high-jacked by new leaders who were subversives. Not complicated folks. Some of them even have admitted as much. They were liberals all along, waiting for HWA to die, just like he warned might happen. But to believe that is to believe "conspiracy theories" which of course will get you relegated to the fringe. Guess what? The world is full of conspiracies. Some fake, some real.

"It is not to be doubted, I know with absolute certainty, that the separation of the United States into two federations of equal powers had been decided upon well in advance of the Civil War by the top financial power of Europe." So said Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor of Germany. Many world leaders have made similar statements about conspiracies. It's the way people are.

Anonymous said...

1.10 PM
Conspires do exist. The bible mentions several, one being the tribal leaders who conspired against Moses. However that is not why HWAs church fell apart on his death. Other churches did flourish when their leaders died since they taught sound moral principles. Herbs church culture by contrast, stomped on it members. Morally it was neo Marxist. On his death, leaders took charge who were consistent with church culture. The changes in doctrine that they made were in harmony with the church culture. Truths were lost because the church didn't deserve them. As the nineteenth century French philosopher Joseph de Maistre famously said, "every nation gets the government it deserves." Those who blame traitorous 'subversives' are protecting the abusive cult culture, since they believe it works in their favor.

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack is a successful business man. He is like Donald Trump.

mortisrigori said...

Dave the Destroyer really hates it when anyone exposes his wolf like behavior and his pack of lies. His covetousness for money has been well documented from the beginning of the formation of his splinter church. He has betrayed the trust of his membership repeatedly, and in spite of his promise to hold fast to pure Armstrongism, has changed it into an unrecognizable asset extortion cult. He destroys lives, marriages, retirements and his followers day to day well being. He attempts to minimize his false prophesies by saying "we" instead of "I" when he gets things wrong. You can hear his serpent like venom for others when he spits out his accusations of others. His false prophesies will be wrong 100% of the time.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that Dave and other false leaders don't fear Gods vengeance. They are aware of the many instances of this in their bibles, but it's water off a ducks back. I don't understand these people.
Perhaps a prison sentence or similar would give them a sense of reality.

Anonymous said...

June 16, 2019 at 2:59 PM

A gross oversimplification full of half-truths. What a mess to untangle. I'll just say this much: did the Russians really deserve to be slaughtered by the communists? Did the innocent 12 year old girls in Germany deserve to be raped to death by the invading communists? Either your God of justice is a monster or you have to assume, without proof, they had some bad karma from what they did in a prior life.

Anonymous said...

"every nation gets the government it deserves."

That statement cannot be proven by objective analysis. It assumes some god is in control dispensing justice. If so, he has a rather capricious sense of justice.

But as they say, "shit happens".

Anonymous said...

They don’t really believe in a supernatural god. They are con men using religion as a tool to target the gullible and easily fooled so they can apply the HWA business model to get rich. I’m amazed that you are amazed. Your not paying attention.

Anonymous said...

The end of this age must be getting very near for Satan to resort to sending the likes of David Pack against former WCG people to deceive them, gain their confidence, rob them, betray them, and leave them destitute.

Jesus should have been taken much more seriously when he warned people to beware of false prophets.

Flurry, Pack, Weinland, and Thiel are examples of the sort of false prophets that former WCG people need to beware of. They all claimed to be the true continuation of HWA's work in order to attract HWA's followers and their money. Then they utterly perverted what HWA had actually taught.

Gerald Flurry even bought the copyrights to some of HWA's writings, but then edited and changed them drastically. It turns out now that everything in the Bible supposedly pointed to Flurry

David Pack wrote his own literature supporting HWA's teachings, but then later deleted it and changed HWA's teachings drastically. It turns out now that everything in the Bible supposedly pointed to Pack.

Ronald Weinland thought it was all about simply making up fiction stories however he willed it to be so he could appeal to those with a hopeless case of prediction addiction.

Bob Thiel even got people to look to demons and pagans for help with prophetic guessing.