Sunday, July 29, 2012

E W King on Unshowered Swearing Drug Users Who Are Race Contaminated

Words fail me:

It is time for individual states to stop all the paganism in Manasseh! States must use their right to enforce allegiance to this country. Put the Ten Commandments back up. Reject same sex marriage. Stop all the illegal immigration NOW!
There is a group of certain people within our nation that don’t believe in any government. What kind of lifestyle do they lead? That of the freeloader! They move into other peoples living arrangement if they can and there they talk their anarchy propaganda. While they do this they have no compassion toward those who have given them their new living arrangement. They start talking about “living off the land”. So they tear a piece of property up to grow some food.
The amazing fact is, the majority of the food they eat comes from your pocket and mine! They collect food stamps. They never look for a job. They sleep in as long as they want. They smoke the drug of the sluggards. They take money from others only to buy alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. Their language is fowl. They shower rarely. Ultimately they are a disgrace to the working class.
How did they get this way? Many of them have had race contamination, culture contamination and have been raised around lazy people. COGSR has demanded the US government to do drug testing with all their welfare recipients. Also, those who collect any government aid must be put on job programs. If they refuse to comply they must leave the country.
Many of these types of people read books about communist and Marxist principles. Why don’t they move to a communist country? They talk of being “non-violent”. While American soldiers have secured their living arrangement they talk trash about the US military. These people are living in la la land.
Can’t you begin to see that in all of this craziness only God’s help and coming Kingdom will be the ultimate answer to World Peace? However, while we are still walking in our physical bodies down here, we are to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom and at the same time we are to uphold Church Government AND promote the original God ordained government of this great nation!


Anonymous said...

E W King writes about, "Unshowered swearing drug users who are race contaminated"

Oh, I get it. Like the unshowered, swearing, race contaminated drug users who Herbert W. Armstrong chose(over people in his church) to build "God's Auditorium" and the other buildings on "God's campuses and various properties", since Mr. Armstrong knew that if he hired "God's chosen people" to build those buildings, they'd be physically unsafe for habitation and would have collapsed at a slight breeze or rain shower.

An ironic thing, is that WCG's buildings, no matter who built them, were extremely "unsafe" to be in, in a different sort of way.

Thankfully, the buildings were built by "unshowered swearing drug users who are race contaminated", so the buildings survived and are now inhabited by a new generation of kooky Liars for Jesus.
Yippee! Go, nutty Liars for Jesus!


Dave said...

EW comes across as being so grandiose--a self-appointed prophet proclaiming his absurd views via a blogspot.
What does this bring us to in the number of off-shoots and splinters from Worldwide? 10,000+?
One thing about the formation of a COG org--you know a splinter will be breaking off shortly.

Douglas Becker said...

The first question I have is, "Manasseh"? What is he talking about? Manasseh? There is no Manasseh.

For some of the posting, I was just sure he was talking about Joseph Tkach, Senior -- especially the foul language part.

It should be noted that the ACoG ministers take money from others to buy alcohol, especially, but not restricted to, the Feast of Tabernacles.

Just who is E. W. King talking about? Armstrongist ministers? Like himself? Wanting to overthrow the United States?

Call Homeland Security!

Byker Bob said...

I hope he realizes that Manasseh and Ephraim's mom was Joseph's Egyptian wife. Those tribes were mixed race from the very beginning. The Bible doesn't tell us what kind of Egyptian she was, and if she happened to be of the Nubian persuasion, well, that would make her black. Other patriarchs were attracted to black women as well, like Moses.


Painful Truth said...

This guy has to be part of Landover Baptist church. No one can come up with this brand of lunacy. WAIT! Maybe they can...

Anonymous said...

I just have a question...does anybody that posts on this BLOG have a religion? Perhaps they are affraid to say which one..if they did somebody could make another hate BLOG like this one. You guys crack me up :Q