LCG Pedophiles

Are Pedophiles in Leadership Postions at LCG?

There has been a discussion of a closed Facebook group today about a child molester that was apart of the Worldwide Church of God many years ago.  This person was a deacon at that time and served in the Auditorium PM services.  Rumors were already swirling around at that time about how he had abused boys at Imperial Schools on camping trips to Camp River Glen and other places.  Like almost all indiscretions in the church it was covered up.  Even though it was covered up, the kids talked about it and still do to this day.

Many years ago I heard first hand accounts from guys he abused.  That's why it was interesting to see it pop up again on a Facebook group.  This time it was brought about by the discovery of an article that the person wrote for the March/April 2008 Tomorrow's World magazine that the Living Church of God publishes.

This person help form Global Church of God so that Meredith could step into it soon after he lost the defamation lawsuit that Leona McNair brought against him.  Meredith stayed in the WCG so that they would pay for and litigate the lawsuit even though he was in total disagreement with the church of God at that time.  In 1992 the Worldwide Church of God finally made an out of court settlement with Leona McNair for $750,000.00.

While this lawsuit was winding down, the pedophile was helping form Global Church of God in the background.  Once it was formed, Meredith with righteous indignation revealed he was leaving WCG to move into the Global Church of God where his salary continue to be paid.

Whether this person went on to continue to abuse boys in Global and Living I have no idea.  Why Meredith kept him in leadership positions when it was well known around Pasadena BEFORE either of Meredith's two splinter groups were formed has always mystified church members.

Meredith started his war on sex while he was still as student in Pasadena.  Later he became overtly preoccupied with homosexuality, so much so that he cannot preach a sermon to this very day with out mentioning homosexuality, fornication, adultery, and any other sexual deviance that he can imagine in his mind.  As we all know, that mind has a VIVID imagination when it comes to sex!

The church has had numerous pedophiles that have been prosecuted over the decades.  Countless adults have told their stories on Facebook and other web sites exposing the church hypocrisy.

A person would think that after all these decades of well know abuse, and witnessing the costly court trials that the Catholic Church and other churches have been drug through, that it would be a wake-up call for the left-over Church of God's.  Sadly, many still cover up and/or ignore what is happened and is STILL happening.

Meredith and others have been screaming for decades about the child molesters in the Catholic Church, yet turn a blind eye to the ones in their own midst.

 How many more lives need to be destroyed?


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non, il est tout à fait vrai ! imbécile crédule !

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Meredith did know about this and several others. I won't name names obviously but my mom's ex husband was extremely abusive towards her, me and my brothers, and molested and sodomized us all while Mr. Meredith knew him very well. He was encouraged in the 70s to move to Idaho and then later on to the Southeast.

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Hmmmm all the previous comments and conversations here are gone?

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I have not deleted anything. Perhaps the original person who commented did, but I do not remember that happening

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These People set my family with a known convicted Pedophile

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Mr Tyler set up my family with a convicted Pedophile he met while visiting him in jail he went on to abuse our 3 yr niece who suffers today with the scars of child abuse shame on these people they are evil.

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child abusers