Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why Do Armstrongite Legalists Love "Wild Assed Tangents of Bibliotary?"

It has been ages since I was on the WCG Alumni group.  It used to be a lively place with the legalists wielding their KJV /Moffet Bibles against all of us heathens who were no longer sabbath keepers and who ate pork and shrimp.  

They love to throw scriptures and spittle around as proof that Sabbath keeping, clean and unclean meats and holy days are still required.

Checking it out tonight there was a comment with the following quote that the legalistic Armstrongites still refuse to answer to this day:

When exactly is sundown in Heaven?  If you think Jesus is still observing the Sabbath from Heaven, please tell us what time zone He is in? Would that be GMT?  Or EDT?  Or maybe you should set your watch for Jerusalem time?
Your problem is that you believe in the Gospel of Jesus++.  You can't just accept the fact that you don't need to add anything to His salvation at the Cross.  You have to add the O.C. rules of "Touch not, taste not, handle not!" thinking you are earning "legal brownie points" with your Maker.  But He doesn't care about your brownie point scoring system.  Because all your efforts at keeping the law are as filthy rags to Him.

Let that sink in before you decide when your "day" starts and you go off on yet another wild-assed tangent of biblioalatry, dressing yourself in those filthy rags of self righteousness and your idea of sun-up.

Jesus said that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  You dare not add anything as a Pharisee to that, with all your O.C. laws and self-righteous fly swattings.

I love it!


Byker Bob said...

Yeah, that brings back memories. The good ol' days of Alumni forum.
Also, the writer makes a very good point. God is not bound to matter, energy, space, and time. During parts of the Old Covenant, the Bible tells us that He actually lived amongst the Israelites in the tabernacle, or temple, thus binding Himself to His peoples' reckoning of time. The sabbath was a shadow, one of the cultural things utilized to designate the Israelites as a set-apart people. The same language or verbiage is used to describe its perpetuity as was used to describe the perpetuity of another covenant ritual, circumcision.


Douglas Becker said...

So where should the International Date Line really be?

You need only look into the Bible for the answer to this question and so many others, such as should Australia keep the Feast in the Spring as they do, or should it be in the Fall, after the summer harvest?

How do you really make this stuff work, anyway?

Allen C. Dexter said...

"How do you really make this stuff work, anyway?"

It can't work and we were dumb to fall for trying to make it work. Life should be simple, but we are heirs to a religious system that originated in the Middle East where people seem to want to make life as complicated as they possibly can. Look at the Muslims falling on their faces 5 times a day and all the stupid rules and edicts they bow down to.

Mohamad was an arab. They're cousins to the jews, and they all seem to have inherited whatever gene it is that makes people want to be slaves to trivia. Observent orthodox jews have lives even more tied up in minutia than we had as armstrongites. But, we were getting there, and idiots like Malm just can't give that self-righteous mindset up.

Give him enough time, and he would come up with a complete Talmud.

Anonymous said...

I don't thing any Sabbath keepers believe that Jesus keeps the Sabbath in heaven... the Sabbath is a physical time period for human beings on Earth to rest and worship their creator.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Even Jesus said, according to the account we have written decades or centuries after the fact, that the Sabbath was made for man. That might be a true tradition.

Still, it all revolves around what we now identify as "creationism." It's as much nonsense as the myth of Santa Claus. Weren't no seven day creation. The Sabbath is nonsense.