Sunday, June 3, 2012

How A Typical Church of God Leader Operates: "Jesus is coming soon, so let's build a college, an auditorium and a really nice house."

This is from a comment on another thread on how COG apostles and prophets operate.  I think it is great and an accurate description of the mindset of Pack, Weinland, Flurry, Meredith and a host of the other COGlet leaders.

Jesus is coming soon, so let's build a college, an auditorium and a really nice house.

Sadly and of course, we don't use crosses in the LCG. They are pagan and Jesus died on a stick. However, Mayan prophecies point to Jesus second coming along with the Bible.

I and my wife are the two witnesses and our job is over.

The tribulation is yet to come and happened over the past three and a half years.

Jesus did come and is still coming over the next year. (What, he can't kick that white horse harder?)

But I am still a prophet and an Apostle even though nothing I say works out and I sent myself.

I am an apostle even though I am the only one that says that. No other christian church, minister or member ever heard of me and no one but me calls me an apostle.

Bringing culture at a high price to the Okies is preaching the gospel and it's ok to use the member's money for such Gospelspreading.

Men can't have long hair but we can't explain why not.

Women must cover their heads but after looking at the universe through the eyes of the Hubble telescope, we can't figure out why it is important.

A man who has appointed himself something or other , who is near blind, high sugar, no income and kinda cranky, a bringer of bad news and dictatorial is going on a baptising tour bringing good news

Whew...what a bunch.


Anonymous said...

"Behold I come quickly. Dig faster!"

Anonymous said...

That is the same reason HWA built a campass of nice buildings. He was a con man and he knew Jesus wasn't comming even though he coned many into believing his return was close and they had to put thier treasure where thier heart was or miss out on the kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Haha. Anyone who remains one of Weinlands loyal followers, his brain must be bending into pretzels right now. What does Weinland want them to believe? In a quantum Jesus? He didn't come, he did come, and he is coming all at same time. You won't be able to see him until his wave function collapses.

Samuel Martin said...

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