Wednesday, October 10, 2012

E. W. King On Why Guilt Leads to Hatred of His Cult

E. W. King, the great leader of the Worldwide Church of God Speaking to the Remnant is not happy with those that pick on him in their BLOGS!  He hates these BLOGS because he thinks they are attacking whatever it is he calls "the truth."

One condition I find amazing that I wish to bring up in this article is the fact that there are some people who have dedicated their entire lives to attacking the true Worldwide Church of God [Christ’s Church]. Why? They are running deeper and deeper into denial of the Truth. This is how they are dealing with their guilt because they have not been shown how to properly deal with sin. It amazes me that those who deny the Truth of the WCG continue to go on with their hate BLOGS. If they do not believe in what we teach then why cannot they just move on with their lives? But they continue. This means that they must have some sort of inner struggle with the Truth.
The effects of a disturbed conscience have been experienced by everybody. Troubled conscience can display itself in numerous ways. It can even manifest itself in various physical ways [what psychologists refer to as, physchosomatic issues]. Actually, God states that physical death itself is due to sin. [Genesis 3:3] We read in the Psalms how David’s body actually began to hurt because of his iniquities. When the brain can no longer carry the load of guilt it then moves it to the human body. Sin is a deadly practice!
Some symptoms of guilt may manifest as;

Obsessions [such as hatred toward WCG/COGSR]
Escapism [as through drugs]
Fantasy [such as New Age beliefs]
Blaming others [such as picking on Christians]
Rituals [such as counting things, obsession with cleaning and or controlling specific issues]
Intoxicants [can also mean ‘toxic’ or ‘false’ teachings]

I assume from his list above he is describing the typical hard-line Armstrongite who call Christians "fake," who are alcoholics, over eat, commit suicide, are fatigued from useless and worthless laws rules and regulations on how to follow God, are depressed because they can NEVER measure up to the lofty standards that their "god" expects of them, blame others for their church issues and split into hundreds of self serving splinter groups.  The list could be endless when applying the above to Armstrongites.


Byker Bob said...

Hatred may indeed be the stage that some are in at this point of their recovery. However, some of us are at a point where we've forgiven the false teachers in our lives, and simply want to diffuse and dispel error. We also want to use our visibility on blogs to prevent innocent people from being deceived and hurt by the same types of false teachers who have had such a negative effect on our lives.

If EW King wants to be a false teacher, then he must not only suffer the consequences, but also realize that people are going to counter his efforts. Apparently he has not yet totally mastered the delusionary filtering technique which allows false teachers to rejoice when they believe they are being persecuted.

Some of these amateurs, really all you can say to them is that they should probably find another line of work. Due to the horrendously rotten fruits, we know that what they teach does not come from God.
No guilt or hatred is involved in that realization.


Douglas Becker said...

The effects of a disturbed conscience have been experienced by everybody.

Except false prophets.

Anonymous said...

The thing that always made sense to me about Armstrongism, was that they preached that god required something solid from people. A lot of protestantism just preaches fluffy stuff: come as you are, and you can do anything you want now and still get all the same goodies at the end. That never seemed right to me.

What it took me a long to see and understand was that Armstrongism just preached a different type of fluff.

The works-based self-righteous WCG-style theology that has been copied in every splinter might SEEM solid to the uncritical observer, but it isn't. Armstrongism emphasizes ONLY the honing and perfecting of symbolic, ritual, and ceremonial observances such as sabbath keeping, holy day keeping, deleavening, communion, baptism, laying on of hands, and unclean meats. However, relegated to the bottom of the list of priorities are the honing and perfecting of things such as "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you," which is never given the time of day.

CoGs, Catholics, Protestants, and Pharisees are all alike in this way. They always go to great lengths and expense to serve large fluffy dessert courses, while the meat and potatoes never seem to make it out of the kitchen. Unfortunately, if correctly applied, the meat and potatoes is what would actually make a difference, making the world a better place to live in. Rituals don't do diddly-squat. They just make the people engaging in feel righteous for no reason. They're worse than just a waste of time. I am convinced that many atheists put to shame many "devout" when it comes to the meat and potatoes, in large part because they don't ruin their appetites with dessert served first.

Anonymous said...

EWWW says:

"Actually, God states that physical death itself is due to sin. [Genesis 3:3]'

Actually being physical leads to physical death. Cells can only divide so many times before breaking down. In mice, this takes about a year. In humans, about 80ish years. In an Elephat, about 125 years.

Also, all life forms share about the same number of respirations. A mouse breathes in 3 years about as often as a human in 80 etc. This a good arguement against exercise lol

Sin does not cause death. Living causes death. If you agree t show up, you agree to leave.

Now I do agree that emotions are the body's reaction to the mind and thinking. Bad thoughts can lead to bad emotions and they can lead to physical problems. But it is not sin. It is chemistry.

Sin is a human construct to probably explain to themselves why the Deity seems so far away and does not seem to hear us anymore. Since the Deity is not helping us, we must have done something wrong. We must have "sinned." So if we stop sinning, maybe the Deity will return to us. The Psalms are full of "why art thou so far away from me..." etc . It is from this loss of contact that the idea of "we must have sinned springs along with zealous returns to the law ,obedience and revival. Doesn't work either but it seems to be what is required to get the attention of the Deity again in the OT or churches restocked with the now faithful backsliders.


Anonymous said...

PS An Elephat is a Phat Elephant


Douglas Becker said...

Actually, E. W. King (in fact, all the Armstrongists) suddenly have a much bigger problem.

Allen C. Dexter said...

He thinks he has us all figured out and knows our innermost motivations. I guess he has to do that to prop up his own faith.

It just couldn't be that we see through the BS and are using that pesky internet to help others see what we have come to realize.

Herb had it easy. Too bad you guys have the misfortune of living in the information age and trying to build your organizations in a time of mass electronic communication. Your efforts are doomed before you get started.

Anonymous said...

Worldwide Church of God Speaking to the Remnant. Now THAT"S a mouthful. By the time you say the name of your church, anybody interested will get bored and walk away! I think I will create my own church: Worldwide Church of God of Toys R Us. At least it sounds like a fun place!

Anonymous said...

I will create my own church: Worldwide Church of God of Toys R Us. At least it sounds like a fun place!

I am partial to "Worldwide Church of God Hates Amputees".

Yes, God does seem to hate amputees. Have you noticed that while God seems perfectly willing to heal all sorts of ailments that don't have clear and unmistakable physical manifestations, He for some reason refuses to heal amputees?

Wouldn't a God of love show that love to amputees at least as much as to cancer patients? Of course He would! So, why is it that we NEVER see Him restore somebody's amputated arm or leg?

Obviously, the only reasonable conclusion is that GOD LOVES CANCER PATIENTS A LOT MORE THAN HE LOVES AMPUTEES. Did you catch trichinosis from eating bad pork? Don't worry; God can heal that. But what if you lost an arm while trying to save your child's life when it was in danger? GOD HATES THAT, and wants you to remain unwhole for the rest of your life!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Rod Meredith used to tell the story of a woman whose arm extended only to her elbow but miraculously grew out normally after he anointed her in the early 1950's? Not an amputee, but in the neighborhood, if you believe Rod.