Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cursed Be Ye Who Feeds His Family On The Sabbath

Our ultraconservative wanna-be Jews in Armstrongism never fail to disappoint....

The WWCG did away with the Sabbath completely. That was satan's first try.
There are more coming. The second try might be an attempt to have the church bring a curse on itself by watering down the Sabbath.

We might find people saying it is fine to work into the Sabbath or on it even if you have a family to feed.

Of course this will bring curses with it and it totally negates having faith in the ability of God to provide for you including a new job , etc. if you need it.

Another response:

Satan is behind the attack on all "Christianity". There is a increasing trend to mock anything Christian. The real target is God's Church.
 And yet another response:

So you might be told that  it is fine to continue working at a job on the Sabbath because of course God is merciful and doesn't want you to starve. It is a completely satanic argument but, it will be used for many issues and it is one to watch out for.
Another reader responds:

Hunger prevention strikes at our mortality and fear of dying. Satan used it on Jesus, commanding him to turn stones into bread! Satan [Jesus] was not fooled, however. He was not about to obey anything Satan said. So it must be with us. Just because God does not strike anyone with lightning at this time, does not mean his does not care or supports our sin


Jim said...

God provides for those who do not work on his sabbath day

Steve said...

That's a LIE!

James said...

Jim said...

"God provides for those who do not work on his sabbath day"

Yes Jim, he provides poverty.