Sunday, December 11, 2011

Being A UCG Minister Is Exhausting Work!!!!!!

I had to laugh at the comment in Melvin Rhodes letter to UCG minsters discussing the ministerial conference.

It is such a life draining experience and such hard work that UCG ministers will be exhausted from all that burdensome work.

My question is when have ANY of these men ever actually done a full day of hard labor?  How many have actually worked a full day in their lives?  They usually have everyone around them doing their dirty work, moving them, mowing their lawns, taking care of their houses, etc.

If you have pictures of any of them actually performing real work I would love to post them.

Thursday we met mostly in executive session to approve ordinations and to   approve a new hire for Media and Communications Services.

By Thursday at 3 p.m. we were all exhausted and ready to return home. We   are already looking forward to our next meetings at the end of February, 2012.


Black Ops Mikey said...

As a former Corporate Manager, I can affirm that lengthy Corporate meetings can truly be draining, particularly when you have to endure the stress of disagreeable narcissists who just have to have their own way in spite of how foolish it might be.


Maybe not.

If it is, there's something fundamentally wrong with the group that's meeting or they are not doing it right (not to mention, they may not be fit to take on such activities).

NO2HWA said...

Douglas I realize that. I am a licensed class facilitator for a distance by learning class here in CA for a University back East and I have to be re-certified every 12-18 months. It is 3 days of brain taxing information and demonstration your teaching skills in front of a group of peers. I am truly drained by the time it is all over. But, it is a great feeling when it is all over. You know it was a job well done.

However, in the COG cirscles, that kind of high brain activity is not done. It is hte same pattern on nonsnes thatah sbeen going on for decades. There are no new buiness models, no new ways of thinking. It is the same old crap on how to get more money from members and co-workers in order to build bigger and better facilities. Just look at Six-Pack Flurry and Packman with their abominations.

These men still have never done an honest days work in their lives. So when I see a fool from UCG claim they are exhausted after their meetings I have no sympathy for them.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Granted, NO2HWA, but consider a UCG governance meeting where they spend hours and hours considering and arguing over the wording of a clause. It's painful and exhausting.

But then again, as you say, it's not real work and it doesn't have any productive results.

Impressive credentials, by the way.

DennisCDiehl said...

The nature of ministery, and I say this of all denominations, is a different kind of work. One can be as caretaking and busy as one wishes or can not be. A minister is self employed with all the problems and perks that go with that I suppose.

Ministers around here create their own work. They harass, guilt, shame and terrify the congregation in sermons and then get to spend the week fixing, undoing, apologizing or counseling the guiltridden.

Ministers create things for others to go to. Wednesnight study (or Spokesman club ugh) , youth groups, sports stuff. YOU wore me out with be here, be there and the travel on weekends was annoying and it was constant.

I gotta laugh at my dad in spokesman club where Dave Pack was chiding the men on not learning or knowing their scriptures by heart etc. My dad stood up in club and said, "Mr. Pack, all these men work all week and don't have the time you do to be up on all the Bible study." I believe Dave implied my dad was out of line and Dave would speak to him later etc. He may have told him to sit down but Dave lost then too..ha ha.

A minister that preceeded me told a male member, as punishment for not participating in news talk at club to stand on one leg and sing the national anthem. The member refused right then and there as that was disrespectful to the Anthem. The minister cleared the room and the minister still lost out to the non-compliant member. Great topic.

I can't speak for others but I stayed productive I think mostly with two or three churches alone mostly. The job has and had its challenges.

For me personally, the stress from '74 onward with one drama, crisis, split, rumor, problem and such made the job miserable at times. I was young and not aware that this was not typical of churches and of course thought it was still the right place to be. I had major denial and kept so much inside and from the family but it showed in other ways. I know my depression was based in the drama I kept inside for years before it blew.

In hindsite, I should have bailed in Chicago in 74 when the deacons were taking license numbers at meetings with my regional coordinator..I was his boy friday. I washed his cars, babysat his kids, mowed his lawn and once got nailed for walking ahead of him through the door. He did teach me to drink however.

What a dumbass story this life has been !

DennisCDiehl said...

Gary, delete or don't post my posting just sent about this topic. Too much blather and it makes no difference. Just "musing" to myself probably

Anonymous said...

The reason UCG ministers think that that they are busy, is because almost none of them have ever been employed in an adult job.

I have heard UCG ministers complain about the drive between two congregations they minister on the Sabbath. They do not understand that people drive to work every day.

Most UCG ministers are lazy and uneducated, that is why they make fools of themselves.

Anonymous said...

How can you get exhausted going over ordinations?'m pooped


Byker Bob said...

Well, there is yet another clue for us all. Christians whom I know often feel going into a situation that they are going to be totally overwhelmed, and when all is said and done, they find that God has strengthened and refreshed them to do His work.

As to false teachers, or cult leaders, Gamaliel gives us the best wisdom as to why they would become exhausted.