Thursday, December 15, 2011

Haley's Comet Heralded HWA's Death

The silliness keeps on coming:

The bible tells us that the sun and moon are for signs.
Eclipses of the moon and sun have heralded many important events.
Like Christs birth.

Haley's comet also heralded important events . One such was Herbert Armstrong.

Haleys comet heralded the Norman Conquest, the destruction of the temple, the beginning of America in the 1600s, the death of Elder Andrew Dugger, last apostle of the church seemingly ending that era of the church, and it appeared again at Mr. Armstrongs death.

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Black Ops Mikey said...

You mean that the era of the church after Andrew Dugger ended with Herbert Armstrong's death too?


Armstrong's death so important it rivals the Norman Conquest?

Well, at least we go the destruction of the "temple" with those pagan evangelicals buying it out and all.

Hayley's comet should appear next in 2061: What then? Armstrongism will finally die completely?

And we were all hoping for 2012.