Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pigs In The Pulpit

I was looking for a picture to go with Van's article below and came across this.  It is a book I had not heard of.  Reading the book cover you can imagine a Church of God scenario, since Armstrongism has been filled to the brim with corruption and pulpit abuse.

Amazon:   Pigs In The Pulpit 
Author Site:  Pigs in the Pulpit

Amazon says: 

Written for Christians who have been manipulated in a church, group or home fellowship setting, Pigs in the Pulpit provides a "road map out" for victims. It shows, step-by-step, how people can get hooked into a fraudulent and deceptive system, the impact of controlling leadership, and how the abused follower of Jesus Christ can find peace and recovery.

Two reviews say this:

“There is no greater abuse of trust than those who use the illusion of spiritual leadership to manipulate people. J. Michael Wittman points a powerful and incisive light into this dark underbelly of our religious landscape, and offers hope and healing to its victims.”

Wayne Jacobsen

Collaborator & Publisher of the New York Times Bestseller The Shack
Author, So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore

“In this roller coaster ride of a book, J. Michael Wittman artfully and passionately details his indoctrination, control and manipulation at the hands of an abusive pastor and cultic church system. This is a 'must read' if you or a loved one has ever found yourself in a similar situation. Pigs in the Pulpit is not a dark tale, but a rather a victorious story of healing, redemption and a return to an intimate relationship with a loving God. I know you will benefit and be blessed from its reading.” Eric Scheibeler
Author, Merchants of Deception

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